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Read Legend of the Wrought Iron Hero Emiya Shirou (blade of humanity) - Chapter 1 online

Legend of the Wrought Iron Hero Emiya Shirou (blade of humanity) original

Legend of the Wrought Iron Hero Emiya Shirou (blade of humanity)

Author: WhiteRoseAngel

© Webnovel

Chapter 1: The Blade Of Humanity

Trace on.

Two words. Two simple words that would reach the Gates of the Greatest heaven. For these two words would signal the beginning of the delusions of an unobtainable dream.

An ungodly loud noise of Static echoed out as a long dead hammer started striking on a rusted anvil while tremors can be felt throughout this world...

I am the Bone of my Sword. / This Body is made of Swords.

On a hill of ash covered swords, there lays a figure laying on it's back motionless before it slowly rose itself from the sleep of death.

Steel is My Body and Fire is My Blood. / Iron is My Blood and Glass is My Heart.

As the figure started to stand, the ground continues to shift as if signaling a reawakening.

I Have Created Over a Thousand Blades. / I have crossed a thousand battlefields.

The figure's pure white hair is blowing wind as his grey eyes open.

Unknown to Death. / Unaware of Loss.

The man sighed as he slowly stood up while the ashes shook off his body as his eyes of steel gaze across this world.

Nor Known to Life. / Nor Aware of Gain.

How Long has it been since his legend ended...? How long has it been since he lost them...?

Having Withstood Pain to Create Many Weapons. / Withstood Pain to Create Weapons, Waiting for One's Arrival.

The man slowly turn his gaze to the skies as he reaches out his hand and touches the ashes around him.

Yet those hands will never hold anything. / I have no regrets. This is the only path.

The world was clouded in ash, ash carried swords unending, ash covered gears in the dark sky as an almost calming breeze sweeping across the endless panes of swords. A faint smile appear on the figure's face as if this place was just right for him.

So as I pray... / My Whole life was...

After all this this MAN knew that this world covered in unending ashes filled with endless swords better than anyone, how could he not when it was HIS world.

Once long ago, this world was beautiful, vibrant and filled with hope as naivety benefiting it's beauty.

Yes, it was never meant to be pure as it was built on weapons of death but in this steel world any warrior can see it's beauty.

It's maker smiling with the hope of a better tomorrow with each passing day as in his heart he knew with this world, he could finally fulfill his promise so long ago that he would be a hero.

There wouldn't be any price too small to pay, For HE was sword.

To Slay all the world's evil was nothing compared to that distant utopia of salvation.

HIS Dreams would reach the heavens, HIS will became unbreakable steel.

The Scope of HIS ideals were UNLIMITED.

HIS gaze towards the future as shape as a BLADE

HIS Legend would continue to spread across time itself through his WORKS

What was his name, you ask?

It was Shirou Emiya, the name that resonated with the word 'Ally of Justice' for he was the Blade of humanity that would slay all of humanity's enemies and would be the shield that shoulder the weight of the world and at the end he was to be ashes that humanity would rise from to begin anew.

How long has it been since the time he last awoke... how long has he been asleep within his world after the end...that was what he thought as his mind trailed off reminiscing in memories of long ago as his eyes scan through is world of blacken ash and scattered swords.

He was Reborn Through Hell's Fire

Created from Nothingness

From the earliest of his memories, all he knew was fire. He remembered listening to the pleads of all he left behind in that HELL. In the fire he lost everything, His emotions, his memories. At the end he lost what it meant to be human for the boy he was died that day, but it was because of that HELL that he would become something greater for he was reborn that day as something else, something beyond human.

He was Saved by a Broken Man

Repurposed by the Hands of Men

When there was truly nothing left to lose of the boy that he was at the time, he simply laid there and waited for death as hope was the last thing to die within him. But fate would intervene that day as a broken man who helped caused this HELL was trying his hardest to find survivor, so as to made sure that his entire life was not a lie and meaningless. When he found the boy that day, he gave the boy the brightest smile that the boy would remember to the end of his days as the man gave the boy the first of the gift that would help create his legend, the purpose and the want to see a smile like his and The Dream of The Everdistant Utopia.

