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Chapter 11: Chapter 11 Side Story 1 Adventures of Bob

Pov: Bob Newman

I always thought that going to another world will involve a truck or at least it will involve my death but no all you needed was a summoning circle and a very busty goddess

She went on and on about how she is sorry for summoning us ,how her world is in desperate need of our help and how we can't go back home. All of it was just standard isekai protagonist speech .

It would have been perfect if not for my classmates coming with me, I mean why waste energy summoning half of these wastes if I alone am enough.

When the goddess told us we will be send to the races we imbody I prayed to the Goddess standing infront of me to send me to the busty elfs everyone gave me weird looks because of it but I didn't care most these people will be dead by the first day

The goddess didn't even glance at me she only continued on with her speech.

When it was looking like the speech will continue for a few centuries she finally clapped her hands and I was gone.

I regained my bearings and looked around I saw a bunch of middle aged men in all white robes stating at me with wide grins that send chills through my very being but to my disappointment they were all human and there was not even one girl among them , where was my princess welcoming me into this world I felt cheated, then I looked on my side and saw I was not alone 2 other people came with me and both of them where men 'WHAT IS THIS SAUSAGE FEST ' as I was finishing that thought , The the most important looking middle aged man stepped forward and started speaking

"Welcome Hero's From another World "

"We welcome you to the world of Pagia, I am Alan the Head Priest serving the great Lady and now if you will step forward we will test what gifts the gods bestowed upon you" as the head priest finished speaking he gestured for the person

behind him carrying a clear orb to come up

When the person was directly infront of us the head priest gestured that we need to step forward then he began speaking " Step forward and lay your hand on the' All Seeing Orb' to register as a resident of this world and to find out what is your very own special ability and there is no need to worry this is perfectly safe"

I don't trust them I have read to many novels where the church is evil I wanted to pose a question but before I can even open my mouth , one of the other boys stepped forward and put his hand on the orb

I was expecting a bright flash of light so I coverd my eyes but nothing happened then the boy looked at the head priest and asked " What now ?"

The head priest smiled kindly to my fellow hero and answered " You need to say your family name" he stopped to take a breath then continued "The family name you say to the orb will be branded on your soul " The priest stopped speaking letting his words sink in , The boy that had his hand on the orb quickly took it off and stepped back a few feet then the head prist continued "That brand will be used to mark you as Hero's so that no-one can impersonate you , The world itself recognises the brand granting you many boons"

The other two Hero's were scared out of there wits but not me , to me this sounded like the protagonist halo I mean he did said the world will recognise you and grant you boons so it has to be the protagonist halo .

While the other two Hero's shriked back away from the orb I stepped forward and put my hand on it , Now I just need a cool sounding protagonist name and after a few seconds I finally had it .

"My name is Sasuke and my family name is Uchiha " When i fisnihed saying my new name I was able to feal the piercing gazes of my fellow Hero's as they bored into my back but I didn't care they will be dead soon anyway .

The orb let out a low white light and its warmth spread all over my body and finally a screen straight out a video game was projected in the air






"WHAT I SAID MY NAME WAS SASUKE !?" I turned towards the head priest and shouted my voice demanding a explanation

The old man looked at me still keeping his kind smile and said " You are unable to change your name from its original becau~"

Before the old man was able to finish his sentence I cut him off demanding a answer


"As I was saying under the sacred ritual of the goddes the child's name is the right of the parents as commoners can't have Family names there first name is the first gift that the child is bestowed hence it is called the Given Name "

The priest's words were calm and smothing like a adult explaining something to a child that is throwing a tantrum ,so I had to swallow my grievances .

As if the priest was able to read my mood he reassured me by saying :

"But to have a SSS rank ability and even a high tier class that is extraordinary so don't worry you will be very powerfull "

All I was able to say was "Thank you " when I returned to my previous place one of the other boys went to the orb .

"M~M~My name is M~icha~el and m~y last name is Ma~xwell" The boy was unable to speak properly as he kept stuttering every few words .







The Head priest didn't say anything only looked on the boy as he started walking back.

The last boy didn't wait for Michael to return no he went straight for the orb .

"My family name is Morningstar " I scoffed at the name I know that boy, his last name was Gaylord he always kept saying how his parents are French and that his last name means Lively .







The Head Priest again let out his kind smile,this time directed at Jack , then he looked at all of us and said" Right now you will be given a room and a instructor to teach you how to fight and use your abilities Your basic needs will be meet but any luxury will have to be earned and I know you might have many questions but save it for your instructors " The Head priest stopped to take a breath then continued " Now follow one of my fellow priests they will lead you to your rooms and your instructors will meet you tomorrow " when the priest finished speaking he started leaving I wanted to stop him to ask him some question but another priest came infront of me , Then he took my hand and started leading me out of the room I tried to protest but he kept shooting me down saying I can talk later when I am well rested . Well it dosent matter because this is only the start of the legend that is Bob Uchiha.

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