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64.7% Legacy of the Immortal Familiar / Chapter 11: Off to see the doctor

Off to see the doctor - Legacy of the Immortal Familiar - Chapter 11 by Alfezar full book limited free

Chapter 11: Off to see the doctor


Hendrik's tower, evening-ish i think?

'Hop-hop-hop' Seraph enjoyed hopping for two reasons. First was to instill cuteness towards any prey stupid enough to hunt her. Second, because she liked to be in the air as much as possible.

With each methodical hop she made it to the outside of the tower walls, she looked at the mana geyser below and decided to drink the mana. At the time it made sense to her so she kinda just drank straight up mana. This act rejuvenated her body from the last battle, so now she can hop with more power.

From the perspective of the Inquisitors hiding in wait, this demon fox just devoured mana below the tower with black tendrils before making her way through the door inside. Each one contemplating if they really want to try and have at this monster.

Hendriks would be seen at his desk looking at some books mainly focusing on familiars and how to properly train them. He was about to finish a chapter until a sudden weight landed on his head, followed by two tails blocking his vision.

'Hewwo, whatcha readin. Looks like a picture book of animals.' Seraph hopped down and laid across the wooden desk looking over the pages.

"It's for me to help train you. So you can unlock more of your potential in a gradual way." Hendriks would pet Seraph behind her ears and talked to her about how familiars work.

--about twenty minutes--

'So, there's a different class of familiar depending on magical potential. And what elements i'm bonded with?' Seraph was actually interested in this, albeit was boring at first until she delved more into the magical bonding aspect.

"Yes, so in your case you have two elements you're currently bonded with and both are polar opposites in terms of compatibility. One being a healing arc while the other is a death arc." Hendriks took the liberty to study her powers in particular to see what kind of combat she can do. To his knowledge she can use the miasma death magic for area of control spells while utilizing her rapid healing magic to treat injured at a distance or near instantly on physical contact.

'Oh that reminds me, I figured out I could do this with my two magics. Watch this!' Seraph creates a small cloud of miasma on the floor away from Hendriks, then creates a spear of light that sucks in the miasma and tosses it against a wall hitting a few inches about two feet off the ground.

Hendriks was amazed yet again for the tenacity and ingenuity of this little fur ball.

"You used the healing spell as a container… for the miasma to enter -yup-. And then you can deliver that said miasma across a distance near instantly -also yup-..." Hendriks just sits down in his chair and sighs, who knew having a demonic familiar would be this intense. At least he can be rest assured he can teach her right from wrong and prevent another demon lord from rising.

"Hey pops i have a question. Is it possible to bond with more magic types?" This question had Hendriks thinking for a moment. The idea in itself sounds reasonable to be able to acquire more power through effort. But at the same time the only familiars he knows are those with only one or two bonded magic types. His expertise in the matter was amateurish at best.

"It's possible but I'd need to consult an expert about that sort of thing. We can visit an old friend of mine when we head out on our first adventure together. He's close by once we finish the quest." This man has helped him out of a bind a few times over. Sadly he never visited him due to how far away he works.

'What's their name? Does he like cute things? Will he pet me?' Her eyes were centimeters from his. He picked her up and put her on his shoulder. He then proceeded to rub under her chin. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"His name is Vuri, Doctor Vuri. And I'm fairly sure he'll be interested in you once I tell him all about you." Hendriks starts to walk out and closes the door. All six Inquisitors in the room exhaled, while the seventh jumped away from the spear just a few inches under his family jewels.

"That's it, I'm giving my report and adding my two week notice while being a lazy piece of shit. That demon is scary as hell!" The other Inquisitors nodded and got out their communicators.


Eight hundred kilometers out in an open field.

'You know you confuse me hooman. You say you don't know some things yet you know how to transport our bodys across great distances.' She'd flick one of her tails under his nose as she stays being a neck warmer

"I am privy to my own secrets. Plus i can tell you're jealous just by your tone -gasp-" Hendriks grinned

'I am not jealous because you can travel around the world in a few blinks of an eye. Hmph. I smell death.' She perked up from her position and looked ahead, over the hill there was a slaughter. 

"Damn, guess the nation decided to pitch in rather than let adventurers handle it. Shame that it was good money." Hendriks would start walking towards a specific direction.

'Hold up, humans contracted you to harm other humans?' Seraph was wondering about the logic behind this. 

"Oh no no it was a bunch of war slaves that decided to rebel and overran the camp. Think organized bandits." Hendriks didn't sound the least bit remorseful for the slaughter.

'I'll take it they were bad enough people to become slaves?' Seraph wasn't too interested in humans. She was just curious.

"Mhm, one in particular was in a clan called the red scars, nasty bunch they were. Bathed in their enemies blood and all that." Hendriks starts another gravitational jump. 

'Sounds scary. Well if they were bad peeps that's fine and all i guess.' She held onto his neck as they jumped again, this time in front of a Laboratory looking place.

"Here we are, my friend's Laboratory. Paid for by the Empire he works under so he's living a decent life." Hendriks would open the front door and step inside. To say a chaotic personality lived in this establishment would be a crude understatement. Vials, flasks, papers and equipment scattered all across the room. But the absolute cleanest pathway between it all.

'It's official, hoomans are weird. This place screams OCD and unorganized chaos at the same time.' Seraph would swap from shoulder to shoulder looking at all the clutter. Until something caught her eye, the professor was standing across a few doors down but a small white fox was on his shoulder. For a moment the doctor recognized Hendriks and waved to say hello until he felt a chill run down his spine, he looked towards his left shoulder and saw for the first time with Impheares, his eyes boiling with pure white light bleeding through the liquid metallic face covering.

For Hendriks he too waved to say greetings but felt the dread of death on his shoulder, the same feeling he got seeing the readings back at the guild headquarters. He slowly looked to his right shoulder and saw what used to be an adorable annoying little fox. Transformed into a blackend shadow with one, menacing flaming red eye.

The room's lighting flickered from the clashing mana forces within the laboratory, to the point of shattering leaving the only two sources of light emitting from the foxes' rage.

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