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27.27% Let Me Love you (Until you love me again) / Chapter 6: 006 You really look like her!

006 You really look like her! - Let Me Love you (Until you love me again) - Chapter 6 by Littleclumsy full book limited free

Chapter 6: 006 You really look like her!

"Why are you sad? how was your vacation?" Mrs. chan asked sweetly,

Hearing her question Xiao xiao brightens up and she smiled sweetly at Mrs.chan because she had remembered her new friend, her only best friend, "It was great mamma," Xiao xiao happily answered,

"Good evening Mr.Chairman!" the housemaids who lined up on both sides of the door immediately bowed when they saw the Chairman in front of the door. Mrs.chan bowed as well.

the chairman nodded at them, but as soon as Xiao xiao saw her grandfather the smile on her face immediately disappeared as she pouted her cheeks and went to her room. Mrs. chan was shocked a little by the behavior of her beloved little girl. She looked at the chairman with puzzled eyes. The chairman just smiled at her as he sighs a deep breath!

Mrs.chan remembers that just a few minutes ago she was so happy talking about her vacation but the moment she sees her grandfather she changes her reactions almost immediately! something good must have happened, seeing him sigh deeply there must be a little misunderstanding.

"We prepared a dinner for you Mr. chairman" Mrs. chan uttered.

the chairman just nodded and went to his room to change. and maids respectively left for their assigned works.

Mrs. chan and Xi Lan were the only ones left, so Mrs. chan asked Xi Lan what Had happened. after hearing the entire story Mrs. chan can't help but talk to the little girl. wearing a smile she immediately went to her room to tell her about dinner. The little girl must have had a lot to say about her vacations, and Mrs. chan is so excited to hear her story, She will just let her talk after dinner.

"Knock, knock!" Mrs.chan knocked on the door of Xiao xiao's room.

Xiao xiao opens the door with a sad face.

"Dinner is ready, you have to eat first before going to bed." Mrs.chan says showing her a bright smile.

"hmm. I'm coming downstairs," she responded not even smiling at Mrs.chan!


"you will stay here from now on. we have prepared everything you need." Xi Lan says as he showed the little apartment to sunny.

Sunny was so amazed by the so-called little apartment! "how can they call this a little apartment?! The word little doesn't show in this house! it was so huge that she thinks it's even bigger than the six rooms in the orphanage!" she said in her mind! it was the very first time she had seen a room as huge as this!

it has everything she needed too! from the food to clothes, and shoes!

"Uhm.. this..." sunny could not bring herself to say what she wants!

"yes, is everything alright?" Xi Lan asked, "Do you still have anything you need? just tell me, don't be shy I will be responsible for you from now on." Xi Lan showed a smiled on sunny, He could feel that this little girl is a little afraid.

after seeing his smile sunny felt a little more at ease, this old man could look like he was angry when he is so serious, and yet he could look so kind when he smiled. Xi Lan was already fifty-five years old and yet he doesn't have any family only his son. He is merely living his life serving the chairman and the little young miss Xiao xiao.

"Uhm, you see uncle, I didn't expect this house to be so big and..." sunny was so shy of what is she about to say!

"yes?" Xi Lan asked he seems to figure out what she wanted to say! smiling at her he said "and I forgot to say that you won't live here alone, I have arranged someone to take care of you." just as he said that the doorbell of the house ring!

Sunny Left a sigh of relief, Thankfully they had considered that thing, or otherwise, she couldn't live alone because the house is too big and sunny is easily afraid of a ghost!

Xi Lan signs sunny to open the door. that she immediately understand.

"hi, good evening little girl" Mrs.tabby greeted sunny with a bright smile on her chubby cheeks. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_55533180165354595">!_55533180165354595</a> for visiting.

"good evening auntie," sunny uttered as she bowed her head lightly to show her respect, sunny don't know what to call her so she decided to call her aunt because she seems to be still young if you take a good look at her face. Mrs.Tabby is a very kind person she takes care of The Bai mansion in the small city of Euthopia where they came from, since Xiao xiao is close to her too the chairman decided to let her takes care of sunny so she could also see Xiao xiao. Mrs.tabby is a very reliable person and she is also a good cooker.

Mrs. tabby came with two suitcases and sunny immediately offer help to carry the two bags inside because she seems to be tired.

"Oh Xi Lan, you here," she greeted Xi Lan.

Xi Lan nodded at her, "I will leave everything to you now Mrs. tabby" Xi Lan uttered as he was about to leave.

"All alright, alright, I will take good care of her don't worry," she answered. Xi Lan nodded.

"I will pick you up tomorrow morning for you to go to school." Xi Lan uttered to sunny.

"yes sir I understand," sunny bowed her head a little at him respectfully before he left.

"let's eat I will prepare our dinner!" Mrs.tabby says cheerfully as she goes to the kitchen.

after preparing the dinner Mrs.tabby and sunny sat on the dining table facing each other, by the time Mrs.tabby finished cooking their dinner sunny had just got out of the shower, and her hair is still wet, she wanted to help Mrs.tabby earlier but she insisted that she can do it alone and she should just wash before eating dinner.

Now that they are sitting facing each other Mrs.tabby couldn't help but stare at her intently!

"what's your name again?" Mrs.tabby asked sunny her eyes are still staring at her carefully!

"I'm sunny," sunny answers unconsciously, she started to eat her food.

"and how old are you?" she asked again,

"I'm eleven years old" sunny couldn't focus on her food because of the stare that Mrs.tabby is giving her right now, she subconsciously touches her face thinking there might be something on her face. Sunny couldn't look her in the eyes!

"I see," Mrs.tabby wanted to say something but she pondered for a while before saying, "Has anyone told you before that you looked like the young miss?"

Sunny was puzzled by what Mrs. tabby means, she looked at her curiously!

"now that I take a good look at you, you and the young miss are so similar!" Mrs. tabby couldn't believe what she is seeing! they looked similar except that sunny has a little tanned skin and the young miss has very silky and white skin! but aside from that, they look alike! just a little bit different about their eyes but...!

oh, what a coincidence!

sunny made an awkward laugh, as she said, "you must be mistaken, how can you compare a nobody like me to someone like Xiaoya,."

"no, you..." Mrs. tabby didn't continue to say what she was about to say because she noticed how uncomfortable sunny is. "oh I'm so sorry, don't mind me ija, just eat" Mrs. tabby stopped babbling, but in the back of her mind, she can't just shrug that thought out her mind!

"it's okay, don't worry auntie." smiling at her sunny continue to eat her food.

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