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Chapter 7: Chapter 7(Get Your Hands Off Me)

The three boys spent their time in the room bonding and it was night time when the alarm system that had been installed in the room suddenly rang. A voice from the speaker announced it was time for dinner and all the students should head to the school cafeteria to have their meal.

"Well, it's about time because I'm so hungry." Brian said.

"You are always hungry, dude." Shane commented as he climbed down from the bunk bed.

"Do you have any problems with how I eat? This is the reason why you look so small. You should start eating like I do so that you will grow big like me." Brian suggested as he tried to mock Shane's body figure which made him look smaller than his age.

"No thanks, I'll pass on that offer." Shane responded in a calm manner even though he knew Brian was mocking him. "However, my body might be small compared to yours but my brain is definitely bigger." He retorted.

Brian's ego was poked by Shane's response. "Hey, did you just call me stupid?" Brian asked with a frown.

"Nope, I was only expressing my opinion on how I think it is better to be body-challenged than becoming brain-challenged" Shane replied with a sacarstic tone.

"You're definitely calling me stupid." Brian said while pointing at Shane

Shane had a sly grin on his face."Exactly, and guess what stupid, the more food you eat the more your stupidity grows." He replied bluntly to Brian.

"Stop calling me stupid or..."

Shane interrupted Brian who was trying to warn him not to call him stupid anymore."...or what are you intending to do about it, stupid?" Shane ignored Brian and continued to dare him.

Miles kept smiling as he listened to his roommates banter with each other like little kids all the way from their room until they reached the cafeteria.

When the trio arrived at the cafeteria, it was almost crowded with students. Without any further delay, they proceeded to order their food but as they approached the counter they could sense many eyes staring at them.

"You guys can sense the stares at us right? It seems like the whole room became less noisy as we walked in" Shane said in a very low tone only Miles and Brian could hear.

"No, just to be precise they are staring at Miles not us. I told you that hoodie would catch lots of attention." Brian commented with a wide grin on his face. It was obvious that he was enjoying the attention.

They ordered their meal and Brian picked a table somewhere in the center of the cafeteria to have their dinner. For the next couple of minutes, Miles and his roommates enjoyed their meal as they continued exchanging comments and engaging in conversation with each other. The three had gotten closer compared to when they met earlier in the day.

"Well, Well, Well, what do we have here? If it isn't one of my favorite and detestable kinds of people." A boy with a bright red hair colour and accompanied by his crew interrupted the peaceful moment at Miles table.

Observing both Shane and Brian's facial expressions which had become sour. Miles could tell that they knew who the intruder was and they weren't on friendly terms with him either.

Shane signed. "What are you doing here, Blake?" He asked.

"Come on Shane, you should at least act like you are at least glad to see me. It has been a while since we last saw each other." Blake smiled and took a seat beside Miles who ignored him.

"Who asked you to take a seat with us, maniac?" Brian glared disgustingly at Blake.

"Shut it lowlife, you should be glad an elite like me is sitting at the same table with a low-born like yourself." Blake spat the gum he was chewing at Brian before shifting his gaze back to Shane.

"It's all your fault, an elite like you hanging around with this filth when you should be hanging around with other elites like us. The Harrison continues to bring disgrace to all of the elite families in Los Angeles."

Brian stood up from his seat and attempted to attack Blake but Shane quickly held him back by grabbing Brian's arm.

"Whoever I choose to hang out with isn't any of your freaking business and don't you dare insult my family." Shane's eyes exploded in fury as he glared at Blake.

"Take it easy mama boy, you're already a lost cause by wasting your talents by hanging with these losers." Blake pointed at Brian. "I know you're getting riled up but I'm not here for you today but it not too late for you to switch rides." Blake laughed.

"Hello, I'm Blake Fyre." Blake introduced himself and stretched his arm towards Miles for a handshake.

Miles who had been quietly eating his meal without interfering in the conversation took a glance at Blake's hand and ignored his gesture making both Shane and Brian chuckle.

Blake's eyes twitched in anger at how much he felt embarrassed by Miles. However, he pushed his emotions aside and faked a smile. "We'll work on that as we become more familiar with each other. I heard that someone was wearing the latest limited hoodie made by Castle which is even on sale yet. Your identity must not be a simple one."

Blake placed his arm on Kyle's shoulder to feel the texture of the cloth. "It's definitely the real thing." He confirmed to the rest of his crew with a glow on his face.

"You shouldn't be sitting among losers like this. I'm here to invite you to join our table or even become a member of our crew and I'm pretty damn sure you'll find it to your liking." Blake made such an offer to Miles as it would boost their reputation within the academy.

Miles looked at Blake's arm on his shoulder before staring directly into his eyes. "Take your damn hands off my shoulders." Miles demanded.

In addition to being infuriated by Miles' tone, Blake was also uncomfortable by Miles' deadly look. "Hey, I trying to be polite with you but you want like a hotshot. Who the hell do you think you are, huh? Blake snapped at Miles.

"Blake, all he did was ask you to take your hands off him. Besides it's very rude to touch someone without permission, so stop overreacting and just take your hands off." Shane hurriedly interjected.

"Shut the hell up Harrison, this is none of your business." Blake yelled back at Shane. "And you crazy bastard, if you want to have a peaceful stay in this academy you better show me some respect and do as I said." Blake said after diverting his attention back to Miles.

At this point all the students had their attention focused on the scene that was playing before them.

"I'm going to say this once more for the sake of being polite but if you refuse then I'm going to retaliate. Take your hands off me right this instant." Miles kept his gaze on Blake as he warned him the second time.

"What do you intend to do about it? Stop pretending that you don't want the attention and here I am offering you a good opportunity but you are acting big because of this damn hoodie." Blake held onto Miles' hoodie tighter. "How about I ruin it for you?" He smirked.

When Blake activated his ability, his hand that he used to grab Miles' hoodie was covered in flames. His intention was to ruin the cloth by burning it.

"Shit, Blake don't do it..." Shane quickly got up from his seat and tried to stop Blake but Miles signaled him not to move.

"Pyrokinesis, that's a very ferocious ability indeed. Since you like to show off why don't we see how much heat you can handle?" Miles smiled cruelly.

Suddenly, the grin on Blake's face slowly started to disappear and his expression became horrendous. He kept trying to increase the temperature of his flames to burn the hoodie that still remained undamaged.

As a C-rank psyker Blake should have been able to damage it easily since the hoodie can only withstand attacks below D-rank. However, he was not just able to burn the hoodie but his flames were now starting to burn hotter than he could withstand.

Blake remained persistent to achieve his goal, but a few minutes later he succumbed to the pain.

"Fire, fire, it burns a lot, please put it out, Arrrrgh!" Blaze exclaimed loudly as he yelled out in a sudden burst of pain.

He immediately released his grasp of Miles' hoodie. The flames were now burning his hands and no matter what his crew mates did they were unable to put it out.

After a short while of running around the cafeteria as everyone effortlessly tried to put out Blake's flames. Blaze's burning arm was suddenly encased in an ice cocoon, which put out his flames

This surprised everyone and the whole cafeteria that was in chaos seconds ago became quiet enough to hear the sound of a pin drop.Everyone shifted their gazes in the direction that they saw the ice was cast from.

There were three figures standing, a girl with long silver hair whose arm was stretched outward indicating that she was the one that put out Blake's flames.

While two other boys were standing behind her. One had honey blond hair and white skin that made him look and angel while the second boy's hair colour was fiery red like the colour of Blaze hair.

"What is the meaning of all this ruckus?" The blonde haired boy yelled in rage.



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