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66.66% Lazy Life As The Primordial / Chapter 20: Chapter - 19

Chapter - 19 - Lazy Life As The Primordial - Chapter 20 by Darkstar11051999 full book limited free

Chapter 20: Chapter - 19

[A/N: - I changed the Chinese name of my MC from "Shenwang Jin" to "Shenyu Jin". I took the 'Shen' from 'God' and the 'Yu' from 'Primordial', I don't understand Chinese, so I just smashed them together.

The previous name was too long and awkward, so I had to change it. Since I never used his Chinese name in the first place nothing really changed, but I had to notify you first.

Also, from now on this is how I'll refer to the five Artoria since writing full names is tedious and I'm lazy.

Artoria Pendragon Lancer. (Altria)

Artoria Pendragon Lancer Alter. (Laltria)

Artoria Pendragon Rider Alter. (Raltoria)

Artoria Pendragon Saber Alter. (Saltoria)

Artoria Pendragon Saber. (Artoria)

For the time being I'll be posting small chapters unlike the norm since I'm writing with a single hand right now. I'll try to make more content, so if I wrote more it will be like additional chapters.

The chapter is 2.5k so it's not really short but meh.]


After entrusting the young spirit to the lazy witch, Jin went to the living room before checking the time. Seeing the date and that it was nighttime, he remembered something from his memories in this world.

He snapped his fingers as he changed his clothes then went to his garage to pick a car. After contemplating for a second, he chose to go with a black Apollo Intensa Emozione.

[Image Here.]

The year was currently 2010, so he is using this opportunity to use cars from the future as publicity to his newly forming company as he'll be plagiarizing future car models since he is lazy to create new ones.

After getting ready, he started driving towards Zhong Hai city west region's most prosperous street, which was also the shabby west region's only respectable street, named "Bar Street".

The nightlife of feasting and pleasure-seeking was all around, there were colorful skirts, and all sorts of different perfumes. The moment one entered Bar Street, the city's atmosphere swept through.

Jin inside the car ignored the flirting ladies and didn't stare like some undisguised and unscrupulous young men, he also didn't secretly peep at the thighs of the beautiful ladies on the street that the others were drooling at.

He then reached his destination which was a bar as he parked his car and entered.

The bar's neon lit signboard wasn't considered dazzling, the bar that could only be considered mid-sized contained a mysterious air, brilliantly colored rose shaped lights were decorated on the signboard.

After entering the bar, Jin walked to the side of the counter in a routine manner and sat at a corner.

"Big bro Jin, you're here." The young bartender wearing a vest noticed Jin and revealed a warm smile. At the same time, he brought out a cup of water as he spoke.

"Big sis Qiangwei has been waiting for you for a long time."

Jin gave him a smile, then took a sip from the glass.

"Qiangwei isn't angry, right? I returned home a little late, so I arrived late."

"Not angry, not angry!"

Little Zhao smiled; it was as if the few pimples on his round face were smiling at him as well. With an imploring tone he said.

"Big bro Jin when you have time please teach me. What sort of method did you use that you even managed to pick up our big sis Qiangwei? Although I admit that Big bro is handsome, but big sis never took interest in someone's appearance.

You know, if the people in Zhong Hai who were interested in our boss made a queue, they could queue from the west region till the sea. For so many years I've never seen the boss so in love with any other man. Yet today, just the question of whether you're here yet, had been asked no less than 5 times...."

Hearing him, Jin chuckled as he spoke.

"There's nothing going on between me and Qiangwei ….."

Little Zhao had an expression of 'I won't believe that even if you kill me', then sighed.

"Geez... big bro Jin, to be honest, this cold demeanor of yours is too high level, to be able to pick up a world-breaking beauty like our lady boss. Which man wouldn't stick to her every day? There's only you, who comes only once in a while and even lets a beauty wait for you. Otherwise, why do people say that things that you cannot obtain are the best? This sentence is suited to be used on women….."

Right as little Zhao had an expression of a saint at romance and exaggeration, a charming yet dignified and intelligent voice appeared behind him.

"Little Zhao, how many more times do you think your pay can get cut?"

