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82.85% King of Film / Chapter 29: Shanghai Tangren (3)

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Chapter 29: Shanghai Tangren (3)

"Hu Ge, don't be so nervous. OK! You're not going to the execution grounds, it's just an interview, do you really have to be so nervous? Jiang Cheng said as he looked helplessly at Hu Ge who was restless next to him.

"Who's....nervous? I'm not nervous!" Hu Ge retorted, "I'm just excited that's all!"

Jiang Cheng rolled his eyes when he heard this: You aren't nervous my ass! Why do you keep constantly fidgeting and pacing about then? Also look at the sweat on your forehead, it's almost a waterfall! And listen to your panting breaths, even the blind could tell you're nervous!"

It had been three days since Jiang Cheng had reported to school.

Jiang Cheng and Hu Ge were currently in a private room at a hotpot restaurant.

After talking with Hu Ge and the others, Jiang Cheng had called Cai Yinong the next day and talked to her about Hu Ge.

Cai Yinong became interested hearing his high praise and recommendation of Hu Ge and it just happened that she would be back in Shanghai soon so they had arranged a meeting for today.

As for why Hu Ge was so nervous, it wasn't because they were meeting Cai Yinong but because coming along with Cai Yinong was Li Guoli, a big time heavyweight director.

It turned out that [Legendary Fighter: Yang's Heroine] was nearing completion. So Shanghai Tangren set two days off to let the actors and the crew rest. Which was perfect timing, as now he was free Cai Yinong decided to bring Li Guoli along for a second opinion.

Shanghai Tangren had already started preparations for the start of [Autumn's Concerto], and would start shooting in October, Li Guoli wouldn't be directing it because according to the current progress of [Legendary Fighter: Yang's Heroine] it would only be fully completed in early November.

And next year he had shooting plans for [Book and Sword, Gratitude and Revenge], so the schedule wouldn't work. However, as the main director for Shanghai Tangren, Li Guoli would still hold the title of producer in the crew for [Autumn's Concerto] and would manage some parts of the filming.

So as a part of that he had naturally read the script for [Autumn's Concerto].

After reading it, Li Guoli was full of praise for the script, and the delicate emotions portrayed in it. He had also read Jiang Cheng's [Stories About The Ming Dynasty], so he was very interested in Jiang Cheng. A 17-year-old kid who could write such an excellent and mature script and a rare best-selling book like [Stories About The Ming Dynasty] was someone he had to meet.

So Li Guoli agreed to come along and meet Cai Yinong's "potential new actor" and see what kind of person Jiang Cheng was.

Hu Ge was nervous hearing that Director Li Guoli was coming to the interview but at the same time it helped reassure him that Shanghai Tangren had the ability to support itself and him in the future.

This meeting with Director Li Guoli was a huge chance for him, if he could catch his eye it could potentially give his career a huge boost.

Knowing the importance of this meeting, the two had arrived early and had been waiting for almost half an hour, but this half an hour was tormenting for Jiang Cheng. Watching Hu Ge pace about for half an hour just went on to make him nervous as well.

Fortunately, Cai Yinong didn't make Jiang Cheng wait for too long, and arrived soon after, releasing Jiang Cheng from his torment.

Three people soon entered the room, two of whom were naturally Cai Yinong and her assistant Milan, and the last was a middle-aged man in his forties. His long hair along with his middle aged appearance made him look very artistic, and his unruly smile showed his fortitude. His temperament brought about a sense of vicissitude, presumably this was the director Li Guoli.

Jiang Cheng stepped forward and greeted enthusiastically: "Ahhh you made it, welcome!"

Cai Yinong smiled and greeted him: "Sorry, we're late, there was a bit of a traffic jam on the way here. Jiang Cheng, this is Director Li Guoli, Li Guoli, this is Jiang Cheng aka Bright Moon. Jiang Cheng is the newest signing under our company."

Jiang Cheng listened, turned to Li Guoli, and reached out his hand and said, "Mr. Li, hello, Pleasure to meet you!"

Li Guoli looked Jiang Cheng up and down, a smile appearing on the corner of his mouth, as he shook hands with Jiang Cheng, and said in his slightly Hong Kong accented voice: "Hahaha, the pleasure is all mine!"

