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61.99% Limits / Chapter 292: Family Visit (Part 2)

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Chapter 292: Family Visit (Part 2)

He struggled, and said "It's a lie. You are lying to me… you want to use me". Trek butted in, and said "Ricky, stop being stubborn. It's not a lie. You will become the next Village Chief. Woody is already dead, didn't you see the pile of flesh, when you walked in?". Ricky asked "Huh?" and turned around. He saw the pile of flesh, that used to be Woody. He asked me "You killed him?".

I didn't feel the need to answer that question, and said "If you don't want that opportunity, I can always leave, and let you guys deal with this yourself". Before Ricky could say anything, Trek shouted "Ricky! Stop being stupid". Ricky finally woke up from his thoughts, and said "Alright, I will become the next Village Chief. Remember though, I owe you nothing. I will not help you, if you ever need help. This will not be your home either".

I snorted, and said "Tough words for a kid. Don't worry, I have no need for you or this village. You can live your life however you like. After I leave, it's not going to be me problem whether you survive or not". I then took out some of the medicine I had, and said "Drink this". Ricky shook his head, and said "No". I replied "If I wanted to kill you, you would already turn into a pile of flesh. Don't argue with me, and drink it". He looked at Trek, and gulped down his saliva.

He took the bottle, and drank it. After a while, he exclaimed "This is medicine!". I decided not to comment on that, and took out some cooked meat. I handed some to him, and said "Eat as much as you want. We don't want you to be all frail, do we?". He took the meat after a slight hesitation, and ate. He ate quite a lot, and like a wild beast too. When he was full, he said "I feel much better now. My strength returned by a lot". I took out the Zenith Extract from Earth Grabbing Sprout, and gave him 10 milliliters.

I said "Drink this, and you will see the effects yourself". He took it, and drank the Extract. After a while, he exclaimed again "My strength! I feel much stronger!". I asked "At what stage of your limits are you?". He looked at me, but didn't want to answer. Trek did that instead "He broke through his Outer Limits. He didn't break through his Half Step yet". I nodded, and said "That should be fine. With my medicine, he should have enough strength to become a Village Chief. If my guess is right, he should be able to break through his Half Step in the future".

When Ricky absorbed all the properties of that Extract, he exclaimed "In the future? I can break through now!". He made a stance, and released a wild Aura. His energy started to increase, and then a quiet "boom!" sounded from within his body. I was a bit surprised, but Trek was quite shocked. He said "You did break through your Half Step indeed. Good boy, you have some talent after all".

He smiled, and said "Now, I can pay you back". He charged at me, while I simply waved my hand "BOOOM!". He flew through the doors, and landed outside with a grunt. I walked out, and said "Not in a hundred years. Do you think Woody was so weak? You are still nothing in my eyes, so I suggest keeping that hatred to yourself. My patience is limited". I grabbed him by his neck, and dragged him back to the house. I threw him onto the ground, and said "You trained him quite well. His hatred for me, is really deep. Not that it matters".

Trek scolded him "You idiot. He his helping you out, and the village. This is how you want to treat him? He didn't even ask you for anything in exchange. Are you really that blinded? Just like I was?". Ricky picked himself up, and lowered his head. I said "With this over, I will now take care of few people here. After all, there are a few of them, who can kill him still. They need to be taken care of". Trek nodded, and said "Yes, the ones who followed Woody, will just get rid of Ricky. This is a good idea". I turned towards Ricky, and said "Follow me. We will announce your new position to the village". Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

This time, Ricky didn't struggle or protest, he followed after me quietly. Because of the commotion, there was a crowd of people already gathered outside the house we were in. I stood in front of them, and said "This youngster here, is your new Village Chief. As the inheritor, I chose him, as the next Village Chief. If someone is against that, step forward". A few people stepped forward, and one of them asked "Where is Woody? He is our Village Chief, not you!". I threw my daggers, and killed these people immediately.

I asked "Anyone else?". The crowd of people feared me now. Some of them tried running away, but in front of me, no one in this village could do any such thing. With those people dead as well, I asked again "Anyone else?". The rest stood there, with fear in their eyes. I nodded, and said "Good. This is your new Village Chief. He is now responsible for this village and you. I will no longer interfere with your matters". I turned towards the house, and said "I'm leaving now. Whatever happens to this village from now on, is not my concern. Enjoy your retirement". I then left the Asturb Village, never coming back again.

Although the matters concerning the Asturb Village, were taken care of. This was just a part of my family. I planned to visit my father's side of the family, and check if any of my relatives were still alive. I knew the name of the Village, and I knew where it was located. It would take me a week of time at max, to get there with my speed.

I sped through the forest, and only stopped when it was necessary. After about a week of time, I finally arrived at the Savala Village. Two robust guards stopped me at the gate, and asked "What is your purpose here, stranger?". I replied "I'm looking for Otris". The guard replied "There is no such person living here, leave". I replied "I'm Nex Wintersteed, Raz's son, and Otris's grandson. Can you now tell me, where he is?". The guards became stunned, and one of them asked "Can you prove it?". I shook my head, and said "I don't know how to prove it".

The guard thought about it for a while, but then I got an idea. I said "My father used to practice a specific set of exercises. Maybe this will prove it?". The guard said "Show us then". I displayed a set of exercises, that my father used to do every morning. The guard nodded after a while, and said "Yes, this set of exercises originates from our village. It seems that you are saying the truth. Alright, follow me. I will take you to meet someone".

I followed the guard inside the village, and looked at the surroundings. It was similar to the Asturb Village. All people were working towards the better good of the whole village. The people seemed happy, and hardworking. The atmosphere was many times different, than that of Asturb Village, which I visited a week ago. As we walked, the guard said "If you are really Nex, then there will be some sad news for you unfortunately". I asked "Why so?". He replied "The person I'm taking you to, will explain everything". I nodded my head, and didn't ask any other questions.

We soon arrived at a small mansion. Probably belonging to the current Village Chief. The guard knocked on the doors, and waited. After a while, a woman opened them, and asked "Ian? Shouldn't you be guarding the gate now?". He replied "We have a special guest today. Take him to see Finch, they should talk themselves". She seemed confused, and asked "Why". He replied "He will know why. Just take him to see Finch". The woman nodded, and said "Alright. Follow me, I will take you to Finch".

The guard left, while I followed the woman inside. She asked "Who are you exactly?". I replied "I'm Nex". She stopped in her tracks and turned around. After a while of looking at me, she asked "Are you really Nex?". I nodded my head, and said "Yes. That is my name. Nex Wintersteed". She couldn't believe it for a while, but then smiled, and said "Welcome home boy. I'm Tina, your aunt. Follow me, I will take you to see your uncle". I nodded my head, and followed her upstairs.

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