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Chapter 14: Chapter 14: Kattegat II

After that fateful encounter, Ace and Lagertha found ways and reasons to meet and get to know each other over the next few weeks, from likes and dislikes to learning bits about each other's pasts. It did not come as a surprise to Ace that Lagertha was stunned that he had already participated in a war and killed men; at this point, Lagertha hasn't become the fierce shieldmaiden that she was in the show; she's still a teenage girl that hasn't left the town yet.

Ace has also introduced Lagertha to Lief and Eric, telling her that they are on a journey through the lands looking for like-minded people to join them eve, usually ending with the killing of King Olaf. Hearing their end goal, Lagertha looked at them weirdly, saying, 'Are you serious right now?'. Seeing her eyes, the guys just laughed and did not bother to explain why they were so confident in succeeding. Although Ace has taken an interest in Lagertha, that is all it is for the moment, and he is not ready to trust her with the deeper stuff.

On another note, during the weeks spent in Kattegat, Ace also met Ragnar and Floki, both being just like their characters from the show with their charismatic and unique personalities. Ace has been thinking honestly about letting Ragnar and Floki join their group, but if Ragnar joined, that would most likely bring a problem; Rolo and Ace didn't want to deal with that mess of a man for the rest of his journey in Norway.

Thinking about this, Ace decided to ask them and let Ragnar know that the invitation was only for the two of them and extra people were not allowed. Ultimately, he decided that he did not want to join, and Ace would not push it since although Ragnar is a good warrior and strategist, he is not the only one in the world, and there is always someone better. After concluding his thinking, Ace found Ragnar and Floki and extended an invitation to his group, explaining the aims and goals he would like to accomplish.

Hearing Ace's explanation, Floki decided to join without much thought, especially when Ace told him that their journey would not end in Norway but would extend to the rest of the world in the future and that he could be the one to build the boats that take them on those adventures. On the other hand, Ragnar stood quietly, thinking about whether he should leave his brother behind or stay with him. After a few minutes, Ragnar joined as well, deciding that he and Rolo were no longer children and that they should start working towards their own goals instead of just being stagnant in this small town.

Seeing that both men agreed to join, Ace was happy and led them back to where he and the other guys were staying to introduce them to Lief and Eric and let them get Acquainted. Since the group got bigger, Ace has been thinking about whether or not to create a mark like Voldemort did with the death eaters but without the enslaving and pain part, keeping the ability to locate each other and call each other if need be. With this idea coming to mind, he started to brainstorm what kind of marking he should have; it should be unique, and that would also strike fear into anyone who sees and recognizes it in the future.

He also told his idea to the others, gaining their approval as it would be convenient for the group in the future when it gets more prominent, and they could add more functions to it as they go along. The group then sat around bouncing ideas of what kind of mark they should have but could not agree on a specific design. Seeing that they were getting nowhere, Ace decided to go out to see Lagertha, clear his head, and let her know that they would be ready to leave soon, having already spent weeks here in the town.

(Ace POV)

Having let one of the crows that I controlled deliver a note to Lagertha that I wanted to meet at our usual spot on the beach where we had been meeting for the past few weeks, I left the rest of the guys in the inn we were staying and made my way towards the meetup spot. Walking for a few minutes, I reached the place on the beach, sat on one of the rocks, and waited for Lagertha, who found her way here not long after.

"Well, well, isn't it my beautiful shieldmaiden in training," I commented as she made her towards me, earning an eye roll and snort from her.

"And if it isn't the fool on a quest to kill the king." she retorted, causing me to chuckle.

"Touche, come take a seat, and let's talk, shall we," I said, motioning to the space on the rock beside me.

Seeing this, she moved and sat beside me, wondering what I had to discuss.

"Me and the guys will be leaving soon to continue our journey since we've done everything we needed here, and it is time to move on," I said, looking her in the eyes as her gaze grew complex after hearing my words.

"You have only been here for basically one moon; can you not stay longer?" she said with a hint of sadness.

"I'm afraid not; you know the goal I have, and I also have a deadline to make with my family, so I have to complete my goal before then, but I was hoping that you would come with us on our journey when we leave," I said slowly.

Hearing the first part of my words, her face continued to be saddened, but when she listened to the latter part, she looked at me surprised for a moment before turning sad again. "Ace, you know I would love to go on a journey outside the village, which I have longed for, but I can't leave my mom with how sick she is," she said dejectedly.

"Do not worry about that. I also thought you would say that, so I especially prepared this for your mother to take care of her sickness," I replied, taking a bottle with a dark green liquid inside. I brewed This potion explicitly for her mother to get rid of the sickness since something like this is a piece of cake for me.

"What is that?" she asked, looking at the bottle with the strange green liquid inside.

"It's a medicine specifically for your mother's sickness and will allow her to get better within a week," I said confidently while handing her the bottle.

"Is there such a miracle medicine?" she asked suspiciously, looking at the bottle in her hands.

"Do you think I would lie to you?" I asked her back with a raised brow.

"It's not that; it's just hard to believe there's such a medicine in this world."

"Trust me, love, there is a lot in this world that you have yet to see, and it will flip your world on its head when you find out."

Hearing this, she looked at me with strange eyes, debating whether to believe my words.

"Just give the medicine to your mother and see for yourself. Once she gets better, come find me with your answer." I finally said, getting up from the rock and brushing off the bits of sand on my pants and then heading back to the inn, leaving behind a Lagertha who did not know what to do with herself at the moment.


A.N:)) comment what the mark for the for the group should be and i will choose the best one!!!

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