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King's Awakening .. Welcome to the apocalypse King's Awakening .. Welcome to the apocalypse original

King's Awakening .. Welcome to the apocalypse

Author: Gamal_3_3_

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the beginning of the beginning

"Are you going to risk your life for it or not?"

The first chapter is the beginning of the beginning

In ancient Egypt...

Cairo... The year 2018 AD is where it all began

The shape of the planet began to change.. tides at the seas.. the speed of the earth's rotation more and more.. earthquakes everywhere.. many houses were toppled.. some bridges fell, thousands of victims from around the world

But all this returned to normal after ten minutes...or so it was believed

From the three pyramids of ancient Egypt, a bright light appeared that extended to the horizon of the sky.

"I am with you, journalist Maryam, from your program "Here is Cairo." As you can see in front of me, the three Egyptian pyramids appear, and a light extends from behind them to the top of the one knows what it is..

There are many questions about this incident, and many scientists are now searching for a scientific solution to all of this, so that we will inform you as soon as possible. "

This woman said in front of the cameras, with some dust appearing around due to the strong winds blowing in the desert

"We have Mr. Hamed from Cairo University..Professor and Doctor of Meteorology... Mr. Hamed, what do you think about what is happening today in terms of changes in the weather and those storms... U hh " Mariam said before some dirt got into her eye, which she rubbed her eyes and shed some tears

"Damn it, do I have to work in those harsh conditions? If it wasn't just for the promotion," Mariam thought to herself

" Hmm .. my name is Hamid Abdel-Rahman..I am a doctor expert at Cairo University in the Department of Weather News.." That man began to speak as it appeared on the TV screens of everyone in the world

The surrounding conditions appeared in every inch of the world.. America.. Britain.. Paris.. Korea.. Japan.. China.. and India

Then in Egypt it appeared as if everything appeared from it.

" Hurricanes take a swirling curve along the state of Egypt..These images were monitored by satellite .. One of the scientists with whom I spoke a short while ago says that this case is due to the appearance of a partial eclipse of the sun disruption of the ozone layer

Mr. Hamed Abdel Rahman started to speak while rubbing his mustache

"Is this correct ? Is it all because of the partial eclipse of the sun? What is your message to the citizens so that they do not panic?" Maryam started to speak while asking him

"Well this..." Mr. Hamid Abdel Rahman spoke

But suddenly the sound of sirens appeared in the laboratory he was standing in due to sudden vibrations

Beep... beep... beep... beep...

"What is going on, Mr. Hamed Abdel-Rahman.. Is everything good for you?" the announcer, Maryam, replied

" seems that there was another earthquake here..don't worry..." Professor Hamed Abdel Rahman said before the transmission was cut off.

"Mr. Hamed Abdel-Rahman...Mr. Hamid Abdel-Rahman...are you here?" Mariam said before turning her gaze towards the cameras again.

"It seems that the transmission has been cut off.. So do not panic, O people, for the Egyptian army always protects its people," said that girl, as she tried to lighten the atmosphere a little.

Egypt army ? Ha, she was talking about the great army of Egypt? Haha, this is nothing in front of what will happen now. What the world witnessed was a radical change of events

Since that day, there has not been any safe day in the whole world...

The three pyramids began to shake suddenly and hugely, as if their feet would appear and start moving to migrate to another place in the world.

"Oh, what is this..." Mariam said as she arranged her glasses that had fallen, looking at the three great Egyptian pyramids behind her.

The Egyptian pyramids... those pyramids began to radiate a very bright and visible golden light... as if those pyramids were painted with shiny gold.

Those pyramids appeared uniquely among all of Cairo...

You can see the image clearly if you stand on the Cairo Tower, but your eyes may be injured.

There were some small pyramids nearby, such as Saqqara, but it did not appear as bright

"What is this? What for God's sake is happening?" Mariam said, in disbelief

" yes sir What do you want?" A man's voice appeared in the headphones of Professor Maryam, and she answered him

" Journalist, there is a promotion coming for you.. I will recommend this promotion to you with all I have.. Therefore, you must follow the event more and more closely.. You must enter and take pictures before any other company " That man said in the voice of the phone

"Is this an idiot or what? I wanted to go a while ago. Doesn't he know what the mother's situation is or what? It's the disasters and we have to take shelter from these disasters," Maryam thought to herself.

"Sorry, sir, but go on, you see there are strong winds coming, and I can't enter as you can see," said that girl, while she was removing that idea from the head of that strange manager.

" Oh Mary.. O mature girl, I will pay you 10 thousand pounds for that, so what do you think? The manager said on the phone, trying to seduce her in any way

" Hmph.. well done for you but don't forget those words of yours" Mariam said and then started moving towards the pyramids.

" Girl, stop, this is very dangerous. You don't have to risk your life for your business," said someone standing next to her who seemed to be a newspaper reporter too but from another post office.

" Oh thank you but I really know what I'm doing so don't think about it too much," Mariam said

That standing man showed odd signs but didn't argue with her after that

"Oh, if it weren't for my mother in the hospital, I wouldn't have done that." That girl said to herself, feeling a little sad.

Gamal_3_3_ Gamal_3_3_

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