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Chapter 5: Chapter 4-Is it gay to feed a man your semen?

AN: Warning! This chapter might be kind of gay, I guess. No there is no gay sex or kissing or anything like that, but you'll know what I mean when you see it. This story is not yaoi… I think… it kinda depends on you.

So you see, I was wondering if you guys also wanted femboys, or traps for the more old fashioned readers, in the harem. The harem will have woman and futa, but you guys can decide if Femboys count as female enough. All the same to me.

For those unfamiliar with the Femboys, they are basically effeminate men, who like to wear dresses, look and act "girly".

Femboys would also mostly be treated as girl, like the Futas, except they don't have vaginas, so yeah.

Example(Images here)

Do you want Femboys in the harem?




The meditation helped me feel better, as my head was feeling heavy after masturbating, which... I hope it becomes easier to deal with things once I'm higher level, which is why I need to find out if I can increase my attributes through sex, cause if I can, things will go sooo much better for me.

Can't forget I just have a year left before I can no longer get out of here by showing talent in magic... Then again, now that I think about it... How do I get the rest of my family out?... Letting them stay is dangerous cause I don't know what they'll do to them until I can come back... But for them to leave, I'll have to find a way around the slavery magic things...

I see only one real option... I'll have to make our master my bitch... I have the tools to do it with my abilities, I just need be become stronger and find a way to get to them, but how?! I'll have to find a way, later, for now, I'll focus on finding someone to fuck.

Getting up from my bed, first I went to get a wooden cup and then moved to exit the house, but on my way out, was interrupted by Mom.

"Hey, where do you think you're going?" Mom asked.

"Just going out for a walk, get some fresh air. Don't worry, I'll be back in time to do my chores." I respond.

"Fine, as long as you're aware. Have fun out there... Oh, and we have to talk later." Mom replied.

leaving with a nod, I was outside where our crops and the barn could be found. We lived a bit further into a village which all belongs to the master, so we're all slaves in this area... Anyway, moved somewhere near trees where I couldn't be seen, and then filled up the wooden cup with my cum going through the same motion as yesterday, except this time I didn't bother masturbating and just used my ability.

Going up, I eventually reached the area where the other houses could be found, and there were villagers here and there, going about their day. All the houses had some visible problems or were just falling apart, while lots of homeless or people starving to death, wasn't an uncommon sight at all. Just on my way, I passed 5 men seemingly dying with one of them even coughing blood.

As I continued more people in that circumstance could be found from man to woman, and the guards or more accurately the watchdogs of the master in charge of overseeing things won't do a thing, actually they contribute to the problem.

In this place, it isn't too uncommon for a group of people to come up to you to r*pe you, and the guards themselves also do it when they are bored, but since my family takes care of the farm, so they don't really bother us. However, they might if we catch their attention when we come to the village.

That's why I and mom mostly avoid this place and usually go to the market, which is farther, but safer since it's like a trading center of sorts, and is well-guarded and regulated.

So, why am I here now? Well, as a futa, it's less likely they will do anything to me since most guys are intimidated by my rod or just find it disgusting, and the bulge on my pants makes it clear, so I'm not too worried, plus my abilities will help me stay safe.

Even so, why here in specific? It's simple, I can easily find desperate young women... Is it predatory or wrong? Maybe, but so is slavery, and here we are... I'll at least help them by giving them my cum with healing properties, and save them from starving to death... So, who is the real villain here?! Probably still me... I'm fine with it though, I'm ready to resort to something as deplorable as rape if I have to, yes it seems, I am the scum of the earth, but then again I'll live and help out those I care for, so I don't mind being a horrible monster to the rest of the world.

After looking around for a while, I found a young woman with blue hair, pointy ears, and dark skin... It seems she's a dark elf, she was wearing a very tattered dress that was barely still put together and covered in quite some filth, with an obviously malnutered body... She was crawling seemingly trying to get somewhere.

<Lust Eyes EX>, I chanted in my mind to get a better picture of who my target was before engaging with them.

[Name: Mina Loperti

Species: Elf | Sub-Species: Dark Elf

Age: 139 years old

Sex: Female

Job: Housewife, Dancer

Class: Archer

State: Starving, Tired, Weak, sick, Unyielding

Lv: 2

Exp: 14/25

Titles: Slave, Enchantress Of The Night, Life Sucker


Hp: 4% | Mp: 15/15

Strength: 1/5(3)

Vitality: 1/5(3)

Agility: 2/5(4)

Magic: 1/5(2)

Willpower: 3/5(6)

Racial Talent: Wood Control, Archery Aptitude

Abilities: <Clean I>, <Archery H>, <Blowjob G>, <Sex Mastery H>,

Magic: Wood magic,

Lust meter: 1/10

Virgin: False

Marital status: Married

Relationship status: Baby Husband(76%), Beloved Daughter(93%), Female Best Friend(88%), Male Best Friend(62%), Female Friend(56%), Male Friend(48%), Worst Female Enemy(-92%), Female Enemy(-13%), Female Enemy(-56%), Worst Male Enemy(-98%), Male Enemy(-44%), Male Enemy(-4%)....

