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Chapter 15: Southern Weekly (3)

"Would this really work?" Xu Guoqing quizzed, very hesitant, the risk in investing in emerging markets was great!

"Of course!" Jiang Cheng replied full of self-confidence, "Trust me, the success of [Stories About The Ming Dynasty] is by no means accidental, it proves that this kind of literature is indeed desired by people. Where there is a demand there is a market and profit to be made. This market is a big piece of cake that no one has taken a bite of. Whoever takes the first step will get the biggest slice! "

"How would it work?"

"To deal with online literature, webnovels you could call them, we would naturally start online first. We would need to first establish a website dedicated to the collection of such literature and organise them into genres.

And at first we will allow people to read free of charge but after publishing enough novels and attracting a large number of authors and readers, we will pick out the best works, contact their authors and request to sign them exclusively to our site. At which time, we can begin charging and make it pay to read per chapter. However, the fee can't be too high, so we can only charge about ten cent for each chapter." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Ah? Can we really make money like this?"

"Of course we can, as long as we have a large enough reader base. And if the novel has a good reception, we can even publish physical copies of it. If we manage to secure and pull this off, it will be an endless supply chain and we will never have to worry about money again."

Xu Guoqing swallowed and asked, "Is there another part to your plan?"

"Yes! In addition to the online novels, we can also develop in entertainment, fashion, sports, etc. We can develop new websites and magazines dedicated to each field! Since entering the new century, the entertainment industry has developed rapidly, especially movies and music. Now it has become an industry that cannot be ignored. More and more people are concerned about entertainment trends and stars, especially young people nowadays. This can no longer be regarded as simply star chasing. They have formed a culture around it. So, this is an aspect we need to focus on, so we don't get left behind."

"So, that's why you want to be an actor?" Jiang Dejun suddenly inserted from the side.

"That's only one aspect," Jiang Cheng laughed and continued. "Movies and TV dramas play a huge role in public opinion and are more easily accepted by the masses. Just look at the United States. The reason why the United States is renowned as the world's strongest country, is apart from their economic strength and military strength, they have the worlds biggest media and entertainment hub. Which allows them to spread their influence and culture all over the world."

"Hollywood!" Jiang Dejun and Xu Guoqing said in unison.

"That's right. Hollywood!" Jiang Cheng said seriously. "They output a large number of films and television works to the world every year. In addition to making them billions, it acts as a microphone for the United States to spread its ideology and increase its influence. They hold a great amount of power and sway over global public opinion and naturally that allows them a great say. No one can compete with the United States in that respect."

"This is cultural aggression!" Jiang Dejun said angrily.

Jiang Cheng sighed and rolled his eyes mentally:

"In the next few years, the government will be vigorously supporting major domestic media firms, in hopes of increasing its influence internationally. So, an entertainment section should be top priority."

The two nodded in agreement.

"The next thing is fashion. In fact, this is the most important thing not to slack on, because fashion includes clothing, food, housing, and transportation, it contains almost every aspect of our lives. When this is done, it will not only increase our visibility, but also attract advertisers. As for sports, similar to entertainment, China is now about to become a sports power. If the Olympic bid is successful, this area will also develop vigorously in the future."

"So, you see, there are still many things that Southern Weekly can do. Online literature for the publication side and for the news side, entertainment, fashion, and sports can be done.

As for reporting on current affairs and academia, they don't have to be completely abandoned per say, but just make sure to steer clear of anything controversial or divisive and report more on things people can resonate with. Avoid talking about the military and controversial technology like it's the plague and the future development of Southern Weekly will still be bright."

Xu Guoqing was almost dizzy, this kid's vision was too big! Building multiple websites, creating a network of information and running various magazines on entertainment, fashion, sports, etc. This undertaking was too big!

But Xu Guoqing thought over it carefully and found that every point Jiang Cheng said made sense. If his plan could be carried out Southern Weekly would definitely take off and become a major media firm in the future!

But the most important issue now was one word: money!

Southern Weekly was short of money and could only maintain its normal operation. He simply couldn't afford to do so many things.

Jiang Cheng read Xu Guoqing's concern and smiled: "Uncle Xu, I know your biggest worry now is that currently Southern Weekly is short of money, but you seem to have forgotten that there is a big gold mine right in front of you!"

Xu Guoqing thought for a moment and suddenly realized: "You mean [Stories About The Ming Dynasty]? Are you that confident in yourself?"

Jiang Cheng smirked and replied: "I always have confidence in myself!"

Xu Guoqing took a deep breath, and gave out a sigh:

What a great kid, he figured out all the issues with Southern Weekly and knowing that I'm concerned about a way out for Southern Weekly, he threw out such a huge blueprint and stirred my appetite. Listing out all these opportunities before bringing it full circle and forcing me to make a decision. A small trick but effective!

Jiang Dejun was also surprised. Jiang Cheng talked so much about what 'they' could do to revive Southern Weekly. Only to return to pressuring Xu Guoqing to agree to his share plan. The kid really grew up!

Xu Guoqing smiled bitterly: "Boy, you've really backed your Uncle Xu into a corner. It seems my only option is to agree to your deal. But as a future shareholder of Southern Weekly, you should help increase profits right, hahaha."

Jiang Cheng smiled faintly: "Actually, my bottom line is as low as 10% of the book sales on [Stories About The Ming Dynasty], I don't mind sacrificing some money...that is in exchange for shares obviously. What do you say, Uncle Xu?"

"Hahaha, you want more shares, no chance."

Xu Guoqing couldn't help laughing as he turned to Jiang Dejun: "Old Jiang, you've truly raised a good son!"

Jiang Dejun also smiled, his smile was full of pride and relief.

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