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53.52% Loving The Demon CEO Alexander Grande / Chapter 91: Divorce

Divorce - Loving The Demon CEO Alexander Grande - Chapter 91 by bbrightvcs full book limited free

Chapter 91: Divorce

Back in City A.

Valerie and Jacob were in the middle of a big argument after what happened earlier.

"Don't you dare come near me!" Valerie shouted at Jacob who was trying to calm her down.

"Can you calm down for a second and let's talk?" Jacob said but Valerie wasn't in a state where she wanted to calm down.

"You lied to me Jacob! Do you know how many things I did to Sabrina because of your lie?!" Valerie yelled at him.

"And I'm sorry okay!?" Jacob yelled back, "I was an asshole I know, but can you calm down?" he said.

"Calm down? How can I calm down huh?" Valerie shouted, "I was embarrassed in front of the media and you expect me to calm down?"

"It was your own fault! Who told you to release those photos huh? You asked this for yourself!" Jacob answered her back.

"Oh so I'm being blamed now?" Valerie spoke sarcastically, "Thanks for lying to me, thank for not stopping me, thanks for being a douche bag!" she shouted at him.

"I'm getting tired of this Valerie," Jacob said, "If you continue this I'm going to leave you!" he threatened her.

"Then go! Leave me!" Valerie answered him, "What are you going to do after huh? Chase after you 'EX' who's now engaged?" she mocked him.

"She still loves me," Jacob spoke in gritted teeth.

"If that's how you comfort yourself then go," Valerie said, "But after she exposed you like that, you think she loves you? How pathetic," Valerie scoffed.

"You don't know what you're saying Valerie," Jacob warned her.

Valerie suddenly chuckled, "You know I always wondered why you were so against about marrying me before, turns out that you were in a relationship with Sabrina that time," she said, "Tell me, is she the reason why you won't have kids with me too? So that you can chase after her when you dump me?" she asked him but Jacob just remained silent.

"Silence means yes," Valerie chuckled coldly, "Did you even love me Jacob? All those years, did I even have a place in your heart?" she started to cry. She felt like her heart was being torn to pieces right now.

"I'm sorry," Jacob apologized. He didn't know what to say.

Valerie smiled coldly, "You're too much Jacob," she spoke painfully, "You're too mean," Valerie cried.

Jacob tried to approach her but she stopped him, "Don't move closer," Valerie said.

She did nothing but love and protect Jacob no matter what. She was a total fool for him. She did whatever he said, thinking that she loved her back.

But it was all on her mind.

He never loved her.

It was always and will always be Sabrina.

Valerie wiped her tears and looked at Jacob with a pained expression, "Let's divorce," she told him.

Los Angeles.

After a very long day, the family was gathered at the dining room, eating dinner.

"Do you guys really have to leave tomorrow?" Sabrina pouted at her parents.

"Mom is going to be transferred to City A, we have to be there," Javier answered Sabrina.

"When am I going to see you guys again?" Sabrina asked.

"When you probably get back," Javier answered.

Ysabel Walker was currently held by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) but her case was recorded in City A that's why she has to be transferred back to City A.

Chats, laughs, and good vibes.

The dinner finally ended and the elders decided to sleep already because of their early flight tomorrow.

Left inside the living room was Alexander, Sabrina and Julian.

"I'm glad that you finally found peace Uncle Julian," Sabrina said.

"Yeah," Julian said, "And I have to thank you for that," he smiled.

Sabrina waved her wands, "It's nothing Uncle, I was happy to help," she said.

Julian suddenly looked apologetic towards Sabrina, "I can't believe that I actually thought of that," he spoke to himself.

"What was that Uncle?" Sabrina asked Julian, not understanding what he said.

Alexander immediately shot Julian a meaningful look.

"Nothing," Julian immediately said.

Earlier, Alexander and Julian had a conversation. Alexander prohibited Julian from telling Sabrina the truth about what he did to her.

Alexander didn't want Sabrina to be hurt. Not now that things were going really well for her. He didn't have the heart to take away her joy.

"I wanted to apologize for taking your grandmother away from you," Julian said.

"You don't have to Uncle. She has done something that caused her what she's experiencing now. It broke me, yes, but it was for the best," Sabrina answered, "I'm thankful that you decided to send her to a nursing home for criminal elders rather than in jail," she said.

A last minute decision was made by Julian yesterday. Although Ysabel has pained his soul, he wasn't that heartless to send a senior citizen to jail. They looked for a nursing home that accommodates senior citizens that committed crimes and they ended up sending Ysabel there.

"It's already late, I probably should go now," Julian said.

"You can stay the night," Alexander told him.

"No, my family is waiting for me," Julian answered, "I'll just see you guys tomorrow at the shoot," he told them.

"We'll meet you there," Alexander answered.

Sabrina suddenly looked confused, "What do you mean we?" she asked Alexander, "You're not my manager anymore, Kenzie is now okay," Sabrina said.

"Oh you didn't tell her?" Julian asked Alexander.

"Tell me what?" Sabrina asked them.

Julian suddenly chuckled, "You probably should ask Alexander," he said, "I'll be going now, thanks again, Alexander," he said and waved goodbye to Alexander and Sabrina.

After Julian left, Sabrina turned to Alexander with glaring eyes, "What are you keeping from me?" she asked him.

"Hmm…" Alexander rubbed his chin, "Call me baby first and I'll tell you," he smiled at her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"In your dreams!" Sabrina said.

"Then I won't tell you," Alexander crossed his arms.

"Okay fine, baby!" Sabrina forcefully said.

"It sounded insincere," Alexander said.

"Ugh fine whatever, go keep it from me then!" Sabrina said, "I'm going to keep secrets from you too!" she stood up from her seat and was about to walk out.

Alexander chuckled, "I'm going to be your Jaden Wilson," he suddenly said which made Sabrina stop her steps.

Sabrina turned to him, "What did you say?" she asked him.

"Hello my Hanna Davis," Alexander smiled at her playfully.

bbrightvcs bbrightvcs

Yey Mass Release Friday! I signed up 3 chapters but ended up releasing four hahaha

Well anyways, i hope you guys are satisfied with how everything turned out for now.Of course, there will be more so stay tuned!

Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! Dont forget to vote <3 Love lotss and stay safe brights!

[You can only be so strong for so long until you reach the point where you break physically, emotionally, and mentally.]

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