He was Given the Ideal of Justice

Shaped by a Dream of Justice

The boy would live on trying to relearn his humanity following the path of his adopted father never knowing until he was dead that he helped SHAPE his life. On the day that the man, Kiritsugu Emiya died he would give the ideal of justice to his son never truly knowing what he truly set in motion with his words alone on that blissful moonlit night.

He would train from that Day on, Chasing the promise of happiness

Sharpen by the Humbly Ordinary Labors of Humanity

The boy was now a teenage, still working hard for the happiness of others no matter what and training himself to carry on his father's dream, it was a tragedy when Fate shattered that dream in the distant future but for now he would continue to live and eventually the blood, sweat and tears of his labor would come to fruition and be the foundation of his world.

He would be forced to fight in the hellish War that started it all

Tempered by the Strength of Legends

The Teen would encounter his first taste of the hell that was war on a seemingly ordinary day of his then normal life. He was slayed by a man in blue with a demonic spear but was saved by twin tailed girl that would that became his friend that helped save his soul. He would summon the servant that would teach him to fight on no matter what and her path of kingship that created one of humanity's greatest kingdom. He would meet with a priest that was so eerily similar to him for the priest was another birthed with emptiness. He would face his father's sin in the form of his sister that wanted his death in place of his dead father and the mad servant of one of humanity's greatest legends that would carry out her will. He would finally know the true pain of the purple haired girl that would hold a unshakeable place within his heart and the rage he felt against the brother he brutally killed for his crimes against her.

He would Gaze at Hell itself, finally learning the truth of his impossible Ideal

Hammered by Harsh Reality of the World

The Hell of war would escalate as a shadow started devouring all things leaving behind curses similar to that which birth the teen. He couldn't save anyone no matter how much he tried, in the end all that he could do was watch as more die before him. It was during this stage of the war did the hero stopped being a boy and truly became a man for he saw war.

He Witness the Deaths of Heroes, learning that Even Legends Die

Shaken at the fragile of Humanity

He watched as the some of the greatest of legend die one by one as he learned that no matter how great or powerful, Death comes for all. The Lancer died fighting shadows having regretted that he never did get a good fight out of the war and having fail his first master. The Caster died with tears in her eyes as she failed to gain her wish of a second chance as she died with her master. The Archer died when he protected his master and his past self from the Curse of All the World's Evil, having giving his final gift to assist the others. The Berserker died when he was cut down by the rising hero while he had been corrupted by the blackness of man, having accepted defeat he asked the hero to protect his mistress. The Fake Assassin died when he was died by the shade having lemented having never fought the battle he wanted. The True Assassin died when he was consumed by Darkness, being content that he fulfilled his duties in this hellish war.

He Saw the Birth of All the World's Evil, Once More Does the World Burns with the Evils of Man

Breaking Against the Evils of Mankind

In the end When all the legends fell, Only He was left standing in the midst of the cave that hold the greater grail with the slain corpse of his most beloved sword of victory. He fought against the priest filled with emptiness and won, for it he declared that the man would have his wish granted for he was the winner of this terrible war. He was no winner...he didn't win anything for he saw the All Evils of Man that day, he gazed at it even...and it gaze back wanting back the piece that was left in him and to be finally set free to drown humanity in their sins.

He Then Knew Truest Despair; Blackening his World

Losing Everything, Achieving Nothing

At the end what was all of this worth, the man had to wonder. Was it truly worth all this death...He lost many things at the end, the two sisters reunited in death as they lay in each others arms as he watch them die, the snow fairy used herself to end the madness of the war having used her wish to save her brother. He had promised to save them, To save everyone... How many have died for him to live? Too many was his quick answer. He would trade his life for even a single one of them. The grail would not give his that reprieve for the evil within would return once again, this it swears.

He was saved once more like on the day of his birth, only this time it was by an old man of jewels

Reforged by the 2nd law, Kaleidoscope; Gaining Knowledge of Other Worlds

As the war draw to a close, only he was left standing in the midst of corpses in this HELL. The Gates of Heaven were shut close once more. The man could only howl at the world for everything that he lost as he slowly succumb to his wounds and falls unconscious. He would be save that day by the old man of jewels, Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg. The old man would help nurse him back to health as he deals with the aftermath of the holy grail war. The old man would take him under his teachings and become one of his apprentice. He would use the knowledge he gains from the old man to add to his legend.

