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Legend of Dragon Son-in-law Legend of Dragon Son-in-law

Legend of Dragon Son-in-law

Author: Sky Luo

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Chapter 1 Birthday Celebrations_1

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

On the streets of Gonzalez City, Julius Reed hurried towards the Radcliffe family villa, carrying a pot of chicken soup.

Today was Old Master Radcliffe's seventieth birthday, and all the clan members were rushing to the Radcliffe mansion to celebrate.

As a son-in-law who had married into the family, Julius naturally was no exception.

Despite no one considering him a part of the Radcliffe family, at least in name, he was still a Radcliffe.

He had taken special care to stew a pot of chicken soup that day, planning to bring it for Old Master Radcliffe's birthday.

After all, he didn't have much money in his pocket and couldn't afford to buy a gift.

From a distance, he could see luxury cars filling up the space around the villa; he guessed he was probably the only one arriving on foot.

Upon reaching the entrance of the Radcliffe family villa, Julius saw a stunningly beautiful woman standing at the door, looking around anxiously.

Her face even bore a trace of worry.

Despite being meters apart, he could still feel her distinct temperament.

The woman's name was Quella Radcliffe, Old Master Radcliffe's granddaughter.

She was also his wife in name only.

Three years ago, Julius arrived in Gonzalez City and, by a twist of fate, cured Old Master Radcliffe of an affliction he had suffered from for years.

Old Master Radcliffe was overjoyed and promised to fulfill any request for Julius, who simply pointed at Quella and said one sentence, "I want to marry her."

It wasn't clear why, but at that moment, Julius, who had lost his memory, felt she was the one he was looking for.

Although the Radcliffe family was extremely unwilling, since Old Master Radcliffe's word was out, they had to fulfill the promise for the sake of family face.

Thus, Julius became a son-in-law who had married into the Radcliffe family.

This was when his memory began.

Regarding his past, he couldn't remember anything, not even his name, other than knowing he was Julius Reed.

To be precise, Julius was a man with amnesia.

Although he faced disdain day after day, at least he didn't have to worry about food and clothing.

Let them curse if they wanted to; after all, he could just pretend not to hear.

"What are you holding in your hand?"

Upon seeing Julius approaching with something in hand, Quella asked with a stern face.

She was irritated at the very sight of her own husband.

Since marrying into the Radcliffe family three years ago, Julius had done nothing but sweep floors and cook at home.

If he really was useless, Quella would have accepted it.

But three years ago, he had clearly cured Old Master Radcliffe of his long-standing ailments.

That incident once caused a sensation in Gonzalez City, and even the Radcliffe family thought they had found a treasure.

Otherwise, why would Zade Radcliffe agree to marry his most beloved granddaughter to Julius?

But over those three years, except for cooking and sweeping, Julius had not shown any other impressive qualities.

This made the Radcliffe family suspect whether he had just been lucky at the time.

That's why their attitude towards him had grown worse.

"I stewed some chicken soup, which I'm sure Grandpa will like," said Julius with a slight smile.

Although his work was limited to laundry and cooking, the dishes he made were comparable to those of a five-star chef.

When Old Master Radcliffe asked him to make a request, Julius said he wanted to marry Quella.

Even though in the years after their marriage it had been a marriage in name only, he had never regretted it.

"Come in with me," Quella said with a helpless sigh.

She had thought about divorce, but such a step would undoubtedly disgrace the Radcliffe family.

It would even cast the whole family in shame for ingratitude.

Old Master Radcliffe would certainly not allow her to do so.

As the two just entered the Radcliffe mansion, they saw many clan members arriving with big and small packages.

"Quella, it's been so long; you've become even more beautiful!" said Quella's elder sister, Tess.

Tess had married into the Leopold family in Gonzalez City last year, a match that was considered equal in social standing.

With the Leopold family's entertainment business thriving in recent years and their wealth increasing, along with Tess's love for vanity, she rarely missed an opportunity to put down Julius and Quella.

"Big sister, brother-in-law."

Quella subconsciously kept some distance from Julius.

Although they were sisters, Tess's mocking could be even more vicious than that of enemies.

"Yo! Quella, you've been married for three years and there's still no news of a baby. Could it be that your good-for-nothing husband is incapable?" Tess raised her eyebrows and said with a mocking tone, "There are three unfilial acts, and the worst is to have no descendants! We're all waiting for you two to have a child!"

Waiting to look at jokes, huh? Quella sneered, "We're still young; instead, you should be careful about the risks of being a high-age mother."

"Quella, what do you mean? Are you cursing me?" Tess put her hands on her hips and snorted, "Calvin and I plan to have children by the end of the year, but you better watch out that your family doesn't become extinct!"

"How unhappy must you be to always be seeking our attention?" Julius looked up at Calvin and suddenly laughed, "Looking at brother-in-law's complexion, it seems he's not been behaving lately. Be careful not to get big sister sick; otherwise, the entire company might suffer."

Three years ago, Julius had cured Old Master Radcliffe, so his medical skills were still respected by everyone.

With such a comment from him, the Radcliffe family looked at the couple with odd glances.

"Calvin, I was wondering why you've been coming home late at night. Tell me, where have you been?" snapped Tess, with her expression changing suddenly before realizing, "Julius, what do you mean? I'll tear you apart today!"

