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Chapter 21: Chapter 18: Death Mountain of Parnassus

Chapter 18: Death Mountain of Parnassus

"If you can't figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose. "


Trevor, Aivan, and Aries were seriously silent, sitting on the sofa in the living area. They're waiting for Amara to tell them the whereabouts of the Sorceress. She is in her room opening a chant to contact her witch friend, Ebonee. After an hour of waiting Amara come out of the room carrying her news about the Sorceress place.

"What's with that face?" Aries asked Amara, because of her facial expression: fear and hesitation. She sits in the vacant space of a sofa. She massages her temple and deeply sighed.

"Speak." Prince Trevor uses his baritone voice, to let her drop the news.

He knows already by reading her mind. But, he wants her to be the one who will report it.

She went around her gaze towards them and talked about the news.

"Death Mountain of Parnassus," she said. Aivan and Aries were both shocked and stiffened. There looked more pale, like the words Amara give are like a ticking time bomb.

"What? Pardon? " They both said. Amara rolled her eyes.

"Are you sure? " Aries said with a frowning look.

"You're joking? " Prince Aivan swallowed the lump of his throat. He looked to his cousin, Trevor. But, he just smirked and relaxed.

"Well, You heard it right, Your Highness. " Amara confirmed him again.

"Th-at place is very dan-gerous. It's too ris-ky stepping ourselves like we're rea-dy faci-ng our de-ath. " Amara stutter, imagining themselves going into that place.

It's not like, she's afraid to fight them. She was born to fight and protect, but the thought of they was only five; they can't tell if they're safe or alive stepping out of that Mountain.

Plus, Cesia didn't know how to fight. It's like they are making themselves as bait.

"Shit! How we are supposed to succeed, finding the Sorceress? That Mountain is very wide to search for. " Aries hysterically plucked his hair.

Prince Aivan looks blankly, thinking of any possible solution. While Trevor closes his eyes and crossed his arms. You can't see any emotion on his face. Like, he's not afraid.

"Kiel... Is there no other way?" Prince Aivan asked Trevor. But, they didn't receive any response, still closing his eyes.

"I mean, Except the Sorceress. Someone who can explain that kind of Amulet." Aivan continued.

Trevor opens his eyes and reconditions his posture.

"None," he said, in a monotone.

"Death Mountain is not a joke, Kiel. We are not afraid to fight, but I won't exchange ourselves, knowing there's a lesser chance of being alive. " Aivan put his hand on his lap and straightens his back. He is serious, this time. It sounds selfish, but for him, their safety is very important.

"Then, It's settled. I'll go alone to that Death Mountain and find where is that fucking Sorceress. " Trevor said with a blank expression, his jaw tightened.

He's eager to know and find an answer about the Amulet. And little did they know, he has another intention with that Sorceress and it is important. He keeps it a secret and doesn't want them to mingle his proposition.

They deeply sighed because of what he said. They all know Trevor's capabilities. He does anything, whatever it may take. And as for them, Danger is Him and Trevor is Death. Why they forget about that thought. He is a fearless and untamed beast.

"Haist! Okay. There's no way, you go there alone Prince of Darkness. You have my support. Tsk! " Aivan stated defeat, and his cousin just smirked and raises her left brow.

'Why would I forget, this Beast! ' Aries.

Trevor's face darkened because of Aries. Aries looks tenser about the atmosphere inside.

'Oh my! I'm doomed. '

"If I were you, Cousin, I don't say that word. Or else, you taste my uncontrollable wrath. " Trevor speaks with venom. He is pertaining to Aries thought "BEAST".

Aries's tan skin is changed into a pale one. His lips are white as a blank paper. And his soul is ready to get out of his body. His hazelnut eyes are now bloodshot, ready to cry. Aivan shakes his head because of his cousin's look.

'What a cry baby. '

But, Amara is not scared of Prince Trevor. She is all used to this kind of situation. It's like Trevor's way of teasing him. And she knows what did this Stupid says in his mind.

"You, Moron! Stop being a pup. Look at your face, such a jerk!" Amara slaps Aries's arm to wake him up from being a jerk. Aries was afraid of Prince Trevor's warning and he didn't want to assume that his cousin gives mercy.

"Good for you... " Aivan smirked. But to his mind, he laughs out loud. Aries face reddened because of embarrassment. He scratched the back of his head.

'Minus points, dude! You don't look handsome anymore in her sight. ' Aries thought.

"Okay. It's final. You're all in?" Trevor asked. Aivan nods in response. Amara gives thumbs up. And Aries? He just smiled awkwardly at Trevor gesturing a peace sign. They're all in, going into that Death Mountain.