Li Guoli felt that Jiang Cheng was very unusual. From the moment he had entered the door, his eyes had fallen on Jiang Cheng. His first impression straight away was that he was very quiet and stable, without the impetuosity and frenzy of ordinary young people; his second assessment was that this young man was quite handsome, not far off idol level looks, he truly had the capital to be a star.

When he met Jiang Cheng's eyes, he was startled again. What kind of eyes was this? His gaze was deep and bright. Even with his countless years of experience in reading people, he couldn't help but be unnerved, this wasn't a gaze that a young man under the age of 20 should have. This was the gaze of someone who had experienced the vicissitudes of life and had been baptised and come through difficult times....

With a gaze like that no wonder he could write a script like [Autumn's Concerto].

Sensing the atmosphere was a bit odd, Jiang Cheng turned from Li Guoli and said: "Well, let me introduce today's protagonist. This is Hu Ge, my roommate, Hu Ge, this is President Cai, president of Shanghai Tangren. Director Li Guoli and she is Secretary Milan."

Hu Ge, who was just to the side, gave Jiang Cheng a grateful look and stepped forward, bowing to the three: "President Cai, Director Li, Secretary Milan, how are you! My name is Hu Ge, I'm Jiang Cheng's roommate. It's a great honor to meet you today!"

Seeing Hu Ge, Cai Yinong couldn't help but smile: his appearance was good, very handsome!

A little taller than Jiang Cheng, slightly skinnier, with a slight smile on the corner of his mouth, he looked very sunny and very kind. His hair was a little long and messy, but it gave him a bit of a literary air. He gave off a good first impression. Cai Yinong nodded in her heart, interesting, looks wise he had the potential to become a star.

With an elegant smile, Cai Yinong said to Hu Ge: "No need to call me President Cai, just call me Sister Cai like Jiang Cheng does. You don't have to be so restrained, we'll just talk briefly today."

Hu Ge listened and smiled shyly, and tried to relax.

Li Guoli glanced at Hu Ge and nodded, "Your appearance isn't bad but you're acting still needs to stack up." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Jiang Cheng looked up and saw that Li Guoli's words had made Hu Ge nervous again. So he quickly intervened: "Well let's not stand about, let's sit and talk. I've just finished ordering, so we can talk while eating."

The five of them all sat down and the waiters soon came in to bring up the dishes. Jiang Cheng sat down beside Li Guoli and pulled Hu Ge to sit beside him.

Cai Yinong smiled and sat down next to Hu Ge, which made Hu Ge stiffen again.

After sitting down, Cai Yinong said to Hu Ge: "Hu Ge, Jiang Cheng said you're also a Shanghai native?"

Hu Ge replied respectfully: "Yes, Sister Cai."

"You still seem a little nervous, relax, we're just talking." Cai Yinong said with encouragement.

"So, let's talk about your previous experience, tell us about any show's you've been in or art competitions you have participated in, pretty much any entertainment/acting experience you've had. The more detailed, the better."

As she said this, Hu Ge relaxed and began to talk about his experience: "When I was in kindergarten I was recruited for training in performing arts by Little Stars Performing Arts School run by SMG, Shanghai Media Group. I stayed with them all the way through to junior high, when I graduated.

When I was fourteen, I was also recruited to host the popular TV show Sunshine Youth on Shanghai TV Education Channel which I did for three years. In middle school, I also served as the director of the school's broadcasting station and the head of the school's choir. I was also head of the Xuhui District Student Repertory Theatre.

I've also worked as a host and a reporter for a couple of programs on East Radio Shanghai. I've also done a couple of TV commercials, which helped me gain financial independence before graduating from high school. Oh and I've also helped dub a character in the cartoon [Doreamon], although it was only one episode...."

Listening to Hu Ge's glorious career experience, Cai Yinong couldn't help but reveal a trace of surprise. Truthfully she had only agreed to this meeting as a favour for Jiang Cheng, Jiang Cheng's description and insistence that she meet this "very talented classmate" of his had caught her interest but she didn't actually expect much but Jiang Cheng had delivered her another huge gift.

In terms of talent, this Hu Ge was actually no worse than Jiang Cheng!

Listening to Hu Ge's words, Jiang Cheng also showed a trace of self-satisfaction: How could someone he had recommended not be amazing!

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