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Chapter 3: Miracle Items

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Xu Hui, whose head was now slumped down, was no longer breathing. He didn't give Gao Xuan a reply, nor could he have.

Gao Xuan didn't mind that. He wouldn't have told a living person his secret anyway.

Not only did he feel good looking at his dead enemy, but the corpse also made a good audience for him to speak freely to.

"Teacher, I was reborn three days ago. The passcode to the treasury isn't a secret to someone who's been reborn. I easily obtained the God Slaying Sword."

Gao Xuan stood in front of Xu Hui and said self-servingly, "The wielder of the God Slaying Sword will definitely die if they see blood. Then how should we solve that problem? The God Slaying Sword has no eyes and cannot physically see blood. So, as long as the wielder closes his eyes, everything would be all right."

"Hahaha, isn't it easy?"

Gao Xuan laughed loudly, then said, a little uninterested, "You have no reaction at all, Teacher. How boring."

He then deliberated for a moment before continuing. "That's right. An enemy would also be able to circumvent the rule of dying when you see blood if they closed their eyes, even if they bled from the damage of the sword. Unfortunately, not many people know this. Thus, even a deity would die after being stabbed by the sword and seeing their own blood. That is the most terrifying aspect of the God Slaying Sword."

Gao Xuan then went on, "I lied to you just now. I only stabbed you gently between your eyebrows to test the sword's effect. You managed to last a full minute after seeing blood. You sure had a strong life force."

Gao Xuan sighed. "Indeed, the God Slaying Sword's current level is too low. It needs a minute to kill a Level Seven expert."

The God Slaying Sword was a Growth-Type Miracle Item, but it hadn't had the chance to truly grow all this time. In terms of raw power, the God Slaying Sword was the same as a Bronze Grade Item.

Miracle Items weren't all-powerful. They could be overcome by higher levels of power.

Miracle Items were logically classified into Iron, Bronze, Silver, and Gold Grades.

Gao Xuan had gathered a wealth of experience over one hundred years. His understanding of Miracle Items and Source Power far exceeded what was known in this era. That was his greatest advantage.

As long as he had the time to develop himself, he would become the most powerful fighter in this era!

Gao Xuan patted Xu Hui's shoulder and said, "Teacher, you're already dead. You can make your final contribution to this world and donate your corpse. You wouldn't mind that, would you?

"Silence means consent.

"Teacher, you are being so generous. We can forget about the grievances we had in the past."

Gao Xuan didn't stop talking. He pulled the God Slaying Sword out of its scabbard once again.

The blade of the God Slaying Sword was 102 centimeters long and 3.8 centimeters wide. It was thin as paper. Counting the handle, the entire length of the sword measured 121 centimeters.

The slender, long God Slaying Sword was as red as blood. It looked like a ray of blood-colored light that had materialized to form a blade. One could still faintly see red rays of light swirling continuously within the blade.

In terms of appearance alone, the God Slaying Sword looked cool and demonic.

Even though Gao Xuan had his eyes closed, he could see every detail of the God Slaying Sword through his Six-Winged Heavenly Cicada.

There was an eerie, low murmur in his head. This voice sounded like the cries of tens of thousands of children. Even though he didn't know what the voices were saying, their intense negative emotions were clearly conveyed to him.

That was one of the negative effects that the God Slaying Sword had: Demonic Murmurs.

Demonic Murmurs was a terrifying form of spiritual contamination. The wielder of the God Slaying Sword would have to experience the test of the Demonic Murmurs every time he activated the sword.

Thus, even if the owner of the sword were a blind man, his spirit would be contaminated by the Demonic Murmurs and he would quickly become insane and die.

If the sword had no master, the Demonic Murmurs of the God Slaying Sword would spread into the surroundings and contaminate any intelligent life forms that it could come into contact with.

That was a terrifying aspect of the God Slaying Sword.

It was also because the God Slaying Sword had these curses that the Blood Deity Association had failed to come up with the correct way to wield the sword.

Gao Xuan didn't mind the murmurs. He had strengthened himself over one hundred years. His spirit was as deep as an abyss. The tens of thousands of children wouldn't be able to move him no matter how loudly they howled.

After the God Slaying Sword pierced Xu Hui's heart, the blood-colored light on the blade rapidly spread outward and enveloped Xu Hui.

In just a few seconds, Xu Hui dissolved into a ball of blood-colored light before finally being absorbed into the God Slaying Sword.

The God Slaying Sword was silently sheathed. Gao Xuan muttered to himself, "Look, killing without a trace. Environmentally friendly, hygienic, and safe. The power of the sword can even be enhanced with every life that it absorbs. It truly is an excellent weapon for assassins.

"Not being able to see blood isn't a problem at all."

Gao Xuan took out a pair of sunglasses from within his battle uniform and pushed up his long fringe, which nearly covered half the pair of sunglasses.

"It's all right. I'll just close my eyes and be a blind man from today on."

