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lord of mysteries: Esther lord of mysteries: Esther original

lord of mysteries: Esther

Author: AssClappicus

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Chapter 1: new life

November 9, 1348.

Tingen City, Ahowa County, Loen Kingdom.

The cold wind of late autumn blew into Iron Cross Street. At the intersection of the street at three o'clock in the morning, no one stayed on the street except homeless people or drunkards in a coma. It will be at least around five o'clock that the vendors who are struggling to make a living will come out to prepare for a new day of business. It is their rest time now, and only rats crawl out of the sewer openings.

The broken board hanging on the "Vulture Bar" was swaying in the wind. Suddenly, a crackling sound came from the half-open door. The rusty iron chain in the upper left corner of the sign suddenly broke and half of it collapsed.

No one would come to see it. The tired people were taking advantage of the time before dawn to huddle under their blankets and rest. The alert small groups all knew that the owner of this pub disappeared out of thin air half a month ago. After the bartender took away the cash, , the remaining things that can be exchanged for money have been divided up by them. In a place like this, disappearing out of thin air is basically equivalent to death. No one will bother to run this run-down shop. Maybe in a few months, there will be a new owner with a brand like "Vulture Bar". Once again filling the basement with watered down bad alcoholic beverages.

At this time, in this empty underground storage room, a girl was slowly lifting her body from the ground.

Esther was startled awake by the explosion in front of her face. When she opened her eyes, her right hand was blocking her right eye, holding something tightly in her palm. She did not let go, but used her fists to prop up her body so that she could sit up and take a deep breath. She seemed to have been holding it in for a long time, and she felt as if she had just crawled out of the bottom of the sea.

Her body was so stiff that it almost didn't feel like her own. Esther shook her head vigorously, trying to wake up from the inexplicable feeling of dislocation.

A candle in the center of the floor provided her with enough light, but the candle was almost burned out.

[This is...where is this? How do I dress...]

Esther murmured to herself. She raised her arms and glanced at the dusty and wrinkled suit on her body. This suit didn't fit at all. Her shoulders and arms were a bit longer than hers. She shook her head and looked. As for the hair hanging on the bridge of her nose, it was not the black she was familiar with, but a light cinnamon yellow with a slight curl, almost like golden frost and moonlight.

Esther suddenly shuddered, and wanted to use her free left hand to pull more hair from her head, but she used too much force and tore off several hairs. She stared at the hair between her fingers, feeling terrified. She crawled up her spine and climbed up to the back of her head: [Is this, is this nonsense? ]

What a nonsense.

Esther has read a lot of time-traveling online articles. She is also a person who is keen to kill time on various software. Those fantastic and exciting articles will also make her smile. But Esther never wanted this kind of thing to happen to her. For an ordinary person with a fixed social circle to disappear out of thin air would be too cruel to those close to her. Nagging parents, raised civet cats, good colleagues, college classmates who meet occasionally, netizens who enthusiastically share their interests - how will they face her disappearance?

Just thinking about it for a moment, the memories suddenly began to fade, and the details continued to drain out like a broken hourglass. The faces and names of people who should have been extremely familiar in Esther's memory gradually blurred, leaving only the scene that made her heartache: the face of her parents. She cried over the belongings she left behind, and brought home her tabby cat that loved to chew charging cables. Colleagues complained about the work she left behind when she suddenly disappeared, and friends sent text messages to her social account, but nothing came of it. When will she come back?

The extremely sad despair that she felt almost overwhelmed Esther.

Esther couldn't hold back her tears. Being alone in this completely unfamiliar environment, more and more panic and loneliness overwhelmed her. She covered her mouth and sobbed softly.

Tears flowed down Esther's right fist and into her palm.

Something seemed to be squirming inside, and Esther realized that she had clenched her fists tightly before for some unknown reason, as if she had forgotten to release her hands.

So Esther opened her palms - this was a translucent little bug with circles and circles of circular patterns on its body. It looked like it had no head or tail at all, but this little bug was arching its body at this time. Lift up one end and swing it back and forth on Esther's hand.

Although this little bug didn't make any sound, Esther did "hear the message" from it.

It was despising Esther's tears and expressed dissatisfaction with suppressed anger towards her, making Esther feel like she had been scolded inexplicably.

Esther cried even harder, holding the insect in her hands, and big tears fell on it: "I don't know either!" I don't even know why I'm here and where I am! ? I really want to go home, I don't know why I am here, and I don't want to have such an accident! ]

This scene looked very silly from the outside, but the insect seemed to feel Esther's emotions. It slowly lowered itself, and then curled up into a small ball, as if it had made up its mind not to talk to Esther anymore and let those tears go. washed over the body.

After Esther's outburst, her emotions gradually calmed down. After a few minutes, she finally stopped crying. However, when she tried to put the insect on the ground, it got into her sleeve at a completely unreasonable speed. In the mezzanine.

"Hey!" Esther panicked and shook her sleeves desperately, but the bug had no intention of coming out.

Esther hesitated for a moment, then decided to say: "Then don't move." ]

Of course, she received no response.

After Esther stood up, she tried to move her limbs. Fortunately, the whole thing was quite healthy and she didn't find anything particularly uncomfortable. In fact, she really wanted to find a mirror at this time to see what her "new identity" looked like.

After searching all the pockets on her body, except for a white handkerchief, Esther only found a dark brown wallet, but she didn't recognize the denominations of the coins and banknotes inside, and they didn't use the Arabic numerals she was familiar with. There were several extremely sharp blades hidden in the secret compartment of the wallet. Esther almost cut her finger when she touched it. There was nothing else inside, no ID card or driver's license, nor anything with contact information or place names.

She didn't touch her mobile phone. This was what confused Esther the most. Would a rich man wearing a suit have no money to buy a mobile phone?

Then she glanced at the candle on the ground and felt something in her heart: Even if this person doesn't have a mobile

 phone, there wouldn't be any circuits or networks here at all, right?

After rolling up her cuffs and trouser legs twice to make sure that she would not trip when walking normally, Esther picked up the copper base of the candle, reached the edge of the wooden stairs and walked up.

Fortunately, the wooden board above the underground storage room was lifted, so Esther did not need to move it by herself. She saw that there was a lot of brown liquid on it that was difficult to identify. Mellie walked to the front room. It was as messy as the back room. She could see a long bar with holes and some damaged tables and chairs. The floor was covered with thin dust, and the clearest footprints were consistent with the shoes she was wearing. of.

Esther didn't see any electrical appliances, but there was another oil lamp broken behind the bar.

Then she walked out of the house.

Facing the crimson red moon in the sky, Esther tightly covered her eyes, and uncontrollable laughter emerged from the corners of her mouth intermittently, gradually turning sad.

Despair was so clearly pressing in Esther's heart - this was definitely not the world she remembered.

Where could she go?

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