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80% King of Film / Chapter 28: Shanghai Tangren (2)

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Chapter 28: Shanghai Tangren (2)

Jiang Cheng's words fell, but Hu Ge and the other two didn't respond. Even Hu Ge, who was excited just now, was silent, and the dormitory suddenly became surprisingly quiet.

Jiang Cheng knew what they were worried about. After all, if someone who you hadn't even known for a full day suddenly told you that they could introduce you to work. Even if you got along well with them and he spoke well, you wouldn't believe them completely.

In fact, it was likely that if it wasn't for the fact that they knew he was Bright Moon, which gave his claim some credibility, they probably would've refused his offer right off the bat without a thought and branded him a lier or scammer.

But now they held a shred of doubt and couldn't make up their minds.

Perhaps this was the price of maturity in today's current society. Without solid evidence it was difficult for people to believe in others even if the person was a relative or close friend. Let alone considering the current situation now.

In truth Jiang Cheng really wasn't trying to cheat the three of them. He knew talented people like Hu Ge and Yuan Hong would become successful sooner or later, so he didn't mind helping them out before they became successful.

It would become a favor he could potentially cash in one day when they became famous.

However as a matter of fact, Hu Ge and the rest weren't actually questioning Jiang Cheng's abilities, they didn't think Jiang Cheng would deceive them over this matter. After all, in their minds, Jiang Cheng was a celebrity anyway, he didn't need to deceive three newcomers for no reason, there was no benefit.

They were only doubting Jiang Cheng's intentions. After all, they had only known Jiang Cheng for less than a day, so for him to recommend them seemed a bit too fast!

Why was he being so good to them? Did he have some sort of plan for the three of them?

But after thinking over it for a long time, they still couldn't figure out what Jiang Cheng could want from them. Jiang Cheng was already a well-known writer. He already had money and fame.

He already had a certain amount of popularity! If he was to enter the entertainment circle, this fame and popularity would be his capital. His starting point was innately superior to theirs. He was an S class newcomer. And he could potentially even write scripts in the future, with his skills.

Even if he didn't become an S class celebrity in the future, he would definitely be able to make a name for himself. But the three of them were still newcomers, newcomers who had nothing to their names at all. They were still in school. What could have made them catch Jiang Cheng's eye?

Jiang Cheng having sensed their doubt added that he could only recommend them to Sister Cai, the final decision was still hers to make, it was an amazing opportunity, but as for whether they could grasp it would depend on them. If they could it would be a great step forward and they would be able to enter the entertainment industry one step earlier.

Hearing that Hu Ge and the rest felt touched, that Jiang Cheng was willing to help them out like that! Jiang Cheng was actually the youngest among the three being born in 1984, whilst the other three were born in 1983, but Jiang Cheng was now carrying them like a senior brother.

The three of them exchanged glances and found each other a little bit moved. Hu Ge gritted his teeth and said, "Jiang Cheng, is what you said true?"

Jiang Cheng nodded and said, "Of course it's true. I wouldn't make jokes about this kind of thing. It's hard to get your name out in the entertainment world but Shanghai Tangren can help with that. Since we are stuck in the same dorm and we are gonna be together for the next four years, we might as well help each other out when we can! This can be considered fate! We'll all become rich and famous together."

Hu Ge, Yuan Hong and Sun Xiao all nodded their heads, seeing Jiang Cheng put it so clearly, they were all touched.

Yuan Hong hesitated and said: "I really want to agree. After all, it's a rare opportunity. But for such a big thing, I can't just make my own decision. I have to speak to my family and discuss it before I can give you an answer."

Sun Xiao also said: "Me too, otherwise my family will lose it!"

Jiang Cheng nodded and said, "It should be so."

Hu Ge wasn't as troubled as the two of them, and directly said: "I don't need to wait, my dad loves Shanghai Tangren. Since I have the opportunity, sign me up directly! Contact Shanghai Tangren as soon as possible for me please!"

Jiang Cheng said with a smile: "No problem, I will call them tomorrow, but I'm guessing you'll probably have to wait for a while. They're currently busy shooting [Legendary Fighter: Yang's Heroine] so Sister Cai is probably in Hengdian, you'll probably have to wait for her to return to Shanghai to meet."

Hu Ge said excitedly: "It doesn't matter, I don't mind waiting! Watch how I'll blow her away!"

Jiang Cheng smirked and said: "Look at you, so excited and confident, I hope you don't get nervous and start stuttering when it's time to audition! If you can't enter Shanghai Tangren because of this, don't blame me for mocking you!"

Yuan Hong also held a smirk: "¥100 says that he will definitely get nervous and stutter!"

"Fuck you guys! I'm an acting genius, if I claimed second who would dare claim first! Don't you have any confidence in my acting skills?"

"Nope!" Jiang Cheng and the rest cried out in unison.

"Wow, such jealousy. But you know what, I am used to it! "Hu Ge wiped his forehead and gave an exasperated sigh, "Such is the life of a genius, lonely!"

"Why don't you go and die!" Jiang Cheng and the other two saw Hu Ge posing with such an arrogant expression and began to tease and berate him.

They all soon broke out into laughter.

Sun Xiao suddenly thought of something, and said to Jiang Cheng: "Yo, Jiang Cheng, I heard that you're about to publish another book right, about martial arts?"

"Oh yeah! Well done for mentioning it, I almost forgot to ask about it." Yuan Hong cried out excitedly: "It's called [Kunlun] right, is it about the Kunlun school of martial arts?"

Shaking his head, Jiang Cheng said mysteriously: "I can only tell you the story is set at the end of the Song Dynasty and the beginning of Yuan Dynasty, and there is no Kunlun martial arts in it. The title [Kunlun] is just symbolic. I can't say more than that."

Sun Xiao shouted: "Don't be so stingy, you really can't tell us more?"

Jiang Cheng replied: "Nope, I've signed a confidentiality agreement. Besides, I have to earn some money off it right!? In fact as true friends you guys should buy 10 copies each to help me out when it releases."

"Fuck off!" Hu Ge and the rest all yelled in unison, before breaking out into laughter. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Yuan Hong, an ever persistent guy asked: "Okay then can you tell me about the second volume of [Stories About The Ming Dynasty]. I'll keep it to myself and I will buy the full set of [Stories About The Ming Dynasty]!"

Hu Ge asked: "Isn't this also confidential?"

Jiang Cheng couldn't help laughing: "Nah it's nothing. [Stories About The Ming Dynasty] is about history anyway. You can literally find the ending in any history book hahaha, but if you want my interpretation of the story, that's gonna be ¥29.99"

"Fuck off!"

"What a shameless Author!"


Sun Xiao and the rest called out, before they all broke out into laughter.

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