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12% Knowledgeable Tamer / Chapter 3: Chapter 3 - Upgrade Methods

Chapter 3 - Upgrade Methods - Knowledgeable Tamer - Chapter 3 by SweetRambutan full book limited free

Chapter 3: Chapter 3 - Upgrade Methods

Chapter 3 – Upgrade Methods

Glen wanted to focus on reading the upgrade method but he decided to do it at Maru South Village. The reason was that he saw a lion beast strolling on the field. With their current strength, it was impossible to win against the lion beast. It looked strong among the many beasts Glen had seen.

Glen immediately hid behind the tree and Bubbly followed suit.

"If that beast sees me, I am doom! Bubbly is too weak to fight and I don't think I can fight that lion too," Glen mumbled. He peeked at the lion again and it had walked far from him. He did not want to wait anymore and rushed back to Maru South Village with Bubbly.

While walking back, he got a notification that he completed the mission he got earlier and was rewarded with 100G. After that, three new missions were generated for him but then, there was another message below the three missions.

[If you choose not to accept any of these missions, you can generate your mission] the system wrote.

"Generate my mission? I guess no one does this because I don't see anyone talking about this in the forum," Glen raised his eyebrow.

Glen read the three missions and the first mission was training Bubbly, the second mission was meeting someone in the village for tutorial stuff and the third mission was hunting for a specific beast.

Players needed to choose among the three missions to carve their path after that. However, Glen thought that all three missions were useless to him. What he wanted right now was upgrading Bubbly or gaining more knowledge for Data Saver. He wanted to focus on that more than fighting.

Glen decided to generate his mission. The three missions disappeared and then, a fill-in-the-blank form appeared on the screen.

[What do you want to focus on?] was one of the few questions.

"Bubbly. I want to upgrade Bubbly's power," Glen replied. Immediately, a new mission was generated for Glen.

[Mission – Power Up

Description – The Bubble Beast is the weakest in Beast Life. Having no chance of living that long, they are unable to show their potential. As a Tamer for a Bubble beast, your Bubbly has a high chance to die as fast as the wild Bubble beast. Losing your only beast is detrimental to your tamer's progress.

Upgrade Bubbly at least once.

Reward – Full Data about one common material chosen by Player Glen]

"Oh?" Glen was surprised but not with the mission. He was surprised about the reward. The three missions earlier all gave money rewards but he got a different type of reward and he felt that it was a super good reward.

"With this reward, I can obtain new knowledge about certain material!" Glen was excited. He understood what the system was trying to do. If he chose the three missions, his path was yet to be determined but because he knew what he wanted, the game system followed suit.

The system could determine a few paths possible when Glen chose to upgrade Bubbly. The first was to become stronger. The second was to save Bubbly. The third was for revenge and many more.

Alas, Glen had the Data Saver skill and the system thus concluded the path Glen wanted to walk. Upgrading Bubbly was hard considering they were at the beginning village. With Data Saver, it was possible to find the upgrade path.

With that, the system wanted to help the player and thus, gave Glen a reward related to his path.

Glen closed the system and went to a small park in the village. The village was not small at all. It was big. Glen was unsure of the population but it would probably be around 500 to 1000.

He found a bench in the park and sat on it. Bubbly followed quietly and floated around Glen while looking around restlessly. This was Bubbly's first time in the village and thus, he was curious about everything. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

At the same time, many players that passed through the park saw Glen with Bubbly and they started gossiping. Glen knew something like this would happen if he came to an open public area like this but he had no choice.

The game was a bit stingy in giving money to the players. So, the only money he had at the moment was the 100G he got from completing the first mission. If he were to use the inn, he would need to pay for that and he did not want to waste any money.

Glen opened the data about Bubbly and read the upgrade method listed by Data Saver. The truth was, Data Saver was a passive skill. Glen could see Bubbly's upgrade path because he tamed it.

However, without the appraisal skill, he was unable to view the data about other Bubble beast or any other beast. Thus, Data Saver would not be able to show its might since it had nothing to enhance.

