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81.6% Life as Goku / Chapter 68: Chapter 63 - Bolas Encirclement

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Chapter 68: Chapter 63 - Bolas Encirclement

"Android 16 told us something a little special, not only did you time travel from the future, but you got your a*s beaten by future me as well. What do you think would be different this time? I got the most powerful armor on my side."

"No matter what I do, as if it is fate, you always seem to have some sort of way of foiling my plans. I don't know what past I ventured into, but you will not stop me, I can't be stopped! Not again!"

Lighting crackled around Goku and his blonde hair as he strapped on in. Super Saiyan 2, or as this universe would call it, True Super Saiyan. During his time in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, he achieved his transformation with ease. Time to put it to the test.

Goku put his hands on the ground mysteriously as the first move. Android 21 rushed in not wanting Goku to finish off whatever he started. Did he think he could bend the ground or something?

Her answer came to her when blots of ki started erupting out of the ground like a volcano spewing lava. Some flew into her path and it was getting harder and harder to dodge since there was barely any reaction time from when she saw it to it blasting in her face.

Finally one hit her, but it wasn't enough to bring her down, only to stop her. When she opened her eyes, it was met with ki balls all around her person as if waiting to jump scare her.


Endless amounts of ki balls gravitated towards her with no escape route in sight. She tried her best to bat them away while going forwards, it was her only option. Unfortunately for her, she batted one into another and it set off a chain reaction combining into one huge explosion.

Just the first interaction and there has yet to be any actual fighting. It was looking rather one-sided on every battleground so far, but not the side that the Earth wants.


"Your trash 16, you always have been. Did you really think you could beat me?" 16 was trying his best, but he was easily overpowered by the green monster that ate power.

"When it comes to my power, 1 plus 1 doesn't always equal 2, the power I absorb is much more than that!" It is true, quite an easy task for the genetic scientist that was Android 21 with her future knowledge. Of course, that was the same for her as well.

Both of 16's hands launched out of his arms aiming towards Cell. Dodge left, dodge bellow, such as predictable patterns. But since Cell was in the spotlight fighting all the time, it gave 16 enough data to fight him.

The remaining part of his arm glowed in light at the end. A blast of highly pressured ki lurched out and created an explosion on Cell's face. He didn't have the firepower to defeat Cell be he can surely stall.

Cell's entire head was deleted from existence with burnt residue on his neck. You can already see his cells regenerating as if recovering from a minor cut. 16 didn't let up and ran up to him with his arm outstretched. Performing a lariat, Cell fell back into the ground open for more attacks.

His two hands flew back towards them, but instead of going back to their owner, they went straight to the downed Cell with rocket boosters accelerating them. Puncturing a hole as large as the fist were, they opened their hands while inside Cell and unleashed Hell.

Cell's body lit up like a firework from the ki and exploded from the overextension. Of course, this wasn't the end as his body started to work faster regenerating from just one lone cell in the air.


Gohan and Bulla, proud of their coordination and teamwork clearly have never met Android 16 and 17. They were basically the grown-up versions of themselves but stronger and unlimited energy to unleash.

"What's wrong? I thought you Super Saiyan brats were going to put up more of a fight." As the Android taunted them more with their monotone voices, it really got into the children's heads.

17 and 18 separated the two and it was 17 vs Gohan and 18 vs Bulla. If they weren't winning together, they had less of a chance separate.

Gohan took a serious punch in the gut letting 17 lift his small body up while Bulla's back cracked from the pressure of 18's kick. Picking them both up, they threw them into each other. Gohan could see 18 coming in with another heavy hitter while Bulla could see the same with 17.

Gohan reacted fast and pushed Bulla up with his hands while boosting him up in the process. The Androids' fist crashed into each other where the children's heads were previously. Not missing this chance, Gohan and Bulla fired ki wave from top and bottom.

A ki battle against Androids? That was a battle they could never win. With perfect accuracy, they shot down each and every one with minimal effort watching each other's back in the process.

