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Lust Knight

Author: LamenThief

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Character Sheet (updated 19/05/23)

This will be the auxiliary chapter with basic information about Lucien, his family, wives, and other possible harem members.


To start, a brief summary of power realms:


Zero Realm - Most basic cultivation level of all, present only in some medium and inferior races; without any significant physical and magical improvement; Estimated lifespan of 80 years.


Mortal Realm - Initial cultivation of most common people of medium races. Improvements physically and magically several times greater than Zero Realm. Estimated lifespan of up to 200 years.


Earth Realm - Average cultivation of most medium races and initial of superior races. Improvements dozens of times higher than from Mortal Realm. Estimated lifespan of up to 500 years.


Sky Realm - High cultivation level for medium races but low for superior races. Improvements hundreds of times greater than from Earth Realm, significant changes physically and magically, allowing creatures to fly with their energies and rational beasts to have a humanoid form. Estimated lifespan of up to 1000 years.


Immortal Realm - Top cultivation realm for medium races, but average level for superior races. Improved thousands of times over Sky Realm. Not really immortal, but average estimated lifespan of up to 5000 years.


Cosmic Realm - Generally unreachable for inferior and medium races and current top power level for known superior races. Power improvements thousands of times higher than the whole Immortal realm PER LAYER (1/10). Estimated lifespan of + 10000 years PER LAYER (1/10).


Primordial Realm - Universal top power level and true infinite lifespan. Reached only by a few mysterious and legendary individuals who do not belong to a specific race and the goal of the current most powerful people in the Cosmic Realm. Power improvements yet unknown.




Now the list of characters; I'm going to divide the girls into four groups: Core Characters, Major Harem Members, Minor Harem Members, and Possible Harem Members.


This division does not represent Lucien's (Main character) preference but just the amount of "screen time" the girls have, based on how important to the plot they are.


I'll try to keep the descriptions as brief as possible to make this easier for me. You can find more detailed descriptions of the characters by reading the novel. 


And I will add original images (made by me using AI programs) for each character in their paragraphs. But since I'm not an expert and the WB bot is harsher, blocking images for no obvious reason, this process can take longer than expected.


However, you will be able to find these images without restrictions and extra R-18 original images of the characters in the Discord group of this novel (the updated link is in the synopsis of the novel and in my profile, feel free to join).


The following data will be constantly updated, and may not be 100% consistent with the novel, so you can always comment if you find something wrong. I will complement the information over time.




MC: Lucien - Host of Lust, 20 years old (almost 21), almost 2 meters tall, medium-long red hair, slim athletic body, obsidian horns, demonic/draconic red wings. Human / Demon / Dragon.


Core Character: Only the most important characters to the plot, especially Lucien's sister and the Sins. >>


Lust - The Sin.


Sophia - Lucien's sister, Host of Sloth, 23 years old, small pale body, red hair, sweet and shy personality. Healing and illusion skills; Soul Weapon = Illusory Bow.


Sloth - The Sin, sweet and shy personality, sexy and curvy body. Illusion ability.


Amelia - Lucien's sister, Host of Envy, 23 years old, 1.68 meters tall, pale skin, medium-size white hair, and white eyes. Jealous and possessive personality. Soul Weapon: dual short swords.


Envy - The Sin, jealous and possessive personality. Copy ability.


Eve - Lucien's oldest sister, Host of Pride, ~39 years old. Confident and overprotective personality, average body size, pink hair, extremely beautiful. Soul Weapon: Longsword.


Pride -  The Sin. Abilities related to leadership and respect.


Donna - Lucien's sister, host of Wrath, ~34 years old, altruistic and overprotective personality, tall and athletic body, red-bluish hair. Soul Weapon: Greataxe, plus several Soul Weapons from Wrath ability.


Wrath - The Sin. Abilities related to fury and destruction.


Naomi - Lucien's sister, Host of Gluttony, extroverted and over-the-top personality, average body size and pink hair, ~28 years old. Soul Weapon: Great shield.


Gluttony - The Sin, small body, and eccentric personality. Abilities related to absorbing any kind of energy.


Claire - Lucien's sister, Host of Greedy, average-size body, apathetic personality at first but ambitious and bold later, ~28 years old. Soul Weapon = Golden Blade.


Lucien's Mom - (FMC???)


Aylin - Deceased Dragon Queen of War (Lucien's ???)


Aisha -  Dragon Queen of Life (Lucien's ???)


The Primordials - (???)


A/N: I haven't mentioned much information about the Core Members yet because they are characters that are constantly appearing in the chapters or will start to appear more in the future. Anyway, if you forget who they are (except the last 3), please, just drop the novel, because either you have amnesia or you are not enjoying it so far.




Major Harem Members: Characters that already had and will continue to have a significant impact on the plot. >>>>


Cassidy - Portgreen's Queen, human, mature personality and body. Great Warrior and military leader, wind and blade skills. One of Lucien's wives that joined the harem in the Zero Realm but thanks to her high compatibility with him, she gains power faster than other women, thus being one of the girls with greater potential over time.


*A/N: Portgreen = one of the main cities of Argerim (first world Lucien went after the contract with Lust).*


Angela - Bluewind's Queen (Town inside Portgreen's territory), human, mature personality and body. Ice mage. Soul Weapon = Magic Catalyst. Angela is very similar to Cassidy in terms of personality and compatibility with Lucien. She also has one of the greatest potentials over time and is one of the first to awaken a Soul Weapon.


Daisy - Vampire, mature personality and body. Earth mage and alchemist. Daisy is another of Lucien's wives that best suits him, which in addition to the fact that she has already joined the Harem in the Sky Realm and, with high knowledge, makes her one of his current most powerful and promising wives.