Assisted by Others, Slowly Does He gain Back his Humanity Once More

Mending the Shattered Heart of Glass

His knowledge of all things only progress more over the years as he was thrown into other world by the whims of the trolling old man as both his master and the Golden-haired girl slowly heal his shatter heart. He would assist any who needed it, be it the old master of The King of Conquerors and his diligent students who helped him within the Clock Tower or Enforcers and Executors during their hunts of those that would harm others with their work. He would eventually meet the daughter of the fake priest, finding their personality comparable to one another as she apologized for her father's actions. Eventually he would make friends with her and several other members of the church including a certain blue haired Burial Agent. He would slowly over the years recover his humanity once more as he started to feel almost human again.

He still continues to reach for Salvation, No Matter The Cost

Chasing after The 3rd Law, Heaven's Feel; Striving for a Chance at Redemption

When the 6th Holy Grail War Happened. The man entered the war once more, determined to finally end it's existence. He once more summoned the once and future king that was still shaken by the taint of the grail but thankful to be summoned once more by the man that she respected. So they fought and fought and fought and fought, fighting to slay the demonic god hidden behind Heaven's light.

He was Blinded by What He was After, ill Prepared for the Cost

Gaining the Grail, The Key to Heaven's Gates; Bringing The Fall of Humanity

When they finally reached the greater grail. They faced the demon that haunted their dreams, the one that hold the all the evils of man within him, Angra Mainyu the one falsely proclaimed as the god of darkness when he was but an ordinary man who become the vessel of evil. They battled together against the horde of darkness, fighting valiantly to slay him and the corrupt grail. Saber sacrificed herself so that the man could fight the Avenger one on one. He did and seemly won.

At the end, when all obstacles were eliminated and the lives of those that opposed him slain, with the grail waiting for his wish. He faltered at Heaven's light and truly wondered... what was it that he wanted but after all that had happened was it truly worth it. In the end even he didn't know what it was for anymore, was it to bring back the family that he lost in the 5th war, to save all the lives that were lost in these wars or perhaps was it for a way to find the salvation that he was seeking.

But no matter what that wish was, the black mud was born once more and it seek to consumed all once more as even when slain, as even in death did Angra Mainyu's hatred of mankind consumed even the wish itself and so mark the birth of the Demon that Corrupts All.

Evil was Reborn into the Era of Man, and so Began the End of this Age

The Evils of mankind shall Consuming all life

To this day, he didn't know why the world wasn't instantly consumed by the wish of All the world's Evil. Be it his wish or that of the remnant of the original grail that holds the spirit of those created in the image of the Holy Maiden of Winter. But humanity was spared that day, if only for a moment as the black mud of Angra Mainyu consumed all in it's path and corrupting anything that lived. Fuyuki would be his birthplace and the world shall meet its end as the evils of man advance across the world.

Against All the World's Evil, the Moonlit World Stood Together

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

In the years to come, it would truly test the man's patience and remaining sanity as Evil started to consumed all. Countless were sent to their death trying to stop its flow on his orders as he ascended the ladder within the moonlit world as all factions assisted to stop the end of all life. The Clocktower would focus on ways to slay Angra mainyu while keeping the secrets of the moonlit world hidden. Those of the Giant's pit released their sealed weapons that could cause the end of this world to slay a being that would end humanity and the world. The Church mobilized their forces and cooperated with the Mage's Association for the first time in millenniums, even Several notable Dead Apostles Ancestor assisted in Angra Mainyu mutually destruction fearing their continued existence if the demon was not properly stop.

