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Chapter 1: Seized his attention

A tall young man exited the study room stretching his neck, flexing his back after a long video conference with a foreign client. His few unbuttoned white-shirt showed off his well maintained athletic body.

His features were sharp and prominent as if sculpted every inch carefully with great care. But his brows furrowed instantly when his eyes fell on the room door which was ajar and lights were on.

He checked his wristwatch to see 'Half-past two' in the night.

Instead of entering his room, he walked towards the room opposite his bedroom. His brows knitted tightly when he saw the untouched bed.

He pushed open the door to enter to see a completely vacant vast room.

His face darkened thinking Aria Cooper went out at night. He clenched his fist tight thinking she must have left the house at night. He was ready to go out to ask the security but he heard sobbing which paused his movements.

After going towards the bathroom he pushed the door which wasn't locked to see a tiny trembling body on the floor hugging her legs, burying her face between her knees.

Young man's hand subconsciously raised up towards Aria Cooper and he felt like somebody tugged at his heart.

He couldn't understand why Aria Cooper always influences him so much disregarding the fact that he never spoke to her in the past or after she started living in their family mansion.

He wanted to leave but he was rooted looking at her.

Alan Morgan, President, and CEO of Morgan Industries. He was the youngest businessman who was the cover page of numerous business magazines and talk of country A from the time he overtook his father's position. It may be looks or wittiness, he was finest in all.

He never cared about any females but Aria Cooper always seized his attention doing anything or nothing.

Her image in his heart was confident, brave, intelligent, lively, happy with a hint of arrogance whenever required.

But from the time she had to move to the Morgan mansion, she was none of that. She wasn't even raising her eyes to look at anybody. It was always a nod or shake of her head when anybody asked anything.

He never took care of anybody so he wasn't sure what to do looking at her who was crying. After some time he knocked on the door, "Ms.Cooper!"

His masculine and attractive voice made Aria Cooper freeze.

She didn't make a single sound after hearing him and wiped her red cheeks with the long sleeves of her T-shirt. She tried to stand up but she was too weak crying for hours.

Alan kept his eyes on her. Her movements were vulnerable yet it carried off gracefully. Her gaze stayed on the floor. He could see her face red, tear-stained cheeks, swollen eyes, quivering pale lips.

Seeing her taking wall support, he instinctively stepped inside the bathroom. Her first step made her fall back due to weakness.

He reacted very quickly and held her in his arms. He could feel her trembling. His gaze was on her face. To him, none of the faces were pretty and attractive as her.

But he never noticed her looking at him even once. Maybe in the past or being next to him or laying in his arms.

When Aria Cooper tried to stand, she slipped again which made his brows furrowed. He carried her without letting her fall on the floor or letting her take another step.

She looked very tiny and fragile in his strong arms and weighed nothing compared to the weights he carried in his gym every day.

He laid her on the bed. His actions weren't so smooth lacking the awareness in looking after anybody as he lived alone for a very long time.

His action scraped her leg when he swiftly moved his hand from her leg.

He felt his watch scratch her thigh and noticed her scrunched brows as their eyes met for the first time.

For a few seconds, he was blank looking at her moistened eyes glistening. His heart seemed to beat faster and he felt like time had stopped.

He took the time to divert his gaze. He had noticed her eyes never left his eyes unlike how other females swoon at his handsome face and blush.

He held her pearly white slender leg to check but Aria retracted her leg making him hold tighter. But she didn't let a single sound skip from her lips which were sealed all the time.

Alan saw the skin scraped with red light dots of blood. He turned around and checked a few drawers for the first aid kit. He took a band-aid and returned to the bed to see her sitting clutching the bed sheet tight looking down.

When his eyes fell on her leg, it made him realize that he had held her with a force that left a circular red mark on her flawless smooth skin.

He took a deep breath and proceeded to put the band-aid. His action turned a lot gentler like he was taking care of a small child.

He again laid her on the bed and pulled the quilt up for her. He turned on the night lamp as he turned off the main bright lights before leaving the room.

The whole time none of them spoke.

As soon as he left, Aria's eyes filled up again looking at the dark sky full of twinkling stars through the bay window. The tears started to flow uncontrollably but she didn't make any sound thinking the Young master Morgan would enter again.

She had seen him in a magazine. Other than that, that was the first time she saw him in the eye even though he was next to her numerous times.

When she felt the door opening, she wiped her tears swiftly and closed her eyes to seem like asleep.

Her movements were still caught by Alan Morgan who entered with a bottle of water. After going out, he had realized she was crying for a long time hence he brought water as all maids were asleep.

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His footsteps halted for a few seconds before proceeding inside to keep the bottle on the bedside table. He turned around to leave but stopped. He understood she would start crying as soon as he leaves.

He poured water to a glass and remembered to be gentle before helping her to sit.

He extended his hand holding the glass of water without uttering a word. Seeing her shivering hand, his brows creased, his hold on the glass tightened tremendously to the state glass could break anytime.

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