"What! I call bogus, they have to be using an aimbot or something!"

"Well, they are Androids..."

"Let's do the new move!"


Was this the new technique they were discussing earlier? Gohan encased himself inside a dense ki sphere with multiple layers like a hamster in a ball. Two one-way turrets jutted out from the front and Gohan put his hands in them.

Bulla did the same as him, but before she was fully encased, she shot out a string of buoyant ki connecting the two acting as a rope.

"What the...?" Creativity, that was something the kids had on them utterly stumping them on their plans.

Bulla started to run, and her ball started to rotate. Building so much speed like a racecar brushing up dirt until finally, she allowed the ki ball to launched forward. Although it was extremely fast, 18 still was able to dodge it from such a long start up time.

As she watched Bulla keep on going on her path, she notices the rope stretching as if it were about to tear.


Her head jerked back to where Gohan was but all she got was a bright ball of ki rushing at her. Smacked in the face, she fell to the ground from the hard impact. They were far from done. Anchoring herself so she wouldn't get pulled from Gohan's momentum when he landed, she started to circle the two Androids.

Feeding off of one another's speed and momentum, eventually, their encirclement got insanely fast brewing up the dirt underneath them like a hurricane. Such long practice, they were able to move perfectly in sync with one another.

Finally using the turrets that were thought to be a decoration at that point. Gushes of ki came out hitting the Androids on all sides. Even though each blast didn't hurt them that much, there was too many ki blasts in this Ki Storm attack accumulating their damage. They tired constantly to fly out, but the ki blast was extremely concentrated on the top combined with the dirt everywhere, forced them to go down.

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Back over at the main fight, it wasn't a fight of cat and mouse. Goku, although slightly weaker while in this form, made up for it from his superior ki tactics and strategies to always keep 21 in a disadvantage.

He had just thrown 3 Destructo Discs slicing both of her arms and her legs from her torso. He wanted to approach and finish her but didn't throw caution to the wind. Bombarding her with ki blasts while he ran up, her body was compiled in a shroud of smoke.

Mere inches away from the smoke, this danger sense was going off the charts.


Goku jumped away, but it didn't even matter. A purple hand-stretched like there was no tomorrow and found Goku's neck to hold. The smoke dissipated and revealed a mangled body of 21. Only her hand, which was quickly regenerated if the 2 other hands on the floor weren't any indication, was purple with strange black triangles on it.

Slowly, the purple started to corrupt her pink side shading her in a more evil look. It was having an effect on her sanity, as she looked more crazed than ever. Eventually, her entire body, from head to toe, was replaced from the previous pink to a purple accelerating her power to new heights.

Pulling him closer, she licked her lips as if she found juicy prey in front of her in the form of Goku and pointed her finger from her other hand that regenerated. The separated body parts earlier seemed like it gained sentience of itself and remerged with her already.

Firing a candy beam, Goku kicked her in the shin resulting in her misfiring her beam into the sky above. Coating his hand in ki to form a blade, he sliced the hand strangling him, and retreated back while 21 winced in pain.

He threw the arm that was still clenched on the ground next to him.

'Finally, this form came out, something worth testing it out on.' True heart of a Saiyan.

"Gotta say, I liked you better when you were pink. Hot pink was kinda in the name for a reason."

"SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUP UP! I AM TRIED OF LISTENING TO YOU TALK! AHHH!" Her power was out of control and you could tell that her sanity was going to leave her the longer she was in this form. Ki blasts were decorating their battlefield like it was raining fire. The fight from over there was affecting the battle more than Goku liked.

"Fine, fine, I won't let you hear my beautiful voice. But if you are transforming, it would only be fair if I did as well right?"

PostWin PostWin


Finished with another chapter, I saw that last week we were a few power stones away from our goal. I will release another chapter Wednesday because I am cool like that but I won't do it again next time. Remember to give your power stones if you want more chapters weekly!

Love you guys.

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