This was also another reason why Glen refused to use his money. He needed to buy an appraisal skill or his special skill would not be that special anymore.

Glen wanted to read the upgrade method but then, he realized that Bubbly was getting weaker and weaker as it showed on his bubble-body surface. It was thinner than before.

"I forgot!" Glen looked around and saw the small pond in the park. He brought Bubbly to the pond and scooped some of the water and watered Bubbly's body. Immediately, Bubbly's bubble-body thickened again.

"Sigh~ You are really feeble," Glen scratched his head. Of the many information listed, one of them stated that the Bubble beast needed a lot of water to stay alive. He needed to give some water to Bubbly or he would die. Giving the water was the same as giving it food and it needed to be 'fed' with food many times a day.

Glen decided to sit beside the pond. Who knows if Bubbly suddenly needed more water? Glen read the upgrade method again. Thanks to Data Saver, there were three methods available.

Previously, there was only one method but two new methods were added after Glen got to the village. Data Saver must have recorded a lot of things around him.

Be that as it may, since the data was something recorded on passing, they were crude and brute. If it was the data after Glen did some deeper research, they would not be this crude. What Data Saver recorded and deduced at the moment was at the surface level.

The three upgrade methods were listed below.

Material – 1 liter of dew.

Method - Soak the Bubble beast in the dew for an hour.

Description - The water element of the Bubble beast will strengthen and thus increase its defense making the bubble-body moister than usual. [Unconfirmed Method. Chance of success – 80%]

Material – 1 liter of dew

Method – Boil the dew and soak the Bubble beast in the boiling water.

Description – The water element of the Bubble beast will strengthen and not only that but the heat from the boiling water will give the Bubble beast a slight resistance against heat. [Unconfirmed Method. Chance of success – 10%]

Material – 20 liters of normal water

Method – Soak the Bubble beast in the water for 1 day

Description - The water element of the Bubble beast will strengthen and thus increase its defense making the bubble-body moister than usual. [Unconfirmed Method. Chance of success – 90%]

All the methods listed were something the Data Saver deduced from everything it had recorded at the moment. There was no complex method needed to strengthen Bubbly. All Bubbly needed to do was soak in the water although the water was prepared differently.

Also, all of this method was unconfirmed unless Glen found the data about them inside a book or he tested it himself to confirm the method.

"The second method is ridiculous! It is wrong and I don't like it. More so, with a low chance of success, why would I need to think about it?" Glen rejected the second method strongly.

One of the Bubble beast's major weaknesses was dryness which was related to the fire element. Without any water, it would dry out and die. Soaking in boiling water that contained fire elements was similar to torturing the creature.

Glen was not cruel enough to do that. Then, he thought of the two other methods.

"I think the third method is the best out of them all. Collecting 1 liter of dew is a bit hard and impossible to do in a short time. I will need a week or perhaps a month too to collect 1 liter of them. There is no specification on which time of dew should I collect too."

"Also, the chance of success is lower than the third method. The third method is the best although it is time-consuming," Glen decided to go with the third method. The water was easy to get and it was not a dangerous method like boiling the beast alive.

"Hmm… the chance of success is high but I wonder why it is not 100%. Do I need to study deeper about water for it to be 100%?" Glen mumbled.

He decided to stop thinking about it. The most important thing was to upgrade Bubbly. The little guy was too weak and he almost died a few minutes ago too.

"Let's check in to an inn and coop inside our room for a whole day to upgrade you!" Glen spoke to Bubbly.

"Buu~ buu~" Bubbly replied cheerily.

"Sigh~ in the end, I still need to spend some money," Glen grumbled. He wanted to save some money earlier by coming to the park but ended up going to the inn in the end.

"This is an investment! So, it is fine! If this method works, I can offer this method to many players who accidentally tamed the Bubble beast!" Glen was fired up and with Bubbly in tow, he went to a small inn in the village.

SweetRambutan SweetRambutan

thank you~

Note: This story is fiction. It is not real.

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