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King of All Superhumans King of All Superhumans original

King of All Superhumans

Author: Adam_Aksara

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Dawn of the End, A Five-Year Prelude

Amid the towering skyscrapers of New York City, a cataclysmic battle of epic proportions unfolded, one that would determine the fate of humanity. Angels and demons clashed in a brutal war, their celestial powers, wreaking havoc on the metropolis and causing widespread destruction. The once bustling streets were now transformed into battlegrounds, and the lives of countless innocent humans hung in the balance.

High above the city, celestial beings with radiant wings and ethereal armor fought valiantly for the protection of mankind. Michael, the archangel, led the charge, his sword of divine light cutting through the darkness that surrounded him. Alongside him stood a fearless band of angelic warriors, each devoted to their mission of safeguarding humanity.

But on the other side, the malevolent demons, led by the fearsome demon lord of darkness, were hell-bent on unleashing chaos and destruction upon the Earth. With eyes glowing with malevolence, they unleashed torrents of dark energy that tore through buildings and engulfed everything in their path. Skyscrapers crumbled like sandcastles, and the once vibrant cityscape had been engulfed in flames.

Amidst the chaos, there were humans who had chosen sides. Some believed in the angels, seeing them as protectors and beacons of hope. Armed with makeshift weapons and a fierce determination, these brave souls stood alongside the angels, vowing to protect their beloved city from the forces of darkness.

On the other hand, there were those who were enticed by the promises of the demons. Drawn in by the allure of power and domination, they followed the demonic horde. They fueling the flames of destruction and wreaking havoc upon the world they once knew.

As the Armageddon raged on, it became clear that the outcome of this cosmic battle would determine the fate of humanity. The skies above the city swirled with divine light and malevolent darkness, and the clash of power shook the very foundations of the Earth.

In the heart of the battle, a lone figure emerged, neither angel nor demon but a human with a soul untainted by darkness. A young human with a heart full of compassion and bravery, had lost his family to the chaos that ensued. Fueled by grief and determination, he refused to be a mere bystander in the face of destruction.

Harnessing the remnants of divine energy that scattered amidst the chaos, he found himself imbued with a unique power—the power of balance. He became the embodiment of harmony, a force that could bring an end to the Armageddon.

"That will happen about 30 years from now."

In a small, dimly lit room, an old man lay on his deathbed, his once vibrant eyes now clouded with the weight of age. Around him stood five of his most dedicated students, their faces filled with both sadness and anticipation, for they knew their beloved teacher's time was drawing near.

With a feeble voice, the old man began to speak. His words carrying a sense of solemnity that silenced the room. "My dear students," he said. He spoke of a vision he had seen in his dreams, a future that troubled him greatly. In his vision, he saw each of his five students walking paths veiled in darkness and despair. He foretold struggles and hardships that would test their spirits and challenge their determination.

"To avoid the worst fate," the old man continued, "You must embrace humility, kindness, and compassion. These virtues will be your guiding light in the darkest of times."

"The True Source had already been reborn on Earth ten years ago. As the Greatest of all Greatest, His grand plan for the end of time remains veiled from my sight and comprehension. No matter how arduously you search, you will not be able to find Him, but by praying for His guidance, He shall discover you. It is intricately woven with fate and destiny. As for each one of you, I only know that you must lead humans into goodness, lest His Plan be jeopardized."

The students listened intently, hanging on to every word, feeling a mix of fear and determination to change the course of their destinies. The five students exchanged determined glances, a silent understanding passing between them. Without saying a word, they nodded in agreement, each one expressing their commitment to the path their teacher had paved for them.

A young woman, the youngest of the group, stepped forward with a solemn expression. "I promise, teacher," she said, her voice unwavering, "I will honor your teachings and carry the light of goodness in my heart."

A gentleman, the most seasoned among them, placed a reassuring hand on the young woman's shoulder. "We all will," he stated, his tone filled with conviction. "Your wisdom has shown us the way, and we shall walk it with pride."

A mature woman, who had always been the spirited one, clenched her fists in determination. "No matter how dark the times may get," she proclaimed, "we won't falter. We'll be beacons of hope, just like the angels in the battle."

A middle-aged man, the quiet and introspective student, nodded silently, his eyes reflecting the deep gratitude he felt for his teacher's guidance. He knew that actions spoke louder than words, and he was resolved to demonstrate his commitment through his deeds.

And finally, a man, the scholar of the group, spoke with a determined glint in his eye. "Your teachings will become the foundation of our actions," he said, "and through our choices, we'll shape a future that shines in the light."

In that moment, their unspoken vow hung in the air, binding them together as a united force. They knew that the fate of humanity rested on their shoulders, and they were ready to carry the torch of goodness and compassion, following the path their beloved teacher had set before them.