"Hmm. Now, let's plan and prepared something for our untamed friends, at our destination. Let's give them a welcome gift. " Trevor said while grinning, holding his chin. They have known him since childhood. And what Trevor said, he is true to his words.

"Ebonee, give me a map, where is she located. " Amara said, putting a piece of rolled paper tied with a red ribbon. They didn't notice earlier, she's holding a rolled paper.

Aries opened the paper and gasp while putting it back at the center table.

"Holy... Molly... That Witch is protected by those monsters? " Aries shout out loud, pointing the map.

"Ya! Sorceress, stupid. " Aivan said.

A witch is different from a Sorceress. They both chant spells. Only the difference is, a Sorceress is more powerful than a witch. In other terms, they can cast a spell without speaking. It comes only, to their heart and mind. The sorceress can compare with the Enchantress. Enchantress is pure lux blood or the good one. Sorceress uses black magic, but not all of them are bad. It's their nature of dealing with their origin.

"Look, the whole Death Mountain is filled with untamed monsters. They guard all over the place, protecting something or someone? How we are supposed to defeat this all? " Aries combed his brown messy hair through his fingers. His face was an epitome of doom and frustration. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"As I said earlier, A warm welcome will do. " Trevor said blankly. They didn't know what's running through his mind. Only they know, his ruthless acts and cruel plan, as always.

Trevor grins about his plan. And they all know, it's not good because of the atmosphere inside becoming dark and unbreathable.

"Okay. So, what's the plan, Dark Prince? " Aivan sarcastically said while his left hands holding the edge of the table.

"Hm. We have to go to the Black Market, tonight... " Trevor said in a monotone.

Their mouth left hanging in the air. They heard it, right. But, what is the connection of going there, to the Death Mountain? Trevor didn't receive any response, so he continued.:

"They're bidding weapons out there. Important weapons, that will benefit to our strengths. We can use them, to our untamed friends out there in that Death Mountain. " He explains.

He didn't get any response again. He guesses, they understand that fast. But, what caught up their attention is not about the Black Market or the weapons. It is because The Dark Prince talked and explain a long sentence. And it happens always, the moment he meets Cesia. Their Cold and Dark Prince is now changing. That's good news from them.

"I guessed, I have nothing to explain further, you all understand that fast. " He turns his back. And walked towards the room, where Cesia is.

He stopped and said:

"I don't take No for your Answers. All I need is your cooperation."

"At midnight, Meet me in my office. Amara will be the one who stays here with Cesia. She will watch and guard her. And that's final. " Until he vanished in the thin air, going through the doors of his girl.

The three of them were left dumbfounded. They blink their eyes and look at each other.

"Woah... Is that our Dark Prince? " Amara said, can't believe what they witnessed.

"I know that love can change it all. " Aries sing it out loud. What he is trying to say. He shakes his head, while a small smile was visible on his face.

"It's because of Her. " Aivan said, but his sad voice didn't slip to their ears. They look at him, and they saw his smile, but a sad smile.

"Oh, Love is in the ai... Fuck! " Aries stopped because Amara kicked his legs.

"You, Stupid! Don't yOu get it, someone has been heartbroken right now!" Amara shout.

"Ey, Is that my problem anymore? Why, tell it to Her, about How you feel about her, not just, staring at her. Dude! You have to make a move, Its a Compet... Ouch! Stoop! " Amara pinches his waist that made him shout.

"Stop, Moron... " Amara said.

Aivan was a bit affected by what Aries said, but he has no confidence to tell it to her. He sad smile.

"Tsk! Let's check this map. Stop, teasing, and Focus on how we survived through this Hell, The Dark Mountain. " He uses his authority to order them to

stop. They both stop and nodded.

"Amara, please contact your friend, Ebonee ordered her to make a potion that will kill the Monsters quickly, and a potion of healing in case of emergency. Aries goes to the National Geographic Library, there's a portal out there in the History section, open it and search what are the possible ways to fight them easily, what kind of bad creatures out there, and their weakness. And I will study the map of Parnassus." Aivan assigned each of them.

"Aye, Aye. Your highness. "They said in chorus and vow as respect. And they both split ways, to their designated assignments.

They are determined to help their friend, Cesia. And it's an order of The Elders. If they didn't find clues about her origin, they afraid of Cesia's sake. It's in their decisions that she will leave Valzonian Realm if they can't find anything about her.


Scriptamagina Scriptamagina

Hello Everyone, I miss you All! Sorry to keep you waiting, but here's my update anyway. Been busy these days, but I didn't forget my work here... CIAO!

Thank you and PLease, comment your thoughts , here:)

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