As if he was shocked by an electric current, Little Zhao was dumbfounded. Once he returned to his senses, he immediately sidestepped and pretended to mix drinks, as if nothing happened, but the cold sweat on his forehead gave away the fear in his heart.

With an elegant modern qipao, her thighs were vaguely displayed through the slit to the side of her leg which released an arousing sex appeal. In addition, her plump breasts, and an exquisite waist matched well with that smooth porcelain-like face that looked like a meticulous piece of art. On her shoulder were strands of light purple hair. This was a young lady with an appearance like she came out from a painting, as she leisurely walked towards Jin.

Jin turned his head towards the owner of the voice as he smiled and spoke.

"Qiangwei, you look gorgeous. I wish you a happy birthday."

[A/N: - Qiangwei is the Chines name of Rose, I used it at first, but from now on I'll be using Rose instead.]

Hearing the praise, Rose slightly blushed, bit her smooth lips, and with a tone full of remorse she spoke.

"What use is there being pretty? A certain someone seldom comes by, and even when it's my birthday that person still arrives this late."

"*cough* I was busy all day you know. After I finished my business I realized that I was almost late so I used my super-duper Godly powers and teleported here so I can wish you a happy birthday."

Jin said with a smile as he made exaggerated gestures with his hands.

Seeing his exaggerated gestures, Rose burst out laughing while looking at him.

"Pffft, what is this? A movie for kids?"

She then grudgingly glared at Jin as she spoke again.

"Don't speak such useless words to me. What are you busy with? You are currently 'jobless' and except flirting here and there you are doing nothing noteworthy to be late!"

Jin of course ignored her ranting since he was indeed busy with other women, but so what, they are not in a relationship….yet, so she doesn't need to nag him like a wife!

After having his monologue and nodding in approval to his retarded logic in his head, he turned towards Rose and embraced his inner scum as he spoke.

"Hehe sorry. Ah right, close your eyes I got a present for you."

Rose, who heard that he got a present for her instantly went on cloud nine from happiness.

She then closed her eyes and waited patiently. Suddenly, she felt something cold on her neck as it felt slightly heavier.

"Now open your eyes, tell me what you think." (Jin)

Rose opened her eyes and checked the necklace around her neck. It was a beautiful violet amethyst necklace connected to a beautiful silver chain.

[Can't describe well, image here.]

Seeing this necklace, Rose was overwhelmed with emotions and had tears in her eyes.

Jin, who was behind her, didn't notice as he spoke.

"I thought it would look good on you, especially the matching color with the purple strands in your hair."

"*sniff* thank you, I really like it!"

Rose said as she turned around and hugged him tightly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Jin was a bit surprised, but then smiled as he hugged her back and patted her back.

Rose then looked up from is chest into his eyes. Rose made a 'gege' laugh, leaned forward, and pressed her body onto Jin's chest and spoke melancholily.

"Do you know, it has been 10 years since I last celebrated my birthday. Although there's no cake, no candles, , not even a party... I feel very contented..."

This woman's physique looked well-developed from any angle and caused men to drool. At this moment, Jin distinctly felt two soft moldable lumps pressing against his chest, bringing with them a stimulating sensation.

Slightly lowering his head, he saw the slit of Rose's qipao, and the fairly discernible soft porcelain-like snowy skin. Below her exquisite ankles was a pair of fiery-red high-heeled shoes,

The intense visual stimulation along with fierce seduction aroused Jin's male hormones.

Suddenly, Rose had a bold idea, or was it her body moving on instinct? She closed her eyes as her face got closer to his face.

No matter how dim the lights in the bar were, Rose's face and physique still emitted an irresistible charm. However, from the moment Rose appeared, even when some people noticed her, they would only dare to take one glance before looking away. Some curious new customers asked the surrounding patrons who Rose was, and there was basically only one answer—— "Drink your liquor, don't court death."

So, no one paid attention to them even without Jin using his powers to make them unnoticeable.


Just as their lips were about to touch, Jin's phone rang snapping both of them out of their trance, much to their disappointment.

"Hey Sai, what up?"

Asked an annoyed Jin as the ringing sound was a perfect cockblock.

[Master, you got a message from Miss Lin, she only sent her location at a small bar near here. Based on the cameras she seems to be extremely drunk and alone.]

