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Chapter 4: Wait what?

Todoroki Pov

Wait. What the fuck did I just say?

"Okay," all might says leaving the room. I squeezed Midoriya's hand. Nezu exists his chair and heads for the door. Probably to talk to the cops with all might.

Since both my boyfriends were with me I decided to try and show them some love. Since I was crying on Midoriya's shoulder earlier, I decided to place my head on Katsuki's shoulder. At first, I think I fought him off guard but I think he relaxed once he remembered the situation we were in. Katsuki wrapped his arm around my waist.

Midoriya was getting a little jealous of how much attention I was getting. He squeezed my hand. I looked at Katsuki. He was slightly blushing. I pecked his neck and placed my head back in his shoulder. (Damn what is this a TodoBaku.) Midoriya whined quietly. I opened my arm to let him in. He didn't verbally squeal but I could see in his eyes he was excited. He happily Sid under my arm. I turned my attention back to Katsuki. He looked tired.

"Katsuki if you're tired you can sleep," I tell him in a genuine tone.

"Whatever you say, but you've got to scoot a little," he says. I nudge Midoriya a little to get him to move then I scoot. Katsuki opens his arm for me and then places his head on the edge of the couch. I open my arm for Midoriya.

As I start to drift I see two figures enter, which I assume are Nezu and all might. Boy was I wrong.


third-person pov:

"We did it. We got them." Shigaraki said with a big grin. "I want Deku," Toga('s thirst ass) said. "Now now we'll all get our turns," Shigaraki states.

Dabi grabs Shoto and brings him into one of the three rooms. Nobody's going to touch my brother. Dabi places todoroki on the bed softly.

The other two weren't treated quite as nicely.


Katsuki's Pov:

I awoke in a room that I didn't recognize. I'm cold. Wait where the fuck is Deku? And Todoroki? I slowly sat up in the bed I was on, analyzing the room. Nothing much just the bed I was on, one window which leads to the next room (I guess) and a door. Also, the light was on.

I heard a faint knock on the door. "Bakugou are you awake?" A familiar voice asked. I was about to respond when the door opened. Toga? ok, what the actual hell is going on. I was going to lunge at her when I realized my hands were cuffed. Quirk control. Great. I look at her. she giggles. Then she runs over and jumps on me. "Katsuki-kun, I'm gonna have so much fun with you!"

"Toga where is todoroki? And Deku."

"Oh Deku-kun is next door and Todoroki-kun is two doors down."

She looked at me and then the door. I think she was deciding if she wanted to stay or go. I looked at the window. I saw Deku. Someone was in there with him but I didn't know who. I was having a mini anxiety attack. Who the hell is touching my Deku? They're gonna pay. Toga must have heard my growl. She hopped off me and skipped to the door.

"Katsuki-kun don't look so worried the fun hasn't started yet."

The cuffs weren't holding on to the bed or anything so I walked over to the window. Whoever was in there with Deku wasn't anymore. I knocked on the glass getting his attention. He rushed over almost in tears. I inspected the window a little bit more. I unlocked it and tried to slide it up. It went up a bit. Just enough to see under. I looked under the opening and saw the room was empty. When I looked through the window there was Deku. I slide the window back down and covered in goosebumps.

Midoriya's Pov:

I awoke to cold air. I shot up and looked around. I was in complete darkness. "Kacchan," I call out lightly. "Todo-kun." Nothing great. I waited for my eyes to adjust to the light. Wow, this is boring.

I could sorta make out that I was on a bed. My hands were cuffed together behind my back. Knock. Knock. I almost said," come in," but I didn't. Dabi slowly enters.

"Midoriya," he calls.


"Follow me."

I hesitantly get up and follow him. He leads me to another door. He quickly pins me against the wall. "Todoroki in there. He's emotional. If you fucking hurt him," he lights a flame. " I'll fucking kill you. Now please go comfort him." Dabi spins me around and uncuffs me.

I open the door. "Todo-kun," I call, disparity in my voice. "Midoriya."

He practically Knocks me over. I catch him and spin around.

I place him down. "Cuddles?" He asks.

I smile," Cuddles." We walk back into the room. I look at Dabi.

"I'll get Katsuki," he mouths to me. I give him a wink. Todo-kun and I lay down. He rests his head on my chest. I played with his hair.

"Todo-kun what's happening?"

"My brother's gonna help me press charges."

He grasps my hand signaling me to let him take it, I let him. He studies it for a second.

"Midoriya how do you keep hurting yourself?"

"I don't know. I mean I was having trouble controlling my quirk."


Todo-kun seemed satisfied with that answer. He seemed impatient.

"You waiting for Katsuki?"

"Yes. Why is Da… Tōya not back yet?"

Kacchan opens the door and enters the room.

"Katsuki." Todo-kun launched. I mean launched himself at Kacchan. Kacchan catches him. "Todoroki calm down."

Kacchan places him down and comes to greet me, he kisses my cheek a couple of times. Todo-kun looked jealous. Kacchan rolled his eyes and opened his arms. Todo-kun slides into them happily. He sat crisscross on Kacchan's lap, legs wrapped around him, as Kacchan rubs his back. I rest my head on Kacchan shoulder missing his warmth. "So nerd what's the plan?"


"Todoroki is pressing charges and ima guess his brother is too, right?"


"So like how do we get out of here?"

I looked at Todo-kun. "Well…"

"Well, my brother has a car. He can drive us back to U.A. but we'd have to be careful cause the other members are still here. Or I could have Toya distract them and we can take the train."

I look at Kaccan. I think we both made our choice. "Train"

"Alright, I have to wait till he comes back."


Kacchan smells good. Like way to good. Carmel. Mhm. I push myself closer to him. Todo-kun seems more interested in me. He shifts in Kacchan's arms. Kacchan as for todo-kun and I were trying to locate the sweet smells. I found the spot.

It was lowkey turning me on. We were all brutally interrupted when we heard the door start to open. We all shifted back into our original spots.


"Toya lets talk in the hall."

Todoroki leaves kacchan's arms and I slide in. The Carmel smell was coming back.

"Kacchan what did Todo-kun smell like earlier?"

"Peper and... I don't know… Candy?"

"Oh. Can you smell me right now?"


"What do I smell like?"

"Pinetrees and like nature."

"You smell like Carmel."


I sniff the air. Kacchan is overpowering everything else. I try and locate his sweet spot again. I found it. It's on his neck.

He found mine too. I pull back and lightly glance at him. My blush becomes a heavy red. Swinging myself towards kacchan slightly our lips meet again. They tasted so familiar. I was melting into the kiss. I swung my leg across him and straddled his lap.

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