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Kingdom: Dragon General of Heaven Kingdom: Dragon General of Heaven original

Kingdom: Dragon General of Heaven

Author: Dragonic_Tamer

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Chapter 1: 1. The end but a start

"GENERAL, THE HI SHIN UNIT ARE REQUESTING FOR AID, GENERAL LONG TAIDU HAS MARCH TO HELP THEM" Said a man clad in black armor saluting a man riding a horse which emit majestic yet scary aura.

"Don't panic, remember who are requesting, Shin would not be that easy to kill, Yue what are your thought?" Asked the man who has been revered as the general of the army.

"it is as we predicted my Lord, just like how the zhao try to kill General Ouki, now its Shin turn, but as long as the wei don't have a figure like Houken or Riboku at their side, then I persume with the help of Taidu then they will surely make it out" said the woman wearing lighter armor while slightly bowing to the man.

the man just sstare at the distance expressionless just like how he usually are, legend even said that if he have an expression than even Hai Fengxi would not be able to marry Bai Fengxi.

'what am I doubting for? I will not lose another friend or teacher again, losing Ouki is already hurtfull enough' as the man thought end, he gave out the order "Juton, go and assist Taidu, bring 200 Heilong cavalry with you"

The man called Juton just nod and proceed leading the man given to him, in this war with the sole purpose of uniting all of China, as the legend said its a war to conquer the world, man and women fight among the battlefield searching for glory and fame throughout the ages who shall emerge victorious only the God know.


the story start, years before the fight even began, when a boy weeping away as his Father passed away due to the serious injury he takes while fighting a band of bandits near his village, usually he will win, but due to some circumstances his own army is not near and away while the old general fought to defend his village and his family.

"Father no, why would you leave me, I have no one else you promised that you would teach me how to weild a glaive like you teach brother, you can't die please father pleasee" said the boy between his sobbing mess

"Taidu, stand up Father fought bravely to defend the village the emperor gave to the Long family, don't sully his honor by begging infront of him" Said a boy around 13 years of age but display such a demeanor not fitting for his age.

"but Brother, he..." the boy promptly understood his brother word after seeing his face, his big brother also want to weep and cry but hold it back just because he is the older one, he don't want to make his brother sadder so the crying boy known as Long Taidu stand and wipe away his tears.

" *cough cough cough* Lingxu you have grown boy even seeing me passing have not make you cry like the time with your mother *cough* it seems I don't really hold a special *cough* place in your heart haha" said Long Sulan between his injury and pain.

the boy while still let out a tears stream down his face, yet his face still not giving out any emotion said "Old man, joke around like that again and I will make it faster" said the boy with a smile yet the tears running down his eyes blow is facade.

" hahahaha *cough cough cough* good, I have serve general Ouki for so long when I git back you and Taidu already turned 9 there is not much I can teach you, Taidu is brave boy, you are cunning and strong, guide your brother in this chaotic times and don't bring shame to your ancestors" said Long Sulan.

"Gamei, please protect my sons just like how you protect me, send a letter to General Ouki that I wish to bestow the Heilong unit to them after they are ready, for now let Linmei leads it in my stead, she will not be happy but I cannot let the future of Heilong be idle just because of the death of old man, also tell Gaica to give the sword to ny boys, your duty is to train them I know they will not become anything other than a fierce dragon that leads an army" said Long Sulan while gritting his teeth.

while the man are going trough his good bye and last will a rumbling of horse are heard and following it are thunderous scream of man outside the mansion "HEILONG UNIT SHALL WAIT FOR THE DESCENDANTS OF LONG TO LEAD US WE WILL WAIT IN THE OUKI CAMP FOR FURTHER ORDER SIRE!!" scream them, amidst of the scream are heard a bit of sadness and cries of man seeing their leader go.

the Heilong unit is a special unit created by Long Sulan, he is a man that has served general Ouki since his young days with the 6 great general even Long Sulan is a general that stand with beside General Tou as an equal, and the Long family is a family that has serve the Qin Kingdom loyaly from the founding emperor with a rich history, Long sulan still took pride on serving under General Ouki with no thought of promoting even when the King asked him to fill in the missing 6 great General.

"Father, thank you for everything" said Long Lingxu with a genuine smile after a long time, he also smile when his mother passed away 6 years ago, many thought that after only leaving 2 descendants with no one to continue the Long Family the Family will finally meet its end, but will it be like that or not no one dare to voice it out.

after brief moment, Long Sulan while gripping both of his childs hands, passed away on 250 B.C just 5 years before the legend and rise of the Long start.

2 days after the ceremony, the young Lingxu officially become the young lord of the Long family, while Hei Gamei become the temporary leader waiting for his Young lord to turned 17 and give the estate and the family back to its original owner.

while all of that happening, two boys are seen to be trained by a woman in her 30, she is Hei Linmei, older sister of Gamei and the acting general of the Heilong unit, such arrangements are rare in that era as many will covets such elite unit and further so usually a general would not such Elite army to be given to a young inexperienced boy, but different from the others, Ouki surprisingly agree to Sulan wish and will give the 3000 Heilong Cavalry to the boys after they decide to join the army with protest raging from people saying that its against military law and tradition Ouki only said that "as long as I am alive, my brother unit will not fall to a greedy bastards like you, even if I need to kneel infront of the heavens I will not go back on my promise"

back to the boy who is training with the female General, Taidu which decide to follow his Father step as to use the spear traid hard to make his body ready for his father and the Long family ancient spear arts called the Burning sun spear arts.

in the other hand, his elder brother Long Lingxu decide to use the glaive as his main weapon saying that "why complicate things by usinh weapons art, when I can just slice trough my enemy using one slash" a big words which ignite the fire of Gamei after hearing it, so the boy are given a hellish training to make his body strong enough to weild the glaive.

after months of continuous training unknowingly 1 year has passed and Long Lingxu and Long Taidu turned 14 and 13, " seeing that you have your body ready for the basic, I will start to explain your next training young Lords" which both of the boy only listen and nods.

(note: some training will not make sense, be aware and hold your mind)

"Firstly, bot of you will be learning the basic knowledge of warfare, which young lord Lingxu has been extremely good for now, after that there will be horse training to train you how to fight on horse and make it part of your body in battle, I cannot and will not see the descendants of Long to be falling off a horses one day you understand young lord Taidu" said her while glaring at Taidu.

"Young lord Taidu will start with the most basic spear arts and honing it so that it will be easier for you to understand the art that the long family passed down, and young lord Lingxu, the glaive art on it self is an art of war, it said that the glaive will shows it full strength in war and there is no specific arts for it, so for now I wish for you to learn Swords, Spears, Blade art to the basic mastery why you ask? understanding the three arts will give you an idea of how to counter them with the glaive in your hand, try to get used to the glaive so that the weight will not burden you" explain Lingmei

both of the boy nods and went back to their room after exhausting themself for the whole day.

to be continued.

(damn, I never thought I will write 1500 words for the first chaps)

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