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KINESIS: I Am The Villian KINESIS: I Am The Villian original

KINESIS: I Am The Villian

Author: Aster_Pheonix

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1 (Darkness Shall Prevail)



This estate was the most luxurious structure in all of Rome and it belonged to none other than the Moretti clan. In all of Italy, they were known as one of the most formidable psychic families. They were capable of manipulating crystals which made them extremely powerful on the battlefield while also making them extremely wealthy while selling some of the highest quality crystal which had been crafted into exquisite jewelry.

There were five main powerhouses that reigned over Rome which included the Moretti, the government, and three other clan houses. However, the Moretti remained undefeated and unchallenged by another psychic family in Rome.

The moon was missing and it was also a starless night. Only the dark empty sky could be seen above the Moretti's Estate tonight. It was as if the estate was being surrounded by a dark mist but nobody seemed to care since they were all so busy dealing with an unexpected event that had taken place within the estate.

Tonight was disastrous for the residents of the Moretti's Estate. This is because the magnificent looking structure that was like a fortress was now currently engulfed in flames and in the process of being destroyed.

Something that nobody would have ever imagined would happen. On the other hand, the several dead bodies lying on the cold bloody floor and the various kinds of severed limbs that were scattered about the estate could not be ignored. 

It was already a horrific scene but many more bodies continued to drop dead. In addition, limbs were still being cut off because there was still a raging battle between the Moretti residents and several black cloaked figures that had invaded the estate.

Amidst all this chaos two figures stood on top of the tallest tower of the estate watching the gory scenes beneath them with calm expression.

One was wearing dark leather armor over his clothes and a long black cloak with a hood that hid his face while the second figure that wore a black leather jacket with silver lining and a black steel mask over his face was standing a little bit ahead of the first figure.

"It appears our men are doing well on their own, even without our assistance they will win. Thus, my Lord, there is no need to waste your time waiting here for these insignificant worms." The cloaked figure bowed slightly as he spoke.

After maintaining silence for a few seconds, the masked figure finally spoke. "He isn't here yet."

Knowing fully well who his master was referring to, the cloaked figure spoke again. " My Lord, do you still think he will still show up before we raise our own flag over his house? If that old man wanted to be here, he should have arrived by now to save his people but he is just a coward."

The masked figure chuckled. "Don't get too confident yet Julius, Salavatore will definitely come and when he does I want to be the one that welcomes him. Furthermore, do you think you can handle him all alone if I'm absent from here?"

Listening to his master's words, Julius could not disagree because they were so true. Perhaps he was becoming overconfident because he wasn't strong enough to fight the patriarch of the Moterri family yet. None of his subordinates had the capability to accomplish such a task except for their master.

While Julius was still in his thoughts, a sudden outburst of ominous energy was released. He sharply shifted his gaze towards the sky to see another unknown figure falling downward and landing with a heavy force at the center of the estate which caught everyone's attention.

'Julius, help the rest of your colleagues to deal with the pawns while I deal with the boss level monster,' said the masked figure before disappearing from the spot where he stood.

As the debris caused by his landing was cleared away, the old man saw a masked figure standing a few feet away from him

"I was just starting to get bored while waiting for you." The masked figure said while standing confidently with both of his hands behind his back.

"Are you that bastard they call Nemesis?" The old man furiously questioned.

"Well I'm no bastard but I am definitely the one called Nemesis and I'm assuming that you're Salvatore Moretti." The masked figure replied.

"Haaa, I was at the psykers Association meeting and we were all driving ourselves crazy thinking about how to find you and here you are delivering yourself to me at my doorstep. Since you're also aware of my identity then I can assume that you must be courting death for what you've done to my residence, family and men." Salavatore said as he gave Nemesis a deadly glare.

"Don't flatter yourself old man. I don't care about who you are and your trashy family reputation. If only you and the rest of the other patriarchs complied with my request I wouldn't have gone this far to get what I want." Nemesis remarked.

Salavatore Moretti, the patriarch of the Moretti family and the strongest psyker in all of Rome. His reputation had always brought him admiration and respect from many individuals even before he became the head of the Moretti family.

Salvatore was obviously furious because this was the first time he and his family had been insulted. Moreover, he was outraged to see his people dying right in front of him and the fact that Nemesis wasn't even intimidated in his presence was nerve-racking for him.

"Just because you managed to successfully defeat those weaklings made you cocky but I'm not like the fallen patriarchs that failed to annihilate an evil being like you and the house of Moretti will not fall easily." Salvatore declared while releasing an immense pressure of bloodlust.

"I did hear that you were the strongest out of the four and that's why I patiently waited for your arrival hoping that you would give me a thrilling fight. So let's skip these meaningless talks and get down to business, shall we?" Nemesis taunted

Nemesis' aura also began to intensify drastically as he anxiously anticipated the battle he had been waiting for all this while.

Salavatore wasted no time before sprinting towards Nemesis to attack him in order to catch him off guard. His movement was fast, and Salavatore had put a tremendous amount of power into inflicting significant damage on Nemesis in one strike. He planned to finish the fight with one attack, so he coated his arm with dense crystals to smash Nemesis' face.

Before Salavatore's attack reached Nemesis, he wasn't even standing on the spot any longer. Salavatore was unable to hide his shocked expression when he realized this fact but before he was able to regain composure a massive dark energy beam was launched towards him from the side.

Salavatore instinctively conjured a tall crystal wall to shield himself from the attack. Nonetheless, the collision of energy and crystal wall continued to push him backwards until the force subsided.

How could that one attack have so much power? If I was a second late in shielding myself this battle might have already been over.' Salavatore muttered to himself.

"Impressive, you truly are as powerful as you claim to be. Most Psykers would not be able to stand on their own two feet after taking that attack from me." Nemesis, hovering in midair complimented.

"You slippery bastard, how did you get up there so quickly?" Salvatore demanded.

"Surprised? Don't tell me you were actually expecting that one strike of yours to affect me? I was able to beat the patriarchs of the three houses with a few parlor tricks of mine. So you'll have to do better than that and start considering a serious opponent."

"You despicable evil being, your attack meant nothing to me and I haven't even started to display the full extent of my power yet. Don't even for a second try to think that you have gained the upper hand in this fight." Salavatore roared in annoyance.

Although Salvatore hated to admit it but he could tell that Nemesis wasn't going to be an easy opponent. He was just too egoistic and prideful to accept that fact.

"Hmm, interesting. I was starting to wonder if your previous attack was the best you had to offer but I'm glad there's more which means the fight is about to get a little more interesting. Why don't we continue to have some fun?" asked Nemesis

Behind the mask he wore,  had a devilish smirk on his face. 'I'm about to break you, arrogant bastard.' He thought. 

"You devilish monster, today is the end of your killing spree after all these years. I Salavatore vows to end your life."  Salavatore screamed as he attacked Nemesis.

"Well, let's see what you've got, old man?" 

And so again the second round fight began again between the two psyker as they started unleashing terrifying attacks against one another.



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