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68.18% Let Me Love you (Until you love me again) / Chapter 15: 015 She has an uncle?

015 She has an uncle? - Let Me Love you (Until you love me again) - Chapter 15 by Littleclumsy full book limited free

Chapter 15: 015 She has an uncle?

she is the one and only grandchild of the Bai family! how could they do this to her! who are this people? why she had never seen them before? and that man? why did he claim that he is the new head of the body guards team when she never saw him before! This doesnt make sense!

"Let me go! do you think i can still escape while youre there blocking my way?!" xiao xiao beamed, her voice full of anger! but the two men didnt even flinch a bit as if they did not hear her!

"oh please! let go of my hand!" xiao xiao sarcastically curse! She could'nt even make a phone call on Mr.Xi Lan! she wanted to ask what was going on but they wont even spear her a minute! she was so frusrated!

A few minutes later she could see the familiar long road with a beautiful cherry bloosoms trees on each side! not long after she was dragged out of the car to enter her house!

"Let me go! i can walk on my own!" xiao xiao shouts out at them as she pulled back her arms angrily! she strode towards inside the house and to her surprise all of her belongings were thrown out on the floor at the lobby, and she saw that the painting of her and her grandfather at the lobby of the mansion where removed! and a painting of a beardy man was hanging in there! What the hell is going on! Who is he?!

Xiao xiao was so mad when she saw her things being scattered all over the floor! Her makes up, clothes, dresses and even her underwears were all over the floor! how embarassing! who the hell would dare to do this!

"Uncle Xi!?" Xiao xiao tried to call mr.Xi Lan but no one answered! Now she doesnt really like whats going on, she have a bad feeling about this! When she went to the stairs to go in the second floor she stopped as she saw that someone is going down in the stairs! She look at the man, and she realized that this man was very familiar! Impossible! How could he look like my grandpa!? Xiao xiao looked back at the painting and looked again at the man who is about to be near her in the stairs!

"i can see that you are very confious," the man uttered as he continue to walk and pass by her, he stopped by at her things that was scattered on the floor, he kick one of it as he said, "im so sorry for this mess, i just want to find my father's stamp, because i couldnt find it anywhere in this house!" he uttered in his deep voice,

Xiao xiao could feel the danger in this man! He looks a bit scary maybe because of his beard and she could tell that he was about thirty five or thirty seven years old!

"My father?!" she asked, she was shocked to hear that words! How did it happened? She doesnt even know that her grandfather has a son! and more over they really look alike! She thought her mother was the only child of her grandpa but now it seems not like that!

"if you are really my grandpa's son, how come i never even heard that you exist!" xiao xiao sarcastically said, as she went near him,

"Theres no need for you to know since from now onwards you are not part of the Bai family!" he said with a smerk!

"and what does that mean?" xiao xiao asked!

"what your thinking right now is exactly what i mean, my dear niece!" He said as he stands up to walk away!

"How dare you! and who gave you such a power to do that!" she beamed at him,

"i am now the hier of this family and everything i say is should be obeyed! and that is what i want, to remove you from this house, from this family,!" He uttered as he turn back to face her!

"my grandfather would never allow someone like you to manage everything! how ambitious of you to say that! and he would never allow someone like you to hurt me!" she said at him,

"Unfortunately, your grandfather, i mean my father is out of his consiousness and i am telling you incase you think that you still have a hope in here, im telling you that Father will never wake up ever again! and ofcourse he needs someone to take care of the business, and i believe that you cant do that my young niece! and i am the only one capable of managing the Bai Corp," he uttered proudly! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"How could you even say that! if you were his son the least thing you could do is worry about him! but look at you! how can you say that he will never wake up again when he just regain his consiousness this morning! why are you so sure that he wont wake up again?" the was really frusrated at what he was saying! that wont ever happen, her grand father were okay just this morning he woke up, and now he was saying that he will never wake up?! "what....could it be...." xiao xiao couldnt believe what she was thinking!

"Could it be?....." she asked as her eyes started to get wet with tears!

"thats exactly what i did! i have never thought that this would be so easy!" he uttered smilingly!

"You...! you did that to my grandpa?! you!!!... how dare you! you tried to kill my grandpa! how dare you!!! i will never let someone like you to have all of Bai corp, i will sue you! i will report you to the police!" xiao xiao shouts out loud at him!

"Oh if your capable of doing that then go ahead! but unfortunately you have no one else to help you, and no one will believe you!" he said as he let out a small sarcastic laugh!

"Your crazy! jerk! bastard! i can now understand why i never heard anything about you from grandpa! because you are a bastard! youre trying to kill my grandpa!" she shouts at him, xiao xiao's blood is boiling from anger! She will never forgive this man!

"oh really? i guess i am, but i think i forgot to tell you something my little niece,!" he uttered as he smiled with that beardy face!

xiao xiao could feel the danger in his tone! she just looked at him figuring out what he want to say!

"i forgot to tell you, that...your the next!" he said carelessly,

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