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Lord Summoner's Freedom Philosophy: Grimoire of Love Lord Summoner's Freedom Philosophy: Grimoire of Love original

Lord Summoner's Freedom Philosophy: Grimoire of Love

Author: Arkalphaze

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Red sky.

Black sun.

Underneath the hideous-looking sky, a bizarre scene currently unfolded.

A man, no, a demon. With red and hideous horns, purplish skin, sharp fangs, and a serpentine tail that is the main characteristic of the succubus and incubus tribe.


An incubus itself is a strange enough view that would make humans shivers because of the scene. But to add the oddity and bizarreness of the scene, red blood soaked his upper body, and in such a state, the succubus laughed at the scene of a corpse of a huge black dragon with its head torn from its body right in front of him.

By looking at the scene alone, anyone could define what is happening and what just happened. The huge dragon had just got killed by the incubus.


And how could an incubus that came from a demonic tribe that should only be capable of using illusion and mind magic, and the tribe that is famous throughout the world for the demon that loves sexual activity, could kill a dragon as huge as the one in front of him?

Only the dragon and the incubus, and whoever who saw the scene would know how the battle unfolded and what kind of tricks the incubus used to slay the dragon.

But one thing is definite.

The incubus paid his life as the cost of killing the dragon.

Countless deep scars are visible on his body that bleeds profusely, his last moment is just a step away.

"With this... The five hundred years quest completed... Heck, should I be happy about this...?" As if the strings controlling his body suddenly got cut off, the incubus fell flat to the ground.


As if responding to the death of the dragon and the dying incubus, a voice appeared from an unknown source.

<The eternal quest, defeating the evil dragon god, Tiamat has completed>

Is it from the sky? Is it from under the ground? Or is it a voice that appeared directly inside his mind? The incubus didn't know. Heck, he didn't even have any remaining energy to determine where the voice came from.

But there's one thing he's sure of.

"That voice... The god's... Voice, huh..."

<O hero that had abandoned humanity for the sake of the world's justice. What is your wish?>

Even though the incubus very much loves to retort the part that mentioned him abandoning his humanity for the sake of the world's justice, the last part of the god's voice is something that he couldn't half-heartedly answer.

"My wish, huh...?"

<Yes, it is your reward for finishing the eternal quest that is deemed impossible for other individuals>

"Heh, you're flattering me. Indeed... My wish... I've lived my life with completing this damned quest as the purpose of my life... I guess, in my next life, it would be great if I would be granted a life where I'm allowed to do whatever I could..."

"A place without having to be forced into a role... A life where I live for myself... Ah... What a great life... it would be..." Slowly but steadily, the incubus's consciousness drifted away.

And not long, the incubus let out his final breath.

<No role and freedom. The reward had been determined. Oh, hero of both realms, the one that had brought tranquility and peace towards the two realms of humans and demons>

<The great gods had seen your struggle and your sincerity, and all the angels who observed your deeds had all share witness of your bravery. Even if the mortals who didn't know the greater good would give you hate and scorn for your methods, hear this decree well, we, the residents of the sky, agree with all your doings>

<Your wish of freedom, will be redeemed in the next life>

<You will retain your memories of your previous life, and a special gift will be given to the slayer of the evil dragon god, Tiamat>

<May you find your happiness>



Lyan opened his eyes widely in surprise.

"Eh?" He exclaimed in surprise.

"Where the hell is this?" (Lyan)

Lyan got bewildered by the scenery surrounding him. Blue sky, endless trees, and the normal sun. It's not the red sky and the black sun!

"I-I'm back? I'm back at earth!?" Lyan exclaimed happily as he observes his surrounding.

"Illusion magic: [Show Home]!" (Lyan)

Mana gathered around Lyan, purple, pink, blue, and red colors that looked like an aurora in the sky surrounded him, and *Whoosh!*

The mana and the colors disappeared, and nothing else appeared.

[Show Home]

It's illusion magic that will create an illusion of path that will lead the caster right to the place the caster deemed as his/her home. But-

The magic could only show the home that is on the same plane as where the magic is cast at.

"Since the mana gathered because of the spell, then it means I could still use magic. Did the magic fail? Or did the-" As a fragment of his memory appeared in his mind, Lyan's thought process about searching his home paused.

"Stupid. Lyan, you're a fool. How could you forget?" Lyan mocked himself for his stupidity.

"Didn't the old sage lecture you before? The concept of mana and magic didn't exist on earth. Since the mana itself didn't exist in that world, no magic could ever manifest. Well, that lecture happened more than four hundred years ago, though..." Deep regret and sadness flashed through his eyes for a while, but after letting out a heavy sigh, Lyan could accept the fact that this is not the original earth he came from with a helpless smile on his face.

"Well, even if I went back, it's been hundreds of years so there won't be anyone who recognizes me anymore anyway. By the way, where the hell am I?" Lyan asked the thin air as he looked at his surroundings with a wry smile.

Suddenly, a certain voice appeared.

(You're sure a strange guy, talking to yourself like that) (???)

A female voice, the voice is smooth and clear enough to make men curious. But to hear such a voice in the midst of a thick forest.

"Hm? Who is there? Am I hallucinating? I don't think I'm craving for women so much that I would start to hear things, though," (Lyan)

(You're not! I'm real!)

"Seriously where did the voice... come... From...?" Suddenly his consciousness blurred, and his view changed from a dense forest into pitch darkness.

(Shit... Did I lose my consciousness again...?) (Lyan)


"Ke up!"

(Huh? I don't know what you're talking about. Whose voice is that anyway!?) (Lyan)

"Hey! Wake up!"


Lyan finally regained his consciousness after getting a powerful sensation on his right cheek.

"Eh?" (Lyan)

He regained his vision, but the view he saw changed. The thick forest suddenly changed into the view of a modern house's interior he would usually see in his original world.

(How nostalgic... Wait, no, this is not what I should be thinking right now. Who the hell is this girl before me!?) (Lyan)

Holding Lyan is an unfamiliar blonde girl clad in heavy armor. She has a face of a foreigner that is beautiful enough to be mistaken as a celebrity in his original world.

(Well, the only problem is that armor of her though) (Lyan)

"Hou... You finally wake up, now," The girl suddenly pushed Lyan away with an unexpectedly huge force.

"W-Whoa," Lyan maintains his form and successfully lands elegantly above.

(T-That's quite an unexpected force coming from such a beautiful girl, I guess that armor does suit her, huh…) (Lyan)

"Well, setting the jokes aside," Lyan observes his surroundings and tries to comprehend his situation with the limited information he has.

And the result is.

"What the hell is this!? Where am I!?" (Lyan)

A complete confusion.

(And… Who the hell are these girls!?) (Lyan)

In front of him, the number of girls had increased. Other than the armor-wearing blonde girl, seven other girls are standing beside her with a weird attire like her. They strangely give off a different vibe with each other and wear different attires as well.

Other than their beautifully weird appearance, Lyan noticed an additional thing about them.

(E-Each of them… Possessed an outrageous amount of mana from different elements…) (Lyan)

Right at that moment, Lyan's cautiousness raise to the ceilings. The girls in front of him possessed enough threat for him to raise his vigilance high enough. Hiding his cautiousness beneath his poker smile, Lyan initiated a conversation.

"Excuse me, but is anyone of you kind enough to tell me where I currently am? I'm afraid I still couldn't comprehend what is happening to me,"


<The Summoner met the spirits>

Arkalphaze Arkalphaze

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