Hearing Sai, Jin suddenly snapped as he remembered that this is the day the 'plot' is supposed to start in! If he doesn't go now Rouxi might get harassed by that crappy gang.

"Oh sorry, Rose. Looks like I need to help my stupid junior for a bit." (Jin)

"I can see that you can barely endure sitting here, I'm going to go entertain my other customers, if you don't want to stay any longer, you may leave."

Looking at her disappointed look, Jin held her head with his hands as he kissed her forehead.

He then gave her a wink as he left the bar with large strides.

Feeling really happy from receiving the kiss, Rose left the seat in a natural and unrestrained manner and walked towards the other customers.

The customers of the bar long ago knew that the bar's lady boss was very charming, yet they didn't dare to forgo their manners. This was due to receiving information that the woman's background wasn't simple at all. As a result, it was effortless for Rose greet her customers.

As a matter of fact, Rose's face contained a passionate smile. That extraordinary temperament was enough to cause the majority of men to feel intimidated, thus they could only look on from a distance. Also, they didn't want to reveal any notions of obscenity, as nobody courted a rebuff.

____/Scene Change\____

Jin left the ROSE bar and went towards the small bar where he sensed Rouxi.

Jin only got a few steps in, when a lady in heavy makeup and gaudy clothing approached him, her upper body was covered with only a rose-colored bra, while her lower body a black leather miniskirt. Holding an amber-colored liquor in her hand, she staggered and plastered herself onto him.

"Handsome, will you treat me to a drink?" The woman's voice was very coy, enough to make any man nauseous.

Jin was not in the mood to deal with this woman so he casted a spell on her to make her ignore and forget him as he walked towards Rouxi.

He found her surrounded by a group of men and she was on the verge of losing consciousness, without further delay, he went and picked her up and left, not forgetting to make the group of men that wanted to take advantage of Rouxi spend a passionate night together.

He looked towards the young lady squirming in his arms, he couldn't help but sigh.

Under the dim light, the soft jet-black hair hung from his arm almost touching the carpet, a white one-piece dress wrapped over the beautiful curves, which were like soft and beautiful waves. She was extremely drunk as she shifted about from time to time. That well-rounded butt of hers formed a captivating curvy line.

Jin fixed her messy hair revealing a drunk and flushed pretty face.

She opened her eyes slightly and let out a stupid cute laugh looking at Jin.

"Ehehehe Senior Jin ehehe~" (Rouxi)

Suddenly, she casually grabbed hold of Jin's shirt collar, then her tender and beautiful lips which were like fresh flowers came kissing.

Jin however dodged her lips. Taking advantage of a drunk woman is just beyond being a scum.

He used his powers to make her fall asleep, then he removed the alcohol from her system.

After going outside the bar, he teleported back to his mansion. He put Rouxi in a room as he cast a magic spell on her to make her have a deep comfortable sleep, he knows that she was trying to get drunk to vent her frustration and sadness, so he decided to at least put her into comfortable sleep.

After finishing with Roi, he went back to the living room to finish his last job before calling it a day.

He clapped his hands together as a portal opened, however as he learnt from hiss travel with Saeko last time, he actually put a lot of effort into making some sci-fi and magical-looking visual effects in the portal, while also making it more of a tunnel than a portal.

From the portal came out a sleepy Irisviel then Illya who came out of the portal yawning while dragging a sack, which is actually Ralteria in her sleeping bag.

Jin didn't question Ralteria's current state as he lost all hope in this maid, so he just snapped his fingers and teleported her to her room.

He looked towards Iris and Illya and spoke with a mile.

"Sorry for summoning you too late, but I hade some important stuff to do, let's talk in detail tomorrow."

"Ok, *yaaawn* goodnight, Illya, Jin."

Said Iris as she walked groggily towards her room.

"Un. Goodnight, Jin."

Said Illya as she jumped on him and kissed him before going towards her room.

Jin smiled warmly looking at them before he teleported to his room to have some sleep.


I almost finished another chapter so stay tuned hehe.

Now gimme all your stones I wanna hit the ranking just for the lolz! No, there will e no quicker updates or more chapters for the stones I just want to troll my way up the top 20 for no reason lmao..

Darkstar11051999 Darkstar11051999

2.5K words~

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