"Twenty years from now, some humans will obtain great power. When they obtain great power, they also inherit immense responsibility. This power can be a force for good, bringing positive change and progress to the world. However, if wielded carelessly or driven by selfish desires, it can lead to catastrophic consequences, pulling people into darkness. The allure of dominance can blind one's moral compass, unleashing destruction upon others and the planet. Thus, the key lies in using such power wisely, with compassion and empathy. For it is only through humility and understanding that the immense burden of responsibility can be carried, ensuring a future that flourishes in the light, not swallowed by shadows."

As the twilight of the old man's life approached, he offered his final words of wisdom. "Remember, my dear students, For the future is not set in stone, your choices shape humans' fate. Each decision you make will ripple through time, affecting not only your lives but also the lives of those around you, and even some people who are the keys to salvation."

he whispered, "Near the end of time, no monsters or darkness will be released from hell; instead, the darkness will be unleashed from within the depths of the human heart. And create a monster in human shape."

"We will always remember what teacher taught us," said a middle-aged man, "In the darkest corners of the human heart lies an abyss of darkness, where shadows lurk and fears take root. It's an inner realm where suppressed emotions dwell, the weight of regrets and the echo of past pains resonate. Within this depths, the darkness awaits, yearning to be acknowledged and confronted.

In the silence of one's thoughts, it whispers sinister temptations and sows seeds of doubt. It tests the boundaries of one's morality, urging them to yield to the allure of malevolence and cruelty. Yet, it also holds the potential for transformation, for within this darkness lies the seed of change and growth.

When confronted with adversity, this darkness may surface, threatening to consume the light of hope and compassion. But it is precisely in these moments of inner turmoil that the true nature of a person is tested. It is an opportunity to choose, to resist the pull of darkness and strive for the flickering flame of goodness within.

With courage and resilience, one can face the demons that reside within their heart, challenging the darkness and illuminating it with the brilliance of empathy and love. It's a journey of self-discovery and self-mastery, a process of embracing the imperfections that make us human while seeking to transcend them.

For in the end, it is not the presence of darkness within that defines us, but rather how we choose to respond to it. Through acts of kindness, understanding, and forgiveness, the light within can grow stronger, pushing back the boundaries of the darkness, until, in the depths of our hearts, a balance is struck, and the luminance of goodness prevails."

"Good, I will soon be reborn and live in the future that all of you will shape." With that, the old man's eyes closed for eternity, and his breath ceased. The room fell into a hushed silence as the students bowed their heads in deep reflection."

25 years later

The sun had barely risen when five menacing figures clad in black burst through the doors of the Melodistria Bank. The chilling silence that followed their entry was unnerving. Each of the robbers held heavy guns, their eyes determined and ruthless, as they surveyed the bank's interior, ready to unleash chaos.

Among them, there was a woman known only as Whisper. With an uncanny ability, she could make everything around her silent. As the robbers spread out through the bank, she raised her hand, and an eerie hush fell over the bustling space. The bustling chatter of customers and the shuffling of papers were instantly stifled, leaving behind an eerie and oppressive silence.

Amid the gang, one member was renowned as Ghost, possessing an uncanny talent for disarming security systems. Swiftly, his fingers danced, deactivating all alarms, leaving the bank vulnerable to their attack. This, combined with their ability to strike without warning, caught everyone off guard.

In a meticulously coordinated assault, they effortlessly took down five security officers, rendering the guards immobilized and helpless. The bank staff and customers stood stunned, struggling to grasp the swiftness and precision of the attack.

With guns held high, the robbers commanded the terrified crowd to the ground, their menacing gazes demanding obedience. Among them was Bull, a towering figure, barking orders that echoed through the room, warning against any acts of heroism. Only his voice broke the silence.

In contrast, Whisper maintained an eerie silence, her eyes shimmering with power and menace. Her movements were graceful and soundless as she navigated the bank, taking aim at the bank's manager and firing her gun without a sound. The manager's screams were muted, leaving the hostages feeling at the mercy of an unfathomable force.

As the robbers collected the bank's cash and valuables, the once vibrant atmosphere turned tense and suffocating, engulfed in terror. The hostages trembled, their fear palpable, aware that any misstep could lead to dire consequences.

Hours dragged on as the robbers kept their hold on the bank, holding the police at bay with a relentless rain of bullets and using hostages as human shields.

Inside the bank, emotions were a mix of desperation and resignation. The robbers showed no sign of mercy or remorse, leaving the hostages to contemplate their fate in silence. The bank had become a battleground, but not one filled with sound and fury. Instead, it was a battleground of silence and stealth, orchestrated by a group of ruthless and enigmatic criminals.

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