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Chapter 24: Chapter 24

A/N-There are a few evolution options given so do vote what you will like to see the mc end up as


"A Human Huh"

[There is no need for you to feel guilty, You granted them mercy from a fate worse then death]


"I don't feel guilty "

"Seeing that I killed a Human inside the fortress futher proves to me that what I did was right."

"The only thing I feel sliglty guilty about is that I didn't end there pain in a less painful way "

[Do you really feel nothing from killing another human being?]

"Humans, goblins,elfs tell me what do they all have in common ?"

[Is this a rhetorical que~]

"They all have souls"

"There souls give them freewill and choices come with freewill"

"The goblins chose to abduct those girls and I chose to exterminate them that is freewill"

"I didn't feel anything from killing those girls because I already made peace with the fact that I will need to kill sentient species and from my first goblin kill I made peace with the fact that I will have to end the misery of there captives"

[I see]

"Now moving on to more pressing matters why didn't I level up and what is this evolution pending next to my level "

[If you remeber I gave you two options of how to grow stronger quickly one was magic and the second on was evolution]

[Evolution is the process of breaking your mortal shackles and adapting your body to better suit your needs notice it will most likely lead to a change of race]

"So I'm going to be a dragon ?"


"Why not ?"

"I mean it will be pretty cool to be a fire breathing lizard "

[Your trying to break your shackles, not have more of them ]

[Just see for yourself]

As Amira finished talking a screen appeared infront of my face this one was difrent then the rest as it was all black and it had red writing, in the middle was a white dot and above the dot it was writing Human, then a bunch of red dots started appearing around the white dot then some red dots started connecting with the white dot after they finished the connected red dots connected with other red dots creating a spider Web patern with the white dot in the middle.

I moved my hand over the dots and with every touch new information about the red dots started appearing.

Then it struck me these were my evolution options I quickly looked over each one and made a list of most viable to least the list is as follows.




This was a viable option as I will keep my Human form and as strength is my highest stat it will push it to another level but then we have.




This option has perks like enhanced senses and better Agility it probably has claws and fangs too but I'm unsure if it will come with instincts.




I was unsure about this option so I asked Amira.

[Sobek is a race of crocodile-headed humanoids they are named after there god and they are known for there defence]

"So a lizardman got it "

Even tho I did not wish to become a lizardman it offered what I needed the most defence.




WARNING:This race is only composed of males hence picking this option will result in a gender change.

This option was terrible a big fat No but I have still one more option to look at.




WARNING:This option chains your soul to the Elder God Cthulhu





[Incorect it is a race with 25% Blood Divinity they are the offsprings of Children Of Cthulhu which have 50% Blood Divinity ]



"Amira what are there options the first two I get but the rest, do they even need mentioning they are so weird"

[The options were given based on your achievements because you focused on strength you got the Amazonian option,because you did most your kills by stalking your prey you got the Wolf Beast-Man option then the world gave you the 3rd option as you were asking for more defence, then because you have a Blessed Shard from the Fiend God you got the option to use the Shard and evolve into said creature and finally the last option is given because the Elder god Cthulhu wanted to anger the goddess]


[The Goddess that left us here and Elder God Cthulhu are sworn enemies]

"I see but I am not a fan of the whole turning into a giant octopus and the soul part I mean I want to chose it but only because I know it will piss off that bi*ch"

"I need time to think I will chose tomorrow"

[You still need to collect the required ingredients for your evolution You can't just chose and Bam your a different race no You need at least 5000 Xp then you will need 500 kg of nutrients that will be used up to rework your body and you will need 50 mana cores that will support your transformation]


"Welp that is a problem for tomorrow me"

[You will regret leaving your problems for tomorrow]

I didn't give Amira's words anytime to bother me as I quickly fell asleep.

End of Chapter 24



Name: May Parker

HP: 100/100% | MP: 62/140 | Level 10 EXP: 4518/2560 [Evolution Pending]

Race: Human | Sex: Female

Status: Will Regret leaving her problems for tomorrow [Corrupted]

Strength: 40(-15%)

Agility: 32 (-15%)

Vitality: 21 (-15%)

Endurance: 34 (-15%)

Dexterity: 20 (-15%)

Intelligence: 7 (-15%)

Wisdom: 9 (-15%)

Luck: 25 (-15%)

Status Points: 10 | Skill Points: 2



Secondary:All Elements/100%

Skills: Math Lv 6, Cooking Lv 5, Cleaning Lv 4, Bite Lv 1, Sprint Lv 5, Stealth Lv 9, Sword Mastery Lv 1,Skinning Lv 1 , Danger Sense Lv 1,Throwing Lv 2 , Dumb Luck Lv Max, Fire Resistance Lv 3 , Pain Resistance Lv 4,

Mana Manipulation Lv 3, Fire Magic Lv 3,

Elemental Magic Lv 1, Unarmed Combat Lv4

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