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4.54% Legend of the Silver Fang / Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Past and Realization

Chapter 2: Past and Realization - Legend of the Silver Fang - Chapter 2 by VermillionAce full book limited free

Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Past and Realization

Kakashi POV:

Two years have passed since I have been reborn. Many things happened in my life. I started to crawl at three months and walk at four months old. I also learned to speak at six months old but just said some simple words like father and mother to not shock my parents. I showed that I can read at the age of one. I can read at birth but if they knew, then that will be weird. Even though I tried to act normal, I am still regarded as a genius because of these feats at such an early age.

At present, I am talking and asking my father if he can teach me kenjutsu and some taijutsu. My father, Hatake Sakumo, is known and feared in the Shinobi world for his kenjutsu using his White Light Chakra Sabre, a tanto, which is said to be that he is even stronger than the Legendary Sannin. No one can have a better teacher in kenjutsu than my father.

"Are you sure Kakashi? You are still young you know. Heck, you just turned two years old last month. You should first play with other children while you are young."

My father said with a concerning voice. Though he is right, how come I can play with no concern when I know that the children I will play with may die in the war?

"I know that dad. But then, I just want to be stronger faster to protect you and mom from any danger."

I said with a serious face. This is all true because there will be many stronger opponents the village will face, especially Pain.

After stating my reason, I heard my mom's voice while pinching my chicks till it turned red.

"Oww, my cute baby boy."

Though some children hate it when saying they are a baby, I actually love it, especially it came from a mother who I did not meet in my past life. Also, not that I have any choice. I mean, I am technically a baby but with an adult mind.

"So you want to protect us, right. Then I will allow it."

My eyes lit up as my mom agreed for me to train and determination swell from my mind as the desire to protect the people close to me grew stronger.

"But on one condition. You will only practice on weekends and spend the weekdays playing and resting. Do you understand, Kakashi?"

"Yes ma'am!"

I gave a salute pose while answering which made my mom pinch my cheeks again. At this time, the man in the corner of the room who is left out on the conversation spoke up.

"But I haven't agreed to it yet."

My father said while crossing his arms and closing his eyes appearing to think of something deeper. Regret flowed into his mind as he realized the mistake he has done.

"Oh, do you have any problem, Sakumo?"

My mom's hairs appeared to be swaying up like that of Kushina-san with an intense glare that shoots towards my dad. Even though she is humble, when someone became a housewife, maybe all of them will have this kind of aura she is releasing. Even the man feared by many if they heard his name is sweating profusely.

" I-I have no problems, no-none at all!!!"

Dad answered while stuttering like Hinata when talking to Naruto.

"Mom, I have a question. You are an Inuzuka, right? That means I am also one right? Then where is your partner dog?"

I questioned my mom because I never got to see her dog with her and even in my past life. Even if my mom died in my past life, her dog partner should be alive, right? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


At that moment the joyful aura enveloping the room became a sad and sorrowful one. I, who had live as an adult and through wars and darkness almost in my entire life knew this situation. This kind of situation is when a feeling of sadness of losing someone dear to you die without having the power to do anything. The feeling of helplessness and the realization of just how weak you are. I know this for I have experienced it not once, but a couple of times. At this moment regret followed as I knew I shouldn't have asked about it.

"It's alright Sakumo. I plan to explain it to Kakashi later but it seems he got curious earlier than I thought."

As my mom said that, she took a deep breath trying to stay and face calm. She then began to explain the reason why she has no dog partner.

"I do have a partner but then... he passed away while trying to protect us from an... opponent. His name is Ashi and with me, we are recognized as the strongest duo and Inuzuka. When he passed away, I requested to erase our history of battles and achievements as a Shinobi to avoid danger and revenge to our family from the people we encountered and angered."

After my mom answered, I realized just how strong my mother back in the day. Even Minato-sensei and Naruto have a similar situation they faced. Being afraid of danger because of the fear of losing one's friend, ally, and family cornered my mom to abandon being a ninja and focus on taking care of our family.

"I am sorry for making to remember your loss mom..."

I apologized while looking down feeling dumb for my actions. I know a lot of things due to my experiences in war but I lack the awareness of the people around me. I should not have asked about this question and waited till my mom opened up the topic. I have much to learn.

"It is alright Kakashi. Also, I do not wish to forget that loss because it is that feeling that makes me want to go forward. That I must never waste the lives Ashi saved and sacrificed himself to survive. We cannot forget the pain we are suffering, but what we can do is keep moving forward and be a better and stronger version of ourselves. You will learn and realize these things when you grow up, Kakashi."

As I listen to my mother's voice, memories of the past started to flood into my mind and tears started to drip down to my cheeks. Memories of the death of all my loved ones and the helplessness I felt while watching them die right in front of me. Time seems to went by but in reality, only a few seconds of silence has passed.

In these silence, I realized just what have I done after losing everyone close to me. I realized that I drowned myself in darkness and failed to see the light beside me. I brushed off the people who are concerned to me. I just thought that I may become the reason for their death.

But then I remembered a certain someone who did not give up despite how hard life was. Someone the village cursed at without knowing the reason but never gave up on his dream of becoming the Hokage. I realized this all and the resolve and dream of me wanting to protect the people around me grew stronger.

VermillionAce VermillionAce

Thanks for your time in reading. Please leave any reviews and comment your thoughts about the plot and my grammar. It will be highly appreciated

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