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Chapter 12: Chapter 12 Dumb Luck

A/n- The Chapter Release will now be 2 hours later then usual to maximise the number of readers.


[5 Minutes later]

When I was a quater of the way back to my tree my fear striken state abruptly stoped it was like cold water being dropped on me allowing me to think clearly.

"Amira what happened to me ?"

[The Tigerfish used its skill [Fear] on you driving you to a irrational thinking process]

"Why didn't you say something then ?" I asked accusatory

[I was unable to tell you that you were effected until it was over the only thing I was able to do was show it on your status page , that if I might note you didn't check ]

"Why were you unable to tell me ?" I asked curiously

[The world had its own laws that all must follow , even you and me ]

"I see "

"Can I know the rules then " to my question a abrupt no was given

I was only able to sigh due to my inability to know the rules I was playing by , but it doesn't matter at this moment, now I need to grow stronger and I will figure out the rules later .

"Amira let's go back to the lake I want to level up and maybe get a skill that nullifies the fear effect"

[Understood] with that I started going back to the lake and after 5 minutes I have finally reached it .

Now I know what Skills they use so I can formulate a plan to deal with them. I can't give up on even one those juicy XP bags .

After a few minutes of thinking I have come up with a plan that will work perfectly I have decided to use my meat as bait to lure the tigerfish then throw makeshift spears from the shore . A perfect plan might I say so myself

When the thinking part was done I started acting on it by making spears out of branches I found laying around them putting them in my inventory I made about 30 spears and spend nearly 3 hours on it but finally i was ready.

It was noon and I was standing near the end of the shore then I took out some mutton and throwed it into the lake I quickly pulled out one spear and got ready to throw it .

I waited for a few seconds before I saw movement in the water it looked like something invisible was moving towards the meat I threw, I steadied my aim and waited for the fish to take a bite .

When I saw a chunk of meat missing I throwed my spear with all 17 points of strength behind it, the spear flew in a straight line straight at my foe. I felt my excitement rising and when the spear hit the water my excitement reached its peak but Amira's text box immediately killed all of the exitment I was felling and replaced it with embarrassment.

[You Missed] and looking more closely I was able to see that my spear did miss its mark, it landed 5 centimeters to the right of the fish and by the time It took to pull out another spear my bait was gone .

"I can't let one setback bring my hopes down the next one will definitely hit I know it will " I mutter to myself as I throw another piece of meat in the lake , this time I didn't wait for the fish to take a bite, no I threw my spear the moment I saw the disturbance in the water .

[You Missed Again ]

"I know I saw it miss" and I tried again and again and again and again .


"Come on you got this , 14 is my lucky number I know that I will manage to get a kill this time " I started pumping myself up hoping to rebuild my shattered moral.

[Just add the 5 status point in dexterity I can't continue to watch this ] my self motivation was working in raising my moral until Amira shattered it again .

"I don't need it I have 15 in luck I know i will manage to get a lucky strike one of these times I just need to keep trying "

[Aha because that is the answer to everything rely on Luck]

"Okey if I miss this I will add points in Dexterity "

This is my last chance I got to hit this I know I can

I can feel that this is the one.

I took out a very big piece of bait and throwed it in the lake by now the tigerfish know the meat is safe so more then one went for the juicy piece of meat .

This is good means more targets and less chances to miss .

I wait for the fish to start devouring the meat and when they start I started throwing as many spears as I can I didn't even look if it hit the fish or not I just throwed more of them .



[You have Killed a Invisible Tigerfish Lv 0]







[You have Killed a Invisible Tigerfish Lv 0]



The only indication if my strike landed or missed was Amira's text box floating on the right-most corner of my vision .


Before I had time to take out another spear the rest of the fish as if sensing the death of there comrades started abandoning the bait and submerging in the lake I was only able to watch as my Xp bags were running away.

"See I told you I will manage to kill one" I said smugly

[I don't think hitting 2 out off 24 is something to be proud off]

"Still counts " I replied as I started getting ready to receive my free food

I took my pants off and then I jumped in the lake to get my kills it was easy as the water barely reached my knees , When I was done I went back to the shore and put my pants back on.

[Well Congratulations your little stunt earned you two new skills ]

"Great let's see them " I reply as I start walking back to my tree

[Throwing Lv 1] - Increses Accuracy when throwing object by 10%

[Dumb Luck Lv Max] - There is a 10% chance to initiate a lucky strike if your luck stat is higher then your foes .

[Lucky Strike] - A Strike guided by the world

To always hit.

"How vague , can you give me more information "

A soft no was given as a response as I started making my way back to my tree so I can start working out to improve my stats.



Name: May Parker

HP: 100/100 | MP: 0/0 | Level 5 EXP: 17/80

Race: Human | Sex: Female

Status: Fine [Corrupted]

Strength: 17(-15%)

Agility: 12 (-15%)

Vitality: 8 (-15%)

Endurance: 10 (-15%)

Dexterity: 6 (-15%)

Intelligence: 5 (-15%)

Wisdom: 7 (-15%)

Luck: 15 (-15%)

Status Points: 10 | Skill Points: 1

Skills: Math Lv 6, Cooking Lv 5, Cleaning Lv 4, Bite Lv 1, Sprint Lv 2, Stealth Lv 3, Sword Mastery Lv 1, Skinning Lv 1 , Danger Sense Lv 1,Throwing Lv 1 , Dumb Luck Lv Max

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