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Chapter 7: Participate in a Parkour Competition, Minimum 20,000 Votes is Guaranteed!

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On the television screen, the scene of Chen Yeliang flinging Lan Sixi onto the air mattress was playing out.

Judging from the angle of the camera, it could be seen that one of the onlookers who was gawking at that time had recorded this valuable footage.

Because the entire video only lasted for ten odd seconds, it was being shown on loop endlessly.

Before the TV host opened her mouth, the footage had already been replayed 8 times!

Chen Yeliang watched his most heroic moment being replayed continuously. He rubbed his nose in embarrassment and switched to the sports channel.

The sound of the television interrupted the conversation between Lan Sixi and her father. They too watched the video several times.

Although Lan Penghao had already heard what happened, he was still shocked to see it with his own eyes!

He did not expect that this student in front of him would actually risk his life to save Lan Sixi. The decisiveness, swiftness, and quick-wittedness in that act of rescue was something that he himself, a police officer for twenty years, could not measure up to!

Lan Penghao sized up Chen Yeliang again, his eyes full of admirable respect!

He turned to face Chen Yeliang. "Chen, your agility is really amazing! Many of our colleagues at the police station cannot hold a candle to you!"

"Deputy… Uncle Lan, that would be an exaggeration!" Chen Yeliang said humbly.

"The young should proudly show off their abilities. There's no need to conceal!" Lan Penghao no longer treated Chen Yeliang as an outsider. He lowered his voice and asked, "You're so skillful. Are you really just an ordinary undergraduate?"

It was perhaps a habit grown from years of police work, Lan Penghao's words were filled with curiosity and probing.

Chen Yeliang laughed uneasily. "It's just an amateur's hobby…"

He was slightly startled. As one would expect from the deputy chief of the police department, his perceptiveness was different from ordinary people.

The lecturers and students in the university would focus on praising him for being amazing, but Lan Penghao immediately sensed that there was something abnormal about Chen Yeliang!

He looked around awkwardly, not sure what slip of the tongue had drawn Lan Penghao into an interrogation mode. Chen Yeliang held onto the bedsheets and racked his brain for a suitable reason to explain everything.

He raised his head to look at the television screen. Incidentally, the sports channel was showing highlights of the city parkour activity.

Chen Yeliang blurted out, "I'm a fan of parkour!"

At that moment, the System's voice rang out in his head!

[Ding! Mission Announcement!]

[Mission Details: Skyscraper Parkour, enter the City's Parkour Competition, and win!]

[Mission Reward: Date of death will be delayed by one week!]

[Support Skill: Divine Motor Skills.]

[Support tool: Two Dark Technology unmanned drones.]

"Wow!" Chen Yeliang exclaimed silently. "This system even issues support tools. Not bad at all!"

Lan Penghao saw him staring at the television with a silly smile and a satisfied look on his face. He looked towards the television with curiosity.

The sports action on television was breathtaking. Lan Penghao thought to himself, "Chen is smiling so happily. He must really like this kind of sport."

Although in Lan Penghao's view, parkour was synonymous with danger, he respected other people's preferences.

"This hobby is quite niche, but it's not bad if you can use it to save people at critical moments," Lan Penghao said.

"It's not niche." Chen Yeliang pointed to the small caption on the television screen and said, "The day after tomorrow, our city is holding a parkour competition!"

The row of words was so small that Lan Penghao had to squint to read.

"Xilin City's third City Parkour Competition. Anyone aged 18 and above can participate in the City Parkour Competition. In order to give the contestants the greatest freedom to show off their skills, this competition will be broadcast live on television. The audience will vote to determine the champion…"

Lan Penghao read aloud softly as he scrutinized the text. After reading two more lines, he roughly understood the rules of this competition.

"It's good to participate in the competition, but will your injuries affect your performance?" Lan Penghao asked worriedly.

Chen Yeliang shook his head and said with a smile, "It's just some superficial wounds. They will heal in less than two days, so it's not a big deal."

It was perhaps due to the protection afforded by the system. When Chen Yeliang, who weighed just over 50kg, fell from such a harrowing height onto the tree, the longest wound on his body was only about 3-4cm long.

Most of the wounds on his body were just superficial skin abrasions. They might look horrifying, but most had already scabbed over and would not affect his performance.

Before Lan Penghao had seen the rescue video, he felt it was no big deal for the man to be covered with scratches.

But after having seen the live video footage, he was so shocked that he wondered whether Chen Yeliang was made of steel.

He took hold of Chen Yeliang's arms and checked them over and over again worriedly. After confirming that they were all superficial wounds, he began to relax.

Nonetheless, Chen Yeliang was injured because of Lan Sixi. Lan Penghao still wanted to help him.

He smiled and said to Chen Yeliang, "It's good that you're fine. Speaking of which, which station will be airing this competition? I will help you to canvass for votes!"

Xilin was a first-tier city. There were at least 20,000 staff in the city police station. With the deputy chief's promise, Chen Yeliang's guaranteed votes had already far exceeded that of others!

Chen Yeliang said gratefully, "Thank you, Uncle Lan. It should be on the sports channel."

"No problem. It just so happens that the competition falls on a Saturday. I'll definitely tune in on time!"

All this time, the two men chatted happily about the competition, but never once heard Lan Sixi say anything.

Concerned, Chen Yeliang drew the curtains aside and realized that Lan Sixi had fallen asleep.

She was very pretty to begin with. Right now she was curled up in a ball, smacking her lips from time to time as if she was having a good dream. Her vulnerable sleeping face only added to her cuteness.

Lan Penghao stroked his daughter's hair lovingly and said guiltily, "I'm really not a good father. I didn't notice the changes in my dear Sixi."

"She used to love talking to me about school. I don't know when she stopped talking to me completely."

He let out a long sigh and looked up at Chen Yeliang.

Chen Yeliang blinked and said gravely, "Uncle Lan, I am in no position to comment on such matters. There are some things that I shouldn't say, but I still wish to highlight to you."

"Sixi really needs you."

"To tell you the truth, she jumped off very decisively today. A large part of it was because she was too considerate. She didn't want to cause you any trouble or make you worry."

"I think you should take more time to show that you care for her and let her know that she's very important to you…"

Lan Sixi had mentioned about her family problems before jumping off the building. Chen Yeliang still remembered.

When she met a scoundrel, not only did she not turn to her father for help, she hid on the rooftop and cried quietly. This meant that she was beginning to feel that she was an unnecessary burden.

This was the knot in Lan Sixi's heart that could only be undone by someone close to her.

Chen Yeliang thought that since he had already saved her once, he might as well go all the way and say what was needed.

Lan Penghao did not show any discernible reaction. He just stared silently at Lan Sixi's face and tucked her in again.

After a long while, he said in a hoarse voice, "Thank you, Chen. Thank you for telling me all this."

Then, Lan Penghao lifted his head and gave Chen Yeliang an apologetic smile.

The atmosphere in the room had become a little gloomy. Lan Penghao felt uncomfortable and joked, "How can you see things so clearly? Don't tell me your other hobby involves psychological analysis?"

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