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Chapter 17: Chapter 17: A New Storm has Appeared

"How did you solve it?!" Lisa disregarded any gender distinctions and stood directly in front of Ember.

She approached closer, as if trying to discern a hint of jest from Ember's helmet.

However, she failed. All she saw was darkness and Collei jumping around beside Ember.

It was normal for Lisa to be so shocked. As a scholar, she knew how tricky the remnants of the Archons could be.

Not to mention the thorny issue of the Scale Disease that even the entire Sumeru was helpless against. After all, Sumeru was the Land of Wisdom!

To think that a problem that even they were powerless against had been solved by Ember. How could she not be shocked?

"Uh... It's a bit hard to explain for now. Let's go inside." After giving it some thought, Ember realized it wasn't easy to explain to Lisa.

He couldn't just say, "Gold. I used gold of extremely high purity!"

After all, he had been using the Law of Gold since he came to this world. If people didn't know, they would think he was Radagast.

But there was no other way. The Law of Gold had ruled the Realm of Regression for the longest time, and the prayers passed down were the most numerous and practical.

Leading everyone back inside, Ember couldn't stand Lisa's intense gaze. He felt that if he didn't give her an explanation, she might just stay in his house.

"Alright, alright. Take a look yourself. Don't stare at me like that, it's creepy." Ember shivered and then pulled out several books, each several centimeters thick, from nowhere.

Lisa took a look and found three books in total. They were "Fundamentals of the Law of Gold - Detailed Explanation of Regression and Causality," "Outline of the Law of Gold," and "Amendment - Attempted Solutions to the Existential Problems of the Law of Gold Causality."

Lisa felt a headache coming on. She didn't expect that feeling of recognizing every word individually but not understanding them together to return to her.

Seeing Lisa massaging her temples, Ember suddenly remembered something and continued, "Oh right, I forgot. There are many concepts in here that you might not know. Here, take another book and use it as a reference if you don't understand."

"Another one?!" Lisa exclaimed. These were enough to keep her busy for quite some time, but she didn't expect there to be more.

"Don't be so surprised! This is our introductory material. I wrote some of it too. Let me tell you, it's quite interesting." Ember said as he pulled out an even thicker book.

Lisa took it and saw the striking words "Guide to the Realm of Regression" on the cover. Below the title were a few smaller words that read "Editor-in-Chief - Ember."

There were too many flaws. She didn't know where to begin.

"What did you do before?" Seeing Ember's name on the book, Lisa couldn't help but ask.

"Nothing much, just some odd jobs. Now I'm retired and just playing around here." Ember waved his hand dismissively.

"Ember big brother, I want one too!"

"Me too! I want one too!"

Hearing that there was something that could help them understand Ember's homeland, Galara and Collei immediately became eager.

"Alright, one for each of you. Take it, this is the first book I wrote." Ember waved his hand, and two identical books appeared on the table.

"Oh, by the way, what's this about you hiring someone to cure Collei and Galara?" Ember asked Lisa, who was already engrossed in reading.

"It's Cyno. We told the Academia about the doctor coming to Mondstadt, and they decided to send Seno to investigate. Since I know him, I asked him for a favor." Lisa answered without even lifting her head.

"Who's Cyno?" Ember curiously asked.

"He's Sumeru's General Mahamatra, quite formidable." Lisa seemed to anticipate Ember's question and promptly answered it.

"Ah." Ember nodded, not understanding, but he felt it would be impolite to ask further.

"Knock knock!" Just then, a knock sounded at the door.

"Come in, it's not locked." Although he was puzzled about who would come to him so late, Ember still invited the person in, after all, a visitor was a guest.

"Oh, have I come at the wrong time? Such a wonderful time for study, truly marvelous." Kaeya saw the numerous headache-inducing books in Ember's home and teased.

"Yes, can you leave first? This isn't the time for you to study." Lisa retorted without hesitation.

"What a heartbreaking statement. Can't I study a little?" Kaeya spread his hands, unfazed by Lisa's words.

"Alright, what's the matter?" Ember interrupted their banter and asked Kaeya.

This guy always appeared out of nowhere and disappeared without a trace. He must have something to discuss this time.

Kaeya also put aside his playful demeanor and said with some seriousness, "The new Harbinger 'Signora' is coming, just two days from now. Will you not come and see?"

"See what? Does she have flowers on her face? Do you want me to specially go and have a look?" Ember replied nonchalantly.

"Cough cough! That phrasing is quite unique." Kaeya was taken aback by Ember's words. Then he continued:

"After all, she will be our future opponent. It wouldn't hurt to know a little about her."

"Fine, I'll give you face. I'll go have a look." Ember didn't refuse Kaeya's suggestion. He also wanted to see if every Harbinger was as unique as the doctor.

"That's good. Two days from now, at noon, in Mondstadt Square, the Knights will formally meet her. Don't be late." After hearing Ember's acceptance, Kaeya mentioned the location and prepared to leave.

"Wait, I also need to go out. Help me move these books." Lisa saw that it was getting late and immediately recruited Kaeya to help.

"What? Am I your laborer just because I didn't get anything?" Kaeya's face immediately turned sour.

"The Knights of Favonius should learn to help the residents of Mondstadt!" Lisa was not at all embarrassed and directly piled the books high and put them in Kaeya's arms.

Then the two of them clamored out.

Ember watched as Lisa and Kaeya disappeared into the night, then turned to look at Galara and Collei.

After Lisa mentioned "Harbinger " earlier, their expressions became somewhat odd.

It was understandable. Their names bore distinct Harbinger characteristics, and everything they had experienced was related to Harbinger .

"Do you want to go back?" Ember touched Galara and Collei's heads and asked.

"Yeah." Galara lacked the vitality she had before. Unlike Collei, who was captured by the Fatui halfway, she still had family waiting for her to return to Sumeru.

"Is Sumeru the Land of Wisdom, right? I heard that there's knowledge there that encompasses all of Teyvat." Collei trembled, her body shivering. She was different from Galara. She was captured halfway by the Fatui and her family was still waiting for her to return.

"Ember big brother, do you think there's knowledge there that can remove the 'thing' inside you?" Collei looked up and asked Ember seriously.

Ember's hand twitched slightly, then he smiled and said, "There might be. After all, it's the realm of the God of Wisdom."

"Maybe I'll have to rely on you in the future."

Collei's eyes lit up after hearing that. She smiled, "Then Ember big brother, you have to wait for me to return after I've learned."

The inner conflict was swept away. Why was she born in the laboratory of the Fatui? Why didn't she have parents? Many questions had tormented Collei in the past.

But it didn't matter now. Now, her only goal in going back to Sumeru was to help Ember find a way to return to normal.

"What? Why can't I understand what you're saying?" Galara suddenly realized that she couldn't understand what Ember and Collei were saying anymore, and she became anxious.

"It's like this..." Collei looked at the anxious Galara and leaned close to her ear, repeating what Ember had told her before.

"Ah!" Galara's small face suddenly puffed up like a squirrel's.

Poke, poke, Ember found it amusing, so he poked Galara's puffed-up cheek.

"Ow!" Galara was annoyed by the poking and immediately bit Ember's finger.

The strong smell of blood instantly filled her mouth, causing her to let go of his finger.

After spitting out, she said angrily, "No more hiding things from me in the future!"

"Okay, okay, I won't hide anything." Ember rubbed Galara's head, helpless.

"And you have to wait for me too." Galara, like Collei, now had a new goal.

"I will wait. Don't worry, I've always been here." Ember smiled and said.

(End of this chapter)

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