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Chapter 39: Moving In

During the last few days of staying at the hospital, Selina started opening up to Jason. They've decided to be honest with one another and never hold back their opinions. Since they were going to live together, they must have certain rules to make things work out.

With the iPad on her lap and the Apple pencil in her hand, she started asking him questions about his family and business. While she asked for details and took down notes, he was busy peeling an orange for her.

"Question number one! Who else is in your family? Do you live with them?" This was a very important question since she probably won't feel as comfortable around strangers. If that's the case, she will have to prepare herself when she moves in.

He answered, "My mom and dad are overseas. Other than that, I also have a younger sister who recently got married. She's living with her husband. I live alone."

Drawing a check mark on her iPad, she moved on to the next question. "While living together, do you have anything you wouldn't like others touching? Or maybe some rules that you might want me to follow?"

After thinking for a minute or two, he shook his head. "Nope. I do have a request for you, though. You'll probably want to take your time exploring different areas in the city to recover your memories after getting discharged. Since I have work, I may be unable to stay by your side sometimes. I've hired a driver to take you around, but I also want you to let me know your location as a precaution."

"Okay." She replied after understanding his concerns her for safety. It would be dangerous if she gets lost in the middle of travelling, so it's best if she informs him about her location. She continued asking him about his lifestyle and other small details about him.

By the time she was done asking all the inquiries she listed, Aaron walked in with bags of medicine and discharge papers. "Everything is done. Selina could officially leave the hospital now."

Selina hopped off the bed with a wide smile on her face. "Yes!!! I'm finally free!" She packed her stuff and put them in the handbag Jason had given her as a discharge gift. After interacting with each other for about a week, Jason had the habit of holding her hands wherever they went.

This time, it was Selina who held out her hand first. Wiggling her fingers towards him, she waited for him to hold her hand like a child asking for their favorite candies. When he didn't react as she had expected him to, she bent forward and grabbed his hand. "Let's go~" She cheerfully dragged him out of the door. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Aaron followed them from behind and shook his head. He mumbled to himself, "Boss...Even though you are happy about her holding your hands first, you should at least give her a reaction. You look like a love-struck fool right now."

Selina turned around and gave Aaron a quick glance. "Hmm? Did you say something?" She swore she heard his voice in a super low volume.

"Huh? Me? Nope. I didn't say anything." Aaron quickly caught up with them and sighed quietly in relief.

On the way to Jason's villa, Selina couldn't get enough of the fresh air outside. Jason smiled as she finger pointed at the smallest things that caught her interest. From the backseat, she excitedly pulled him closer to the window where she talked about the vibrant hues of various blossoms in the meadow.

She didn't notice that every time she pulled his arm closer to her side, his body would also inch closer to her back. From the passenger seat in front, Aaron could hear the excitement from her voice. At the same time, he caught the rare sight of his boss' doting smile! At the same time, it looked as if Jason was hugging her from the back with his chin on her shoulder. It was an illusion due to the angle Aaron was sitting, but it was enough to make him feel lonely with the silent driver next to him.

Under Jason's instruction, the driver drove at minimum speed for Selina to get a good look at her favorite sceneries. From the driver's angle, he could tell how much this young lady meant to Jason. He had been Jason's driver since young and never have he ever seen Jason smile the way he did now.

While listening to her silly thoughts, Jason's eyes would wander to their interlocked hands on her lap. Although it was a simple action that she made, it was enough to burst warmth to his chest and heat up the smile on his face. He was worried at first that she may feel awkward after getting discharged.

Now, his worries were tossed out the window. Once the driver took a left turn, he informed Jason about their changed route. "Boss, we're turning into the highway."

Okay." Jason nodded and told Selina that they'll continue observing nature together later. For now, the windows should be rolled up since the wind is getting stronger.

Seeing her eyes rolling towards the window with a slight hint of disappointment on her face, he started rubbing the back of her hand. "I have a big garden behind my villa. If you want, you can manage it and plant flowers you like."

"Really?" The smile on her face stunned him for a moment. He quickly collected himself this time and nodded.

"I don't have much time to handle my garden. If you like, you can choose the flowers you want to grow and take care of them yourself." He loved how easily satisfied she felt over a small offer like this.

"Thank you! I'll grow lots of pretty flowers! Ahh, I wish I had paint right now. I've been using the art apps, but it is different from painting with brushes." Like mini pecks against bare skin, creating goosebumps to one's body; she felt numbness surrounding her nerves. An undying flame rushed up her chest; bringing strokes of paint to her vision.

"I really want to paint right now." Like a thirst that couldn't be quenched by gallons of water; her passion for art has revived. Various pinks, blues, oranges and yellows clouded her thoughts as if she could feel the texture of paints on her skin.

Though the images were blurred, she vaguely remembers artistic splatters in her mind. The blank canvases and mixed colors ignited an adventurous path in her own eyes. The same fierceness she had in the past was getting back to her. Her smile, laughter and endless nights with her artworks; that feeling struck her deeply.

"If you want to paint, you can do that when we get to my villa. I have a studio room with new paints and canvases. Don't worry about making a mess there." He saw the ardent blaze fighting in her eyes; desperately trying to find release.

The artistic side of her has been awoken and he was far from feeling surprised. Instead, he felt the excitement she emitted. At the same time, he fell deep in thought with a lopsided smile on his face. 'Welcome back, Mystic Fairy of the art industry.'

During the time she was in a coma, Jason had further investigated about her. Recently, Aaron had received reports that she happened to be the hidden talented artist who never showed her face in public. The artwork she submitted for one of the worldwide competitions had won remarkable compliments from famous artists. Unfortunately, she did not show up to receive her award. If she did, she would gain recognition by now.

Knowing her strong talent in this area, Jason had cleared out one of his rooms and turned it into an art studio. From what the doctor had previously mentioned, her body instinctively knows, and her memories are slowly recovering. Therefore, he was not shocked to see how nature triggered her emotions wildly.

'Step by step, I'll make everyone who has caused you harm pay for their doings. But first, I'll make sure you rise on your own. After that, we'll send them a nice gift.'

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