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"Just strip, will you.." Hearing her command, he smiled viciously. Stepping closer to her, he whispered, "Why don't you do the honors and satisfy yourself? This body and my whole existence are now all yours!"

*Book 1: Kiss Me Not, My Prince*
(Completed - Chapters 1 to 273)

Brione Yu was a successful model/actor with philemaphobia (fear of kissing). She had everything one could ever dream of, but her world crumbled when she lost the most important person in her life. He was not only her best friend but also the man she loved with all her heart.

While she spent her days missing him and longing for him, she had an unexpected encounter with a recluse Prince who resembled her best friend substantially. Though their characters were contradictory, he reminded her of the man she loved every time she set her eyes on him.

Was fate playing some kind of cruel game with her? Or was she being played by the Prince?

Book 2: Kiss Me Not, My Princess
(completed - Chapters 274 to 382)

“You took all my firsts, so take responsibility for it.”

Did she hear it right? This was the height of shamelessness! “Your firsts? What about me then? You took all my firsts away!”

“And I’m willing to take responsibility, my Princess.” he firmly stated with a devilish smile on his face.

Kimmy was a Princess who ran away from an arranged marriage her mother set up for her. Years passed, and she came home with a broken heart. On her return home, she met the man she was supposed to marry. The man who surprisingly could make Kimmy's body tremble with desire for him. But, what would happen if the first love she used to chase before showed up before her just as she was about to move on? Who would the Princess choose to spend the rest of her life with?

Other Books:

The Crown's Entrapment (in writing)
The Untamed: Game of Hearts (completed)
The CEO Who Hates Me (completed)
The General Who Hates Me (completed)
The Doctor Who Loves Me (completed)
The Law of Attraction (completed)

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Facebook Page: @eustoma.reyna

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    LV 15 Badge

    Omg I just read the beginning of this new story and i want more,more and more can’t wait to see what happens next. Dear author you done It again you have me hooked on to another one of your stories i know this story is gonna be as good as the once before this amazing story telling. 🥰🥰

    View 7 Replies

    Ok 👌👌👌 here we are. If it was possible I would have given 10stars. Just read four chapters and I'm already enjoying and squilling. I've always trusted Eustoma and I know whatever she writes is fantastic. If you are a fan of romance with happy endings then you are in the right place. let's enjoy the ride

    View 0 Replies
    LV 14 Badge

    Interesting! Mysterious! Another book that 💯 will hooked me again and probably will consume my free time even. Just love how author Reyna always comes up an awesome story as always. 👏👏👏💯💯💯🙏🙏🙏💐💐💐

    View 3 Replies

    Well , I am here for Reyna. All of her novels has been good so far , so I'm very much sure that this novel is also going to be a good one... Waiting for more chapters .

    View 0 Replies
    LV 15 Badge

    I'm hooked and I want more💕😍💕😍 I'm in for Brione and Gavin's journey to love💖 This will surely be another exciting love story😊You're doing a great job,dearest author💕

    View 0 Replies

    I couldn't stop myself from reading further. It happens always when I read this particular author's book. Her writing has the ability to bind you to your phone and seat until you finish reading. Even after reading you will be lost in the world created by her writing. It is an amazing feeling. Never fail to experience this wonderful journey through her books. Happy reading

    Reveal Spoiler
    View 1 Replies

    wow,she is Noah Yu's sister Right. while reading law of attraction, sometimes I thought about brione 's uncompleted chapters .Finally,we got her story too.I really hope this would be great like law of attraction.lots of love😍😍😍😍😍😍😘

    View 0 Replies

    Finally its here....Gavin n Brione's story❤❤...i like it so far and I want more😍🤩...It already get me hooked dear author 😊...cheers to the new beginnings 😀😊☺❤🙌

    View 0 Replies

    aaah this is story I'm waiting for!! Now I can read it. I love your novel dear author, you can make me sad, happy, laugh and feeling tensed. I can't wait to read and spend my coins on your novel!!

    View 0 Replies
    LV 15 Badge

    I am addicted to each story this author Has written. The Twists in the plots are so clever. The characters are relatable and so funny. It is great to get to know such genuine personalities that face complicated situations.

    View 0 Replies
    LV 15 Badge

    another superb book from this author..the story is fast phase..no dull moment..finally the story of brionne we were waiting for this for a long time now..lookinh forward for more..

    View 0 Replies
    LV 11 Badge

    After reading 4 chapters, Im hooked and I want more. Another amazing story from our lovely author. ❤️ And I already like our mysterious prince Cedric 😍 Good luck author 🤞😘 Highly recommended 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

    View 0 Replies

    Yes Finally!!! !! 😍😍 I'm so happy and totally ready and excited for a new journey, already read all the books of HATE & LOVE series and can't wait to read this one 💯🤩🔥thanks dear author for sharing your wonderful work with us ❤️

    View 0 Replies

    Im so excited for this story. So far it looks interEsting, looking forward for more updates on Chapters soonest please😊😊😊more fun and kisses

    View 0 Replies

    Finally, its out now!! Thank you So much dear author!! I have read all of your books and loved them all, and i know that even this book of yours will surely entertain us!! Lots of love❤️

    View 0 Replies
    LV 14 Badge

    I haven't even started but only read the excerpt and I'm in love. Love this author's work. I've read all the other stories written by this author. I know this will be a great story.[img=recommend]

    View 0 Replies

    Okkkk....so another AMAZING story by our dear author is out and of course I can't wait to read further!!!!! I have read all the books by the same author right from 'The CEO Who Hates me' and believe me all her books are just AWESOME and so is this one!!!!😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️ This book is so interesting with Romance, mystery and ofcourse our naughty leads🤭😜 Believe me if you are gonna read it then you surely won't regret and it's worth your time 😍 Can't wait to read further 😍😭😭😭 Keep up the good work dear Author 👍 And best of luck for this book and u have my support always ❤️❤️

    View 0 Replies

    I'm eagerly waiting to read Gavin and Brione's love story. Please update on daily basis. I wish Gavin and Cedric are same person. This is yet another interesting story line of yours. You are one of my favorite authors. I LOVE ALL YOUR NOVELS. ❤❤❤❤❤

    View 0 Replies

    Love all of your story and kiss me not is so so so amazing good work 👍 🔥🔥❤️ Am really looking for to reading More of your books and a big fan of all your story so far 🥵❤️❤️❤️

    View 0 Replies

    Author Eustoma_Reyna