Eventually There was No Way to Conceal Magics Forever, and Such He Forged a Better World for all

Being the Bridge to the Moonlit World

It was only a matter of time before the secrets of the moonlit world's existence were realized when black muck attacked major cities, even when the enforcers tried to conceal their existence there was no way that the enormous loss of life could be ignored by anyone in the world. There were tension and conflict between the two different worlds with the others blaming the moonlit world for the deaths and the coming extinction while the individuals of the moonlit world would be their prideful selves, angering them further. It was only after a short period of time before their conflicts grew, clashes between the two would blow over in the next few years before the man stepped up as being one of the only sorcerer left, with his authority he bridged the gap between the two worlds and for it he was hailed as the one who brought a new age of a united humanity with both magics and Technology at their side to fight against the approaching darkness.

So He Continue Striving on, Trying to Make up for His Mistakes for This World

Becoming the Blade of Humanity; Hero of Mankind

There were times that the man himself went out to the fields with a team of Enforcers he trusts fighting against Angra Mainyu's creations, trying to save as many as he could against the might of Evil. Holy weapons and anti-demon noble phantasm he used against the false god trying to fight back the tide of black mud that corrupts all. With these battles came either loss or victory as many died fighting while saving many others. His renown on the field became almost legendary as with him came victory for any that ran from the beasts of evil as the man fought with a ferocity of a hero to save lives. And so, it was on fields of blacked ash and broken swords did the legend grew greater.

Even Now He Couldn't Save Everyone, So He Save Those That Could Carry on

Saving the Few with Potential and Leaving the Average Many Behind

There were times when he couldn't save everyone, he knew that. He knew that very well from both his counter guardian self and his father for this was no fairy tale, you couldn't save everyone. So he tried to save as many as he could, trying his hardest to be the hero that the world thought they knew him as. The countless were dying while he could only save the few. So he saved the ones that could become like him, with the potential to change everything and with them he honors his father's legacy, teaching them the ways of a Magus Killer.

In the end, He succeeded to slay the Enemy of Humanity but at the cost of his life

Ending the Nightmare; Finally Serving his purpose

It would be after years of fighting later that an opportunity presented itself, for the grail once more after so many years call forth it's champions to be grant a wish. That day would be marked down in history as the beginning of end for the Demon Lord for that day was the beginning of the last war of the holy grail, The Apocrypha War. By that point both humanity and the earth itself were nearing it's last legs. The cursed muck of Angra Mainyu had almost spread completely across the globe covering the world with the evils of man. This opportunity may had been the last hope of the world for if they didn't stop Avenger and the Black Grail, there may not be anything left. With the help of the united world and the cooperation of both ALAYA and GAIA, They cleared the way so that the chosen few could face the Monster of Mankind. It was a costly fight for those that helped clear the way to the dark heart of evil but in the end it was worth it for the millions of lives that sacrificed themselves on that battle would pave the way for billions more to live. The 7 chosen and their mentor would face against the heart of Demon god himself with his corrupt servants. There were costs, for there were always costs in war but in the end it was the Mentor of Heroes and the Demon of the Greatest Evil that fought the final battle that day for this story began with them and so it was that it would end with them. When the Demon was slain by the Hero's Jeweled Saber of the Second Law, kaleidoscope so too did the hero die from the curses of evils that had be unleash on him, it's curses pierced his heart in a similar fashion to that of curses of Gae Bolg. The Demon died that day cursing the name of Shirou Emiya as his hatred of humanity shifted away to that of the Hero himself. The Hero died that day content that he had finally ended the demon and that both humanity and the world would continue onward to the future.

He was revered as Humanity's Savior as the world moved on into a better age, The Age of Unification

His Legend Spread across time itself; Reaching the Throne of the Highest Heaven

The World and those the inhabit it moved now after that fateful day, the grail that was won after the battle was properly cleansed and used to repair much of the damage that was done years before. For that first time since that dawn of man, both mankind and those of the Earth Mother's children worked together hand in hand for a better and brighter future. As for the Hero, his teachings continue on long after he passed. His students would take up his name in honor of him, thus the Emiya Clan would continue on long after the death of both the hero and the father that started him on his path. Even when humanity started to lose it's memory of him, what he represent would forever ingrain into them as the triumph hero that sacrifice himself for something greater. For through His Action: The man became a hero. Through Death: The hero becomes a legend. Through Time: The legend becomes a myth. And by learning from the myth, men take action.

And Such was the Life of the Shirou Emiya, The Savior of Mankind.

True End

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