Dying when seeing blood was a permanent effect from using The God Slaying Sword. Because he'd activated the God Slaying Sword, he'd die when he saw blood in the future, whether he was wielding the God Slaying Sword or not.

Thus, from this day on, Gao Xuan would never be able to open his eyes again.

In actuality, Gao Xuan had been reborn with one hundred years' worth of experience and wisdom. There were many different ways he could've dealt with Xu Hui.

So trading a pair of eyes for the God Slaying Sword didn't sound worth it.

However, this was a choice that he'd made after repeatedly deliberating his options.

The God Slaying Sword was the only Gold Grade Miracle Item that he could get his hands on at the moment. The God Slaying Sword was also a rare Growth-Type Miracle Item that had no limits as to how powerful it could become.

Just that alone made trading his eyes for the sword worth it.

Furthermore, Gao Xuan also had the Six-Winged Heavenly Cidada. That was his Gold Grade Miracle Item. It was renowned as the best in terms of spiritual quality.

Because of some unique reason, Gao Xuan's soul had fused completely with the Six-Winged Heavenly Cicada when he was still a youth. It could be said that he was the Six-Winged Heavenly Cicada.

He'd been reborn as an eighteen-year-old 100 years back into the past, and the Six-Winged Heavenly Cicada had come back with him.

The most powerful aspect of the Six-Winged Heavenly Cicada was its extraordinary senses.

With the Six-Winged Heavenly Cicada, Gao Xuan could survey his surroundings and interpret information like color, shape, taste, temperature, and hardness even without his eyes or any other senses.

The Six-Winged Heavenly Cicada didn't just enhance a person's sixth sense. It also magnified its wielder's spiritual perception.

The wielder's spiritual perception became more objective and clear. The Six-Winged Heavenly Cicada could even penetrate objects and energy screens. It was much better than using his eyes.

The extraordinary spiritual quality of the Six-Winged Heavenly Cicada could also suppress the Demonic Murmurs of the God Slaying Sword.

In this sense, the Six-WInged Heavenly Cicada and the God Slaying Sword made the optimal combination.

Anyway, with the extraordinary senses of the Six-Winged Heavenly Cicada, Gao Xuan's eyes were no more than decoration, so it was worth exchanging them for the God Slaying Sword.

Of course, the Six-Winged Heavenly Cicada also came with an unavoidable negative effect: Voice of Arrogance (an uncontrollable urge to show off and pour his heart out, which manifested as extreme talkativeness and being overly and arrogantly expressive).

Gao Xuan talked this much because of the negative effect of the Six-Winged Heavenly Cicada.

Compared to the miraculous power of the Six-Winged Heavenly Cicada, Gao Xuan could tolerate the negative side effects of being talkative and boastful.

However, Gao Xuan still lacked sufficient understanding of the Six-Winged Heavenly Cicada, even though he had fused with it.

That was normal.

It was just like an ordinary person. How many people know the current condition of their body, how their blood circulates, or how their organs operate?

The Six-Winged Heavenly Cicada was millions of times more complicated than the human body.

Gao Xuan had researched the Six-Winged Heavenly Cicada for dozens of years but only managed to understand the basics of what it could do. He was completely ignorant about the core mysteries that surrounded it.

All Gold Grade Miracle Items were complicated.

However, correctly utilizing Gold Grade Miracle Items was the fastest way to enhance his strength.

Gao Xuan muttered to himself, "I can also equip myself with the Heavenly Dragon Eye and Evil Emperor Eye. These unique Miracle Items exist in the form of an eye, but they are not really eyes. They are immensely powerful, yet fall outside of the curse of the God Slaying Sword. Perfect!"

The Heavenly Dragon Eye and Evil Emperor Eye were all Gold Grade Miracle Items and possessed immense power.

Gao Xuan knew a lot of important information about the next one hundred years, so there was a good chance that he'd be able to obtain these Gold Grade Miracle Items one step ahead of time.

"I have to take it one step at a time. I can't be too anxious. There's a lot of time… The matter at hand is to deal with the people at the base and get some interest from the Blood Deity Association."

Gao Xuan twirled the God Slaying Sword in his hand twice, and it disappeared into thin air. Four blood-red symbols appeared on his left palm.

The God Slaying Sword could be integrated into his flesh. All it cost was Gao Xuan's blood essence.

This was another one of the God Slaying Sword's negative effects. It was bloodthirsty. It needed to constantly consume flesh and blood. If the God Slaying Sword was not satiated, it would absorb its master's flesh and blood.

As the King of Assassins who'd come back to the past, Gao Xuan's forte was killing people. This negative side effect of the God Slaying Sword wasn't a problem to him.

Gao Xuan pulled open the door of the room and walked outside with large strides.

The bleached light, the abnormally silent surroundings, and the dull, crass, gray mud walls on both sides made the corridor look exceptionally sinister.

"It looks a little like a horror film…" Gao Xuan muttered to himself as he knocked on the steel door on the other side, "Number 33, it's time. Hng, no. A visitor has arrived. Open the door quickly."

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