Love Meter: None

Personality: Kind, Caring, Dedicated, Loving, Open-minded

Weakness: Nipples, Vagina, Ass, Throat

Kinks & Fetishes: Cheating(Hidden), Big Cock, Nipple play, Blowjob, Deepthroating, Cock Choking(Hardcore), Vaginal Fisting(Hidden), Ass Spanking, Private Humiliation, Ear-Fuck(Hidden), Breastfeeding

Neutral: Anal, Choking, Hair pull, Biting, Scratching, Urination, Ear-Play

Turn Off: R*pe, Scat, Gangbang, Beating, Burns, Scaring, Public Humiliation]

Holy! She's... Pretty good... Let's try our luck.

I kneeled next to Mina and said. "I'll help you for an appropriate price."

It felt like I had to go in such a manner, because of the environment she lives in, after all, if you grow up in a place like this, you won't just take help from others and are more likely to trust someone who asks for compensation than someone who says, they just want to help you.

"W-... Wh-... What?!... " Struggling to even formulate a sentence, she could only display her shock at my words.

"I mean, I'll help you live right now, and you'll help me with something else. Do you want my help yes or not? Just nod your head if talking is too hard." I propose.

It didn't take long for her to nod her head.

"Ok, drink this and you'll feel better, it's medicine." I explained, and not having too much of a choice due to her situation, Mina just opened her mouth and took it in.

*Cough* *Cough* She choked a bit out of her weakness, but as I tried to move my hand with the cup away she pulled it towards herself, so I continued to feed it to her.

Soon she had drunk all of it, and as an effect of it, was experiencing various orgasms, but didn't seem to mind them too much, even though she was creating a puddle near her nether regions.

[You have performed a lewd act. You have gained 50 LP, and a 150 LP bonus due to the target being married.]

As I looked at her with my <Lust Eyes EX>, her hp was now 100%, and her state changed to exhausted, healthy, excited, thankful, and very horny from what it was before, while her lust meter went up to 7/10, and aside from that Platinic Love(1%) was added to love meter, as well as the relationship status as a benefactor.

"Thank... You... Please... help me... get home." She begs while grabbing my wrist which causes her to make an odd smile while saliva drolled and she squirmed with a clear climax.

Let's see where this can take me, after all, she has a daughter and her husband, he doesn't really matter.

Having decided, I gave Mina a piggyback ride as she guided me to her house, and I did my best to keep <Ecstatic Touch EX> on the weaker side of things. Even so, she would occasionally cum on my back with her already-soaked underwear. If I wasn't capable of controlling my meat rod to this extent, I would have the biggest boner right now.

[You have performed a lewd act. You have gained 20 LP, and a 60 LP bonus due to the target being married.]

Eventually, we got to her house, and just like most in this area, it was washed up and looked like it wouldn't last more than a few years before falling apart.

Inside it was simple and there wasn't much to be seen aside from a wooden table and four seats in the dining room, and aside from that there were two rooms and one bathroom, there was also a fireplace, but that was it. There were many patched holes all over the place, which was something that also happened at my house since things were slowly but surely falling apart.

As I was looking around, a man came out of one of the rooms, and he had a rather juvenile look... I'll just say it, it's a frikin shouta... And I didn't see a son in her relationship status... So... I guess it's her husband... He's also a dark elf, but he's about 145cm(4'5 ft) tall and had a thin body, though he was also wearing ragged clothes with a similarly disheveled look.

Without thinking too much about it, I used my <Lust Eyes EX> on him.

[Name: Vermil Loperti

Species: Elf | Sub-Species: Dark Elf

Age: 78 years old

Sex: Male

Job: Lumberjack

Class: Hunter

State: Starving, Tired, Weak, Worried

Lv: 3

Exp: 29/50

Titles: Slave, Tree Talker, Incestuous Father


Hp: 19% | Mp: 40/40

Strength: 2/5(7)

Vitality: 2/5(6)

Agility: 1/5(4)

Magic: 2/5(6)

Willpower: 3/5(9)

Racial Talent: Wood Control, Archery Aptitude

Abilities: <Archery H>, <Axe Mastery H>, <Log Maneuver I>

Magic: Wood magic,

Lust meter: 3/10

Virgin: False

Marital status: Married

Relationship status: Mommy Wife(86%), Sidehoe/SugarBaby Daughter(98%), Female Best Friend(74%), Male Best Friend(79%), Female Friend(60%), Male Friend(68%), Worst Female Enemy(-72%), Female Enemy(-33%), Female Enemy(-68%), Male Enemy(-45%), Worst Male Enemy(-88%), Male Enemy(-25%)....

