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Chapter 55 - Looter System In Anime Multiverse - Chapter 55 by gursimran_singh full book limited free

Chapter 55: Chapter 55

Yami arrived at the village head's house and entered inside completely aware that enemies were watching him. They wont act rashly as they have no actual idea where the supply base is located. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Not every ninja was insane enough to slaughter a whole civilian village and search for it. Yami was glad that at least the enemy this time was not that insane. He could feel that beside Kisame, all the enemies had chakra nature which was mix of water nature and gave a chilling feeling. So they could only belong to Yuki clan who had ice bloodline. He was fine anyway because Yami only planned to absorb Mei Terumi's bloodline from Terumi clan as she had rare two kekke genkai at same time.

Yami told the village head that there would be an attack soon after confirming the emergency code. This style was useful as there was no need for useless conversations.

Yami dropped his disguise as he could see that the enemy did not have any sensor ninja at all which made his job more easier. Yami immediately flashed using swift release body Flicker and appeared behind the enemies in an instant who were stunned as they were standing near a shack more than hundred meters away from him. Well Yami's physique was too powerful for them to understand..

Yami immediately formed three hand seals silently and used shadow bind sunflower jutsu. All the enemies including Kisame were forced stopped as they suddenly could not move even their fingers . Yami ignored their horror and after copying few ice release skills, signaled his shadow clone who killed everyone of them swiftly with a single kunai in their necks expect Kisame..

The jutsu of his sensei was too useful as Yami could easily bind even Kage level ninja with his powerful chakra reserves. Yami dispelled the shadow clone which he had hidden before even entering inside the village and got its experience. Then he leisurely walked towards Kisame with wide steps.

" You are too powerful Yami sama hehehe.."

Yami had a tick mark on his face because he did not like the sound of Kisame's creepy laughter. This guy always used polite tone when talking with anyone but he did not have a shred of respect in it. His laughter was creepy on top of that so Yami could not understand his style at all nor he wanted to though as it was just a waste of time .

" Stop with that creepy laughter already.. Kisame, do you want to take these corpses back with you? "

Kissm replied without hesitation " No, I plan to make an excuse that I was entangled with a team of elite jonins when they died.. "

Yami nodded in satisfaction because Kisame had natural talent for being a liar. He would prove useful in future..

" Okay then you can go but dont forget to update me on intel from time to time using the mind communication seal."

Kisame bowed and dissapeared using body Flicker while Yami brightly looked at the corpses of Yuki clan members and copied the best bloodline. They were all elite jonins so the youngest one who looked only about 15 or 16 had the most pure bloodline among them.

Yuki bloodline - 85% pure

Kill points - 1560

Yami was extremely satisfied with the bulk of kill points. Sure enough, powerful enemies like elite jonins gave many kill points. Yami was not sure about the actual criteria but he knew that jonin gave points from 100 to 200 and elite jonin 200 to 350.

After storing the dead bodies into storage scrolls, Yami fired a red flare into the sky which exploded like a small firework .

Soon his four teammates came and looked at their lazily smiling captain with dumbfounded gazes. They could not believe that their captain already finished the job.. They were seven elite jonins for God's sake! They did not doubt that Yami would lie to them about the capabilities of the enemy because they had way more trust in him for that. Yami's reputation among allies was too high because he always completed insanely difficult scout missions and his intel was never wrong. In fact he gave more intel than necessary most of the time which had saved the lives of many allies until now..

" What are you guys looking at me like that for? Toshio san, here check these scrolls and report mission completion to Hizashi san and the base . Damn.. your communication device is too convenient.. "

Yami yawned and Toshio's eyes widened from shock because he recognized five of the corpses. They were listed in the bingo book and were at least A rank threat each.. He had complete respect for Yami because the small contempt which came due to his small age had totally disappeared now..

After a while Toshio finished reporting the situation and five of them started running back towards the base as that was the instructions. Yami was glad as he did not receive intel from Kisame that Mei had participated in this mission from enemy side. He was not interested in anyone else currently so right now he wanted to enjoy nice food at the camp..

Now all four members had total respect for Yami because they had seen the corpses and recognized them as real elite jonins from Yuki clan. Powerful were respected in this world so Yami was not an exception. Yami of course noticed this but was too lazy to care about it. He had started showing mid jonin chakra level since few days ago to others so he wont be under suspicion now as it was famous fact now that Yami used swift release at insanely high proficiency. So it was not unbelievable that Yami killed seven elite jonins using surprise attacks.. Yami had destroyed the brains of these corpses so Yamanaka clan wont find shit from their memories..

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