Nea - Mermaid Queen, mature personality and body. Great warrior and born-leader. Soul Weapon = Blue Sword. Nea and Lucien's interactions haven't been many yet, but like other Major Harem Members, she has a high natural affinity with him and will be of great importance to the overall plot.


Maya - A Phoenix, mature body, naive and honest personality. Literally, an ancient and immortal firebird whose power is limited by the last reborn from ashes. Maya is not currently Lucien's wife but a means for him to prevent his and his sister's death from madness (A side effect of the Bloody Rose). Well, she'll stay in this category as long as she's an important piece of the plot.


Helena - Formerly an angel, now a dark-demonic angel (new variant); mature personality and body. Skilled Warrior with spatial powers. Helena may not be most readers' favorite, but she has great potential and has been totally loyal to Lucien even before he was born, so she deserves to be in this category. But of course, she's also an important part of the plot, especially given her former relationship with the Gods.


Alexa - Helena's granddaughter, angel, great warrior, and born-leader. Similar to her grandmother, Alexa will have great significance in the overall plot, standing by Lucien's side as he faces the Gods.


Oya - Mommy tigresses. One of Lucien's first and most loyal companions. She gained a humanoid body before the Sky Realm due to Envy's energy, but her power realm and overall strength increase at speeds far above other girls, leading her to be as strong as other Major Harem Members.


A/N: I tried to mention a couple more things about the Major Harem Members because they may go a while without appearing in the chapters, but they are still pillars of the plot below Lucien's Sisters and the Sins. I will add more stuff about them constantly.




Minor Harem Members: Characters that perhaps aren't too significant to the overall plot but can still have a lot of "screen time." >>


Mira - Naga Queen, one of Lucien's most powerful wives, also with one of the most exotic and beautiful looks.


Kamala - Naga, Mira's daughter. Ambitious and loyal personality. Great warrior with a powerful bloodline.


Mia - Cassidy's daughter, human, youthful personality and body; wind and blade skills.


Marie - Angela's daughter, human, youthful personality and body. Ice Mage.


Lena - Angela's daughter, human, youthful personality and body. Ice battle-mage.


Olivia - Human, mature personality and body. Dark-magic affinity, rogue skills. Former Guild Leader in Portgreen.


Jeanne - Human, former adventurer in Argerim. Loving and overprotective personality. A great warrior and a natural defender. Soul Weapon = Shining Shield (tower type).


Astrid - Half-manticore demi-human. 36 years old. Olive skin, long red-brown hair, 1.7 m tall, brown eyes. Cassidy's best friend. Fierce Warrior.


Scarlett - Human, mature personality and body. Brilliant strategist and skilled warrior. Former leader of mercenaries in Portgreen.


Rebecca - Human, brilliant blacksmith, creation-energy affinity. Former independent blacksmith in Portgreen (Cassidy's nation in Argerim world).


Anne - Fox-girl, youthful personality and body. Skilled warrior.


Elsie - Anne's cousin, Fox-girl, youthful personality and body. Skilled warrior.


Aria - Harpy Mommy. Wind affinity and sound skills; natural flyer.


Ella - Aria's daughter. Wind affinity and sound skills; natural flyer.


Maggie - Human, spy, reconnaissance specialist. Youthful personality and body. Spatial skills and fire mage.


Madelyn - Cat-girl, youthful personality and body. Wind mage. Former member of Lucien's fan group in Argerim.


Neola - Human, dark-skinned; great warrior and leader. Skilled archer. Former leader of bandits (former slaves) in Argerim.


Kylee - Human, member of Neola's group in Argerim, youthful personality and body. Great Warrior.


Lorelai - Human, youthful personality and body. Spy in Argerim, skilled warrior, and a smart girl.


Dawn - Human, former general of the Light Empire (a racist nation in Argerim). Fair and honorable personality, great warrior and leader. Amelia's best friend (such a hard job).


Ghalenna - Elven Queen in Argerim (minor elven rae). Ambitious and fierce personality. Skilled warrior and leader.


Ghilanna - Elven, Ghalenna's daughter. Youthful personality and body. Nature energy affinity (life energy variant), skilled archer, and healing skills.


Rose - Half-Vampire, Daisy's daughter, youthful personality and body. Earth mage.


Kara - Human, Former servant at Angela's castle in Argerim. Youthful personality and body. Slightly related to Angela (second-grade niece). A smart and naughty girl, but she is also hard worker and loving. Almost no combat skills but a natural protection ability and the main caretaker of Lucien's and their family's house in the Purple World. The Best Maid.


Ko - (Not a harem member, but a kind of daughter for Lucien). Tigress, daughter of Oya. She gained a humanoid body just like her mother due to Envy's energy. Childlike and loyal personality. One of Lucien's little princesses.


Genevieve - Angel, Alexa's subordinate who was under the orders of Agapius (Lucien's enemy). Ambitious and hardworking personality. Skilled warrior and spy. Not currently considered Lucien's wife, but a devoted servant.




Possible Harem Members: Maybe yes, maybe not; I can hear the reader's desire, but the final decision is still mine.


Valencia - Human, ~2000 years old, Former leader of the pirate faction of Blue Star (second arc world). Not a wife but one of Lucien's servants. Only time will tell if she will be able to pay for her crimes and get some love or be left behind.


There are other women that are loyal to Lucien directly or indirectly, but they are not important enough to be mentioned yet. 


I can add them to this character sheet or improve the information about the other characters at any time, so feel free to say what you think about it, point out mistakes, or ask questions.

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