Love Meter: None

Personality: Focused, Determined, Hard working, Loner, Loving

Weakness: Anus, Hair, Cock, Ear

Kinks & Fetishes: Incest(Hidden), Big Cock, Ear play, Ass Spanking, Lactation, Anal, Choking, Biting, Urination, Hair pull(Hardcore), Gangbang, Public Humiliation, Anal Fingering, Blowjob, Face Sitting, Step on me, voyeurism

Neutral: Cheating, Burns, Ear fuck, Private Humiliation, Exhibitionism, Cunnilingus

Turn Off: R*pe, Scat, Beating, Scaring, Cock&Ball Torture, Scratching, Spit-play]

"… Who are you and why are you carrying my wife?" Vermil was quick to question my presence here.

"I found her dying out on the streets so I decided to help her, though I don't mind putting her back where I found her, if that makes you feel any better." I retorted with a bit of pettiness… just a bit…

He looked at Mina apparently looking for confirmation, and she nodded at him.

"… I'm sorry for my rudeness… it's just hard to be sure of anything around these parts." As he spoke with a smile he looked me up and down, at some point focusing on my bulge before frowning then shook it off and went back to smiling.

"Hum.. yeah… anyway, she's really tired, which room should I take her to?" I asked.

Without saying anything he walked to the door of the room, he was in and opened said door, before signaling me to go in.

Inside there was a simple and old double bed with patches all over, and I put her down on it. Unfortunately it seems, I won't be able to fuck her just yet, but tomorrow I'll definitely do it.

After that, I left the room and Vermil followed closing the door behind him, before narrowing his eyes and looking at me all serious.

"Why was my wife in that state?! "Helping her out" is not an answer I'll take." He confronted me about the obvious wetness of his wife.

"Oh don't take it to heart, I'm cursed and touching me has that effect on people." I decide to borrow the bullshit explanation my family uses for my unhinged ability.

"Hahahaha! And you expect me to buy into that bullshit!!?? You have some balls to come to my house with my wife in that state and saying this crap with a straight face! Don't worry though, you're not leaving today." Vermil responded as he moved a wood plank on the floor, and got a bow and arrow then pointed at me, all very quickly.

"Hey… calm down… if you want proof of what I'm saying, all you have to do is touch me. I mean… look at me really… is there nothing interesting going on?" Using my <Lust's Transcendent Rod EX>, I made my semen come out of the rod discretely as I talked, then I positioned the amount I got out into my nipples. Disgusting! But survival comes first!

From there, I slowly pulled my shirt up reviling my breasts and Vermil as any sane man would have done, just watched to see how far I would go… I guess… anyway, using my understanding of him, I got from looking at his status, I grope my own two breasts with my two upper hands, and control the semen to come out as if it were milk.

As soon as I did so, I had to contain my urge to cringe, as I could see a boner rising in his pants and honestly I was a bit surprised to see that he was packing something surprisingly big.

Vermil swallowed some dry saliva as he looked at me and put the bow down as he began approaching me, and as soon as he was close enough, I touched his face with <Ecstatic Touch EX> full strength, and he immediately creamed himself as his whole body began trembling and he fell to his knees.

[You have performed a lewd act. You have gained 20 LP, and a 60 LP bonus due to the target being married.]

Just as a safety measure, I crouched and opened his mouth with my lower hands and with my uppers ones, I pointed my nipple at it and squeezed out my cum into his mouth then closed it.

[You have performed a lewd act. You have gained 85 LP, and a 255 LP bonus due to the target being married.]

I assume he still believes it's breastmilk because he immediately swallowed it. Well, this way I'll have him addicted to my white sauce and he won't want to try and kill that way… probably, but it's still better than nothing… it's my fault for letting my abilities get to my head… I'm still weak and until I'm strong, these abilities alone won't carry me through.

Not stopping there, I continued to feed him my jizz this way, until all of the cum I put in my beasts was over. What an experience…. If I told anyone in my old world about this scenario, they would think I'm on acid…

Just like all the others before him Vermil was tired by the end of it, and I picked him up then threw him into the room together with his wife, not bothering to see where or how he landed, that's none of my business, I mean the guy tried to kill me… I understand why and can't blame him… But he's also a cheater and with his own daughter! He has no high moral ground to take! Damn it!

In the end, now I'm horny and I still haven't fucked anyone… if by tomorrow, I'm not in some women's guts, I'm going to stop playing nice and just go full scum of the earth mode with no boundaries!

Well, let's go home and take care of my chores for the day.

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