"Big sister, when you mocked us before, why didn't you say such things? Our Julius may not be good at other things, but he's never made a mistake in medical treatment," stated Quella.

Although she was discontented with her husband, it was satisfying to see Tess get put in her place.

Moreover, Julius had indeed cured some minor ailments in the house over the years.

"Fine, it's said that women are 'like wolves at thirty and like tigers at forty.' Seems like Julius here is set to do exactly that!" Tess gritted her teeth and cursed.

"Heh, probably eating too much soft-rice has weakened him, right?" Calvin glanced at Julius and walked away into the house with Tess in his arms.

"Exactly, like my husband is in charge of making money, and I'm in charge of being beautiful. Not like some people, marrying a loser who has to shoulder everything on their own!"

As Tess laughed, she couldn't help but mock Quella.

Everyone knew that Julius was a homebody, who hadn't brought home a penny in three years.

Honestly, he was the epitome of a freeloader.

There was a rule in the Radcliffe Family.

Any woman who got married was not to spend a single penny of the family money again.

If you married well, naturally, you reaped the benefits.

But for someone like Quella, she had to bear the weight of the entire household alone.

"Hurry up and leave! Don't embarrass yourself here!"

Quella's nose tingled, and she stomped her way towards the house.

They say it's bad for men to choose the wrong profession and for women to marry the wrong man. Over the past three years, she had endured countless taunts.

Every time she urged Julius to go out and work, but he simply refused.

Seeing other men striving outside while their wives shopped all day, she almost broke down in tears.

Being women just the same, why did she have to be the breadwinner and scramble for money outside?

"Are you even a man? Treating your own wife like this!"

Quella held back her tears, but inside, she was already at the depths of despair.

Julius followed close behind, his face grim with bitterness.

He wanted to work too, but every time he stepped out the door, he faced such fierce resistance that he had no choice but to stay quietly at home.

Are we not meant for menial labor?

Perhaps this phrase best described his feelings.

But he had never spoken of this to anyone because Julius knew very well that all it would bring was ridicule.

In this family, no one had ever looked up to him.

Once inside the house, everyone had already taken their seats.

Zade Radcliffe's seventieth birthday had brought nearly a hundred family members together.

Thank goodness the Radcliffe villa was spacious enough to accommodate all these descendants.

As everyone took their seats in turn, Julius naturally sat at the smallest table by the door.

For three years, during every family gathering, this had been his spot.

Even the Radcliffe servants sat in front of him.

"I wish Grandpa a longevity that rivals the Southern Mountains! Grandson brings you a Jade Ruyi!"

Otis stood up, presenting the high-quality Jade Ruyi to the envious gazes of many.

"Thank you, my eldest grandson, but don't spend so much next time!"

Zade accepted the Jade Ruyi, his eyes swimming with adoration.

"It's only a few hundred thousand. As long as Grandpa stays healthy, it's worth every penny I spend," Otis said as he settled back into his seat with a casual smile.

The Jade Ruyi was a fake, bought through a friend, not even worth ten thousand.

He was currently the General Manager of Radcliffe Group, with an annual salary close to a million.

This position should have belonged to Quella, but since she married Julius, it fell into Otis's hands.

"Grandpa, I bring you a golden Buddha for good health and safety!"

"Grandpa, I bring you a pair of white jade bracelets, wishing you a life free from all illnesses."


For a moment, the younger generation all presented their gifts.

"Since all the grandchildren have given their presents, it's time for the sons-in-law to take the stage!" Tess said leisurely, leaning back in her chair.

"Of course!"

Hearing her, Calvin quickly stood up, taking out a brocade box: "Knowing that the old master hasn't been well, I specially acquired a hundred-year-old ginseng, hoping for the old master's immortality!"

No sooner had he finished speaking than the chatter started below.

"That Leopold Family really is wealthy!"

"Yeah, I'm so envious of the eldest sister, marrying into such a good family. Indeed, women fear marrying the wrong man, just look at Quella..."

"Looks like we need to cozy up to the eldest sister in the future."

Calvin's gift was indeed generous.

It had face value and went straight to Old Master Radcliffe's heart.

Wealth accumulated in life cannot be carried into death, only precious herbs could prolong life.

"Calvin, you're really thoughtful! The old man didn't make a mistake, I'm proud of you!"

Zade sat in his chair, grinning from ear to ear.

This grandson-in-law had greatly satisfied him.

"It's just a few hundred thousand, it's not much of a gesture."

While Tess might have been laughing on the outside, inside she was bleeding. If it hadn't been to secure a slice of the family inheritance, she would have never let Calvin buy such an expensive gift.

"Old Master, our Sanford has also prepared a gift for you!"

Tess Radcliffe, not satisfied with Calvin stealing the spotlight, quickly nudged her own husband.

"Grandpa, I spent over three hundred thousand to procure this premium Dahongpao tea, hoping it will keep you in good health," Sanford said, presenting two packets of tea to Zade.

"Grandpa, Chase brings you a golden longevity peach."

"Grandpa, Max presents a pearl."


Following Tess's lead, the Radcliffe sons-in-law began to present their gifts one after another.

Old Master Radcliffe was a man who loved face, so everyone chose gifts that were impressive.

Gifts under one hundred thousand were too embarrassing to mention.

"Quella, what gift have you prepared for Grandpa?"

As everyone presented their gifts, Tess watched Quella with amusement, her eyes full of mirth.

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