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Kitanna stood still, not worried about the new person; she was worried about herself. The royal guard was shirtless and standing so close to her, with his body pinning hers. She was still trying to get her thoughts straight when she found herself being dragged onto the bed, with the guard on top of her. She raised her hands to push him, but he was faster. He caught both of her hands with one of his and pinned them above her head, using his other free hand to cover her mouth.

Kitanna felt blood rush to her cheeks, and the next words she heard sent her world spinning in 3D.

"Now, moan, princess..." Those words brushed against her ear, causing the hairs on her neck to stand.


Set in historical times, in the ancient kingdom of Morado. A young princess, Kitanna, enjoys life to the fullest, living every day like the princess she is. But after an incident, she is left to only trust herself and her instincts in the palace, which was filled with betrayals and corruption.

A guard, who was trained to protect the crown, lived his life peacefully, killing when he was ordered to but never speaking to people around him until he crossed paths with the sassy and clumsy princess. Then everything changed.

If you enjoy dark humors, royal romance and betrayals. Then this book is for you.

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    this novel is giving more than it should give, the storyline, the plots and twists, the characters, everything is so perfect... I love it

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    I hate writing reviews but since I really enjoyed this book I'm going to say just one thing. This author knows how to bring her characters alive and make you walk back in time like you're actually in the scene. Kitanna is a great book to add in the library if you're looking for a historical romance with plot twists and good humour

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    Very interesting book. No matter how long you keep reading the book, you can’t predict the next action of the characters and the development. Really love it. Keeping me hanging with mouthwatering cliffhangers.

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    Great work here Pluma. I've been looking for a historical romance novel with plots and I stumbled this. definitely worth it.

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    i love the storyline, It feels like I was actually watching it while reading because every wording passed a message to me...

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    I really hope you guys love this book. Your feedback and love is always appreciated.

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    Never really leave reviews but when I book is good I just have to. Great book so many twist and turns never really knew what to expect I enjoyed reading it a lot. Ending is semi bitter sweet to me but leaves you very fulfilled. It definitely is a story that could have went on and on. Great work author, happy I found your work.

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    I was drawn in by the title, it's so different and unique, now reading it I'm not disappointed one bit. The princess is so funny and confident in herself.

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    This is good... best historical romance novel I have read

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    When I read the synopsis i got hooked, i wanted to leave until the chapters were up to 30 so i can binge read. But I couldn’t wait and I don’t regret it[img=update][img=update]

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    I love every bit of this work of art. The plots, character and the historical settings is top notch. I enjoy every chapter and I wish for the author to update frequently[img=update]

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    Wow 🤩 I really loved 🥰 it so interesting the writer ✍️ really got me hooked in this? I thought I was going to said this yesterday maybe if we did go out together which did not happen… They just something’s I will like you too know cause I can’t old it anymore, it just like the more I hang onto it the more I lost you if I don’t let you know now?

    Reveal Spoiler
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    Author Pluma_W143