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3.57% Lookism [Masterpiece] / Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Uglyism
Lookism [Masterpiece] Lookism [Masterpiece] original

Lookism [Masterpiece]

Author: Kqro

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Uglyism

New ahh fanfiction, i will write this story to refresh my canon knowledge.

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"The most profound journeys often begin with a single step, but it's the courage to continue that truly defines the depth of one's character."

- Lao Tzu.


(Author Pov:)

On a white expance, an individual was seated in front of a computer with his expression full of excitement while he was compiling the survey.

His name is not important since he will soon reincarnated so let's go with the backstory.

Nahh I'm too lazy to write allat so i will make a simple summary.

This young guy just died while he got killed by truck kun, i know it's generic but i don't want to brainstorm for a complex backstory that will have no importance in the following.

He was the average gen Z guy, likes anime, manga, manhwa, manhua, novels, fanfictions, film, tv series ecc you know, the classic.

The guy died while he was going towards the store, he didn't pay attention at the road while he was reading Lookism and Boom, a truck crashed into him.

When he opened his eyes he found himself in the white expance, he thought that a Rob would grant him wishes but a simple computer and chair appeared instead.

I created them but he doesn't know that.

Anyway let's stop with the yapping and let's progress the plot, he currently is choosing his boons for his next life.

When he sat at the chair the computer informed him that he will be reincarnated into an alternate universe of Lookism as Daniel Park on the day he gets his second body and he can only chose 4 boons. And these are the ones that he choose:

• Intelligence Boost

• Memory Boost

• Comprehension Boost

• Parallel Thinking

A safe and good choice i can say, with these he can do many things.


(Daniel Pov)

When i opened my eyes i saw the ceiling of the old shack and turning my fat head i saw the handsome face of the second body that was sleeping: "So i really reincarnated huh?" I contemplaned and begun to make plans.

There was no memory injection with pain or a system window, because the computer said i will go without a system, and i already have the memories of this body and thanks to the boost i remember many things clearly.

Veins appeared on my neck and face showing that i was pissed as fuck, you ask why? Well, yesterday Daniel was walking on the streets after a haircut and he saw Mira with Zack, he looked at her and Zack became jealous but Mira stops him and apologized to Daniel, that fool though Mira was flirting with him so he asked her out causing Zack to lose control and beat the fuck out of him.

The annoying thing is that while Zack was humiliating Daniel the bystanders took videos of that and uploaded them online.

And now i need to deal with this bullshit, this shit makes me soo mad, I'm gonna throw hands with Zack that asshole!

The little pussy having taken a beating ran at home and cried, the next day i took his body causing him to die, do i feel bad? Fuck no, he was trash, not because he was weak but because he yelled at his mother humiliating her, he wasn't grateful for what she did for him, what a fool.

I understand that in the story he becomes better, but oh God, for hundred of chapters i suffered reading about him, he needed soo many beating and Ls to man up, he wasted so much potential and let's not talk about the second body. how can someone be soo dumb?

{A/N: He is my second favorite character ngl, it was amazing seing him grow.}

But.. i liked his character so i will utilize the full potential of this body and the second one!

So i decided to begin training as soon as possible and go to J high with the fat body, why? Because i want to beat the fuck out of Zack with the original body, this will be more fun hahaha.

Anyway with the boon of parallel thinking i can control both bodies at the same time, so no one will be able to suspect a thing, and you Charles... Hehe i better not catch you lill Nigga.

Right now it was morning and tomorrow i have the first day of school, so with the time i have i will train and practice some moves with the fat Body.


(Author: Pov:)

We can see Daniel running around the block full of sweat and panting, his fat was giggling constantly making it a funny scene.

He ran with difficulty to failure thanks to his willpower, currently he is laying down on the ground and panting furiously with his clothes wet.

"Hahh hahh Fuck! It's really difficult but this world laws are special so if i train to failure and with conviction i will grow stronger extremely fast." He said and after some minutes of rest he got up and begun to do squats till failure, the same with push ups and sit ups.

He found a stable bar and did pull ups too, and after all of that he drank some water and did everything again. For how many times his body could follow.

He lasted 2 hours and passed out waking up at home into the second body: "Damn that body is weak." He complained and with the short clothes of the fat body he ran outside with an incredible speed towards the original body and brought it home.

"I need to buy clothes for the 2nd body, i can't walk half naked." He made a decision and waited that the 1st body had rested a little and transferred his consciousness into it.

He took a shower and ate breakfast and walked out towards the shopping centre, while he was minding his business the people looked at him in disgust: "What the fuck are you looking at!?" He yelled annoyed causing the onlookers to turn and walk faster embarrassed not expecting the fatty to have an attitude.

"Hmph Pussies." He cursed them and continued on his way, in this world if you were weak willed you will only get crushed.


End of the chapter. Comment and leave a review with power stones if you want to support me. It's free for you.

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Author Out.

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