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Chapter 289: Crow's Rapier

Before my distilery arrived, I went back to the workshop, and handed all the materials together with Crow's rapier, to the old Lizard. He said "This will take me some time to upgrade. I should be done in about one week. Come back then, to pick it up". I nodded my head, and left the workshop. A week passed, and my distillery didn't arrive yet, so I went back to the workshop, and retrieved Crow's rapier.

"This was actually a challenge, but here it is. The rapier has been upgraded", the old Lizard said and handed me the rapier. I took a look, and said "This is amazing. You really are a good blacksmith. The weapons is still light, but the durability should have increased by magnitudes. Not only that, it's much sharper compared to the past. You also managed to keep the old design style. Very nice sword indeed". The old Lizard smiled, and said "Don't praise me so much. The materials you brought, were very good as well. This sword is now restored to its former glory, and even beyond it". I nodded my head, thanked him, and left the workshop.

I went straight to Crow, and gave him the upgraded rapier. Crow was stunned, and said "This weapon…. It's worth much more than I paid". I smiled, and said "In the future, we might add some Formations onto it. This will make it even better". Crow nodded his head, and said "I would love to. It seems you know some kind of Formation Master". I replied "This can wait, for when I return back to North. Collect as much money as you can though. Her Formations are not cheap". Crow nodded, and asked "When are you leaving?". I said "When my distillery arrives, and after I take care of some other things". Crow nodded, and wanted to hide the rapier, but I said "Wait a minute, can I try it out?".

Crow stopped, and passed me the rapier. He said "Sure". I took the rapier, and went outside. Crow followed me, and looked at me with interest. I swung the rapier upwards. It created a crescent shape, that flew towards the ceiling of the cave. Crow stared in shock, and asked "How did you do it?". I replied "I swung hard and fast enough, that it created this arc. I used a bit of my Aura too, but you should be able to achieve that without an Aura".

He asked "How?". I replied "Use your energy instead". I then threw the rapier back to Crow, and said "Just practice with it, when your arm heals. I will be back, later. Train by yourself for now". Crow nodded, and I left. I wanted to give Crow space, and let him figure out stuff by himself. 'If I told him everything, he would depend on me too much' I thought.

Another week passed, and Harlin finally brought the distillery. As I took it, and checked it all around, he asked "You will be leaving soon, right?". I nodded my head, and said "Yes. Everything has been taken care of. All of you guys, have new goals in front of you. Just strive towards them, and you should be fine. There are some small things, I just have to take care of before I leave, but I should be gone in a matter of a few days".

Harlin nodded his head, and said "Then this is goodbye. I will spend most of my time in Arangard now. I want to break through, and fight for that military position. Lazar already took over my network. As you know, he went outside Olrad, to get himself familiar with everything. As for Crow… He can stay here, as much as he wants. After all, this house is empty now. Someone taking care of it, is not such a bad idea". I nodded my head, and said "I will be back, although I don't know when. It may take a few years, but by then, your should achieve loads". Harlin nodded his head, and left.

I turned towards Crow, and said "We are not done yet. That arm of yours, should be healed up by now. I will take a look, and check how it healed". Crow nodded his head, while I started taking off the bandages. Fortunately, or due to my experience, the arm was connected back properly. I asked "Can you move it? Try moving your fingers, and so on. Just don't force yourself". Crow nodded, and started slightly moving his fingers, and his whole arm around.

After a while, he said "I can still feel some discomfort, but it works for sure". I nodded, and said "You will have to exercise it everyday. In the beginning, try simple things. Move your fingers once in a while, and let your arm adjust to the movement. When you feel ready, start grabbing something with your hand. It can be anything, just make sure it's not heavy in the beginning. Then move on to other exercises, gradually increasing the strain on your arm. This should do it".

Crow nodded, and asked "So, what about that blood purifying thing of yours? You said that, you were going to help me absorb it". I nodded, and said "That is why I didn't leave yet. Give it a few days, and let your arm adjust. We can then purify your blood. Just beware, it will be much more painful, than it was in the past". Crow nodded, and said "Alright". I left Crow to do his own stuff, and went back to the inn.

A few days passed, and Crow's arm worked properly now. He could move his fingers normally, and even grab stuff. Of course, he couldn't lift anything heavy yet, but this would change in the future. With his arm working properly, I said "Good, now just take the Extract, that I gave you. I will try to freeze your blood a bit, and slow down the process". Crow nodded, and drank the Extract in one go. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-rapier_38018488484297279">;s-rapier_38018488484297279</a> for visiting.

I said "Sit down, we don't want you to fall onto the ground from pain, do we?". He did as I asked, and sat down. I sat down in front of him, and waited for the effects to kick in. I didn't have to wait long, before I saw pain on Crow's face. I extended my right arm, and placed it on his body. I used very little of my power. My arm was much different, than it was in the past. The ice powers were magnitudes better now, and could freeze stuff pretty much instantly. The coldness seeping into Crow's body, seemed to be of great help, as his expression eased up a bit.

This was just slowing down the absorption, it didn't mean the results would be worse. The process would simply be less painful, but longer. We sat there for quite long, before Crow's face turned back to normal again. I stopped using my ice powers, and took my hand off of Crow's body. 'He fell asleep' I thought. Crow fell asleep with a slight smile on his face. He went through the process of purifying his blood another time. This should allow him, to break through his Inner Limits no problem. It was only a question of time.

I let Crow rest, while I took out some medicine making tool, and my new distillery. 'It's time to make that Zenith Earth Grabbing Sprout Extract' I thought, and began the process. This took me a while to make, as I had to make Prime Extract first, then use the distillery to make the Zenith Extract. I also didn't use all the Earth Grabbing Sprouts. I had quite a bit of them left. I also had seeds, of all the herbs that I got from Apium. 'With those seeds, I will be able to plant them whenever I wish. I wonder if they would grow in Great Forest?' I thought.

In the end, I received around 100 milliliters of Zenith Extract. This was a lot, but I wasn't about to use that myself. 'I can give 30 milliliters to Crow. He should have no problems absorbing that much. Besides, he will need loads of strength. Lazar as well as Harlin, will get 20 milliliters each. This leaves me with 30 milliliters. I will just keep it, as I don't really need to take that now' I thought, and waited for Crow to wake up.

Crow woke up after about a day, and was very hungry. I gave him all the meat he could eat, and said "With your blood now purified to even higher degree, you should be able to break through your Inner Limits in the future". Crow nodded, and said "I can already feel the difference. Even my energy seems to be purer". I nodded and said "Don't leave Olrad yet. For one, I want you to pass those two things to Harlin and Lazar, when they visit". I then handed him the Zenith Extract from Earth Grabbing Sprout.

Crow nodded, and said "I will do as you asked". I nodded, and gave him the third bottle, and said "This one is for you. Don't take it now. Take it before you attempt to break through your Inner Limits. When you do so, you can return to Sedon, and start working towards your own task. For now, focus on rehabilitation of your arm, as well as your senses. When you develop your instincts and break through, go back to Sedon and deal with the matters over there". Crow nodded, and replied "Alright".

DarkRay DarkRay

4th chapter of the week. And the last chapter of this Volume. Volume 4 ends here, and a new Volume, 5th already, will begin from the next chapter. I think I created around 100 chapters for this volume (if not more). This was the longest Volume so far... we will see what the future holds :D There will be 3 bonus chapters coming your way, as I already reach 300 chapters on p.atreon. Thanks for reading!

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