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Love and Debt

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****WARNING: R18****

Nina was a normal high school student in Golden Oak School of the Elites. She belongs to the Bronze Class, where the students with the lowest ranks are.

Golden Oak is known to be the school of the rich and famous. However, the Bronze Class is where the students who got admitted because of sponsorships or scholarships.

Her family owns a small ramen shop near Northbay City Mall. Cross Realty Corporation was trying to buy all the land around the mall. They got almost everything except Nina's family business.

Andrew Cross was the CEO of a shipping company as well as the next successor of Cross Realty. His father asked him to persuade Nina's family to sell the shop as part of his training as the heir. He belongs to the Platinum Class of Golden Oak College.

When Andrew visited the ramen shop, Nina begged him to save her and her sisters from some gangsters who were asking his father to pay off his debt.

"How much is it? I'll pay for it." He said.

"Ten million dollars or we'll get these girls and sell them to the underground cartel." One of the men answered.

"Please help us. Please save my sisters." Nina begged.

It wasn't the first time they met, she's friends with some rich kids that he hang out with and met her there. She hated him. But he was the only person who could help them now.

Andrew looked at the girl who was begging in front of her. Her face was tilted up looking at his face. Her hazelnut eyes were sparkling from tears. Her red plump lips has a small cut in the lower part and her left cheek was swollen. Did someone hit her? He gritted his teeth but tried to hide his reaction from her.

She wasn't like the women he dated. She wasn't classy or sophisticated but there was something in her that mesmerized him.

"How do you plan on paying me?" He asked.

"I'll do everything you ask. I-I'll give you myself." She suddenly blurted.

She was so innocent. She doesn't even know what was playing in his head when she said that. He brushed his hand to her cheeks and wiped the tears flowing from her face.

"Then I'll buy you and your shop for fifteen million dollars. From now on, I own you. You belong to me." He said with a wide grin on his face.


**Book cover is mine. Please do not repost.**
Illustrated by elkshan

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    I'm guilty that what I like with your books are the hot scenes but I also love how the story gets better in every chapter. I'm in love with this book!

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    The book cover is good. It was a interesting so I read the some chapter s. I didn't notice I was already reading the rest of the chapters so I am already following this book.love the book

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