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87.34% Lust Knight / Chapter 205: The First Celebration Party {R-18}

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Chapter 205: The First Celebration Party {R-18}

"AaaaaahhhhhH... Hubby!!!" After having a fantastic orgasm, Angela had another orgasm, even more amazing, while she felt Lucien pour his hot cum inside her ass.

Lucien held Angela's sexy body firmly against his body as he kissed her neck and whispered words of love in her ear.

The feel of her soft ass against his hips, her wonderful smell, and that position that allowed him to penetrate her easily made Lucien sure that he could start moving again inside Angela's ass and continue for hours and days without losing interest, on the contrary, he would love it more and more.

Angela was feeling the same thing as Lucien. Every time he fucked her, hard and lovingly like that, she got more addicted to it.

Her tongue wanted to move on its own and say the words that would make her desire clear, for Lucien to fill her excited pussy right now with his hot cock milk.

But Angela is a good wife who knows how to wait patiently for her next turn, or rather, she will try her best.

Lucien slowly pulled his cock out of Angela's lovely butt hole, enjoying every second of the addictive tightness.

Some of his cum dripped down her ass, making the girls drool while their pussies dripped with love juices because they were so horny.

Lucien usually controlled his orgasms well enough to fill his girls just enough and avoid excess, after all, if his troops saw his special milk being wasted, they would undoubtedly cry, saddened by the significant loss.

Of course, despite his incredible control, he still couldn't resist cumming more than planned inside Angela's wonderful hot butt hole. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

That was a sign of how strong his love for his wife is that he even loses control over his body. And clearly, knowing how Lucien is crazy about them, makes the girls even happier.

Having their bodies filled with his cum, leaking from their love holes, at any time they wanted is exclusive to Lucien's most beloved wives, and he will always have his life mana ready to fill them up again and leave them with a happy and satisfied smile on their face.

Lucien had promised one day, or rather the end of the current day and the other full day as a "celebration," and so he will do it, with just some breaks for quick snacks, he would give them as many turns as they wanted.

The next girl to get his attention was Mia, and just as she wanted, he fucked her tight little ass.

When Lucien came inside of Mia, a purple haze began to surge and rotate around his body, and then it went towards his horns and the base of his wings.

"You are officially in the second layer of the Mortal Realm, congratulations, hubby." Lust spoke while having a surprised and curious look on her face.

Lucien knew that the purple haze is his demonic energy, and it was making him feel very good while also making his horns grow a little more.

"Now that your horns and tail appear to be fully grown, your wings will start to grow quickly. Perhaps you will be able to fly before the battle against Amelia's forces." Lust explained.

Lucien knew Lust wanted to talk about something else, but right now they had a lot to do, and of course, every love session is not just for pleasure as this is the method he and his wives use to get stronger.

He controlled the purple haze, and it entered his body again. Lucien could feel a little discomfort in the base of his wings as they were growing, but that was not a problem as the great pleasure he felt with his girls suppressed any pain.

Lucien's wives were thrilled that he reached the second layer of the Mortal Realm. Although they haven't known about it for a very long time, Lust explained everything very well, making it clear that it is not easy to reach new layers and Realms.

Not only were they very proud of their incredible husband, but the girls were also eager to reach new layers and Realms, thus protecting their family and fighting alongside Lucien in the difficult future battles that they would have to face.

And of course, they all love the methods that allow them to get stronger.

Lucien finished giving affection to the cute Mia and then laid her body next to the other girls who already had the first turn while he paid attention to the other girls.

He kissed the girls, sucked their pussies, stroked their breasts, and of course, fucked their love holes in the ways they love the most until he finished the first round, paying attention to all of them.

Of course, Oya and Ko had their first share of pats and drank a lot of special milk. Although Lucien knew that little Ko would gain a very young demi-human form when he could use Envy's Copy ability, he could not deny her something that is very good for her body.

Then the girls sucked and licked Lucien's cock a few more times while they really washed this time so that everyone was clean and ready to start the second round in the bedroom and so on to have rounds in all parts of the house, and who knows... maybe in the garden too?

All of the girls were looking forward to the second round, but Jeanne was also a little jealous, she saw how amazing it was when the other girls had orgasms together with Lucien.

She really wanted to feel him inside her, and Lucien knew that. There was no reason to wait any longer, so he picked her up in his arms in the princess carry and headed for his big bedroom, followed by the other girls.

While Lucien carried Jeanne in his arms, she kept kissing him. For a time, she misjudged him and even hated him a little when he killed an archer from Mason's group.

But after getting to know Lucien better, she now understands that all he does is thinking for the good of his family. Maybe this is a kind of selfishness, but she understands that feeling well and wants to be part of the people for whom Lucien would do anything.

"Lucien... hubby, I love you so much." Jeanne couldn't help saying what her heart was screaming for her to say.

"I love you, too, my dear." Lucien had no problem saying that he loved his girls as often as they wanted to hear it.

His words, as well as theirs, carried the honesty of their feelings that were passed on through the connection of their tattoos.

After entering the bedroom, Lucien gently lay Jeanne on his bed while some girls drank wine and ate fruits from the trays that Kara always keeps around the house. Other girls jumped and rolled on the big bed, eager for Lucien to make them feel good.

Lucien positioned himself on top of Jeanne while their bodies felt each other's warmth, and he kissed her lips affectionately.

Also, he moved one of his hands to one of Jeanne's big breasts while using his other hand to caress her beautiful pink hair.

Jeanne couldn't help but giggle while asking a question that she already knew the answer. "Do you like my hair?

Lucien answered honestly. "It looks like my oldest sister's hair..."

All the girls felt a little bit of melancholy in Lucien's words, but there was also a little happiness and hope as he continued to speak.

"When I was five, and my mother disappeared, my oldest sister took care of my sisters and i with great affection even though our father didn't want us to be kind to each other."

"We were all broken and we are probably still broken, but for different reasons. My oldest sister's mother died, and she spent a few years alone with our father besides having to always had to take care of my sisters and i..."

"All of this made her hate our father as much as I do... I want to find her, bring her to our family, and take care of her from now on."

All of the girls in the bedroom were thrilled to hear Lucien talk about his oldest sister.

Jeanne stroked his face with one hand while using her other hand to keep his hand on her hair. "I know that you will take care of her and your other sisters. You have infinite love in your heart so that all the women in your family will never feel sad again while they stay with you."

Lucien smiled and kissed Jeanne's sweet lips passionately. "Yes, I will take care of them and our entire family. OUR family. You are my wife now, and I will always take care of you, my dear."

Jeanne smiled as some tears of happiness welled up in her eyes. "Yes! I am your wife, so mark my body with your love and make me yours forever!!"

Lucien's tail whirled excitedly, making his emotions clear as he kissed and touched every part of Jeanne's body, leaving his scent, marks of his lips, and his love over her entire body.

She just enjoyed his affection. Her pussy was already very wet, ready to accept Lucien's big and hard member inside her.

Then Lucien knelt on the bed as he rested Jeanne's legs on his chest and held hands with her, so he could move their bodies back and forth without being uncomfortable for her.

And of course, in that position, he could fuck her while seeing her lovely pink flower, her delicate belly, her big sexy breasts, her charming face, and her beautiful pink hair.

Lucien gently pulled Jeanne's hands as he moved slowly forward, rubbing his cock over her pussy and her cute pink pubic hair, lubricating his entire cock with her fragrant love juices.

"Mmm..." Jeanne moaned as she felt great pleasure in that stimulation, but her horny pussy was even more eager to feel Lucien inside.

"Ohhh..." He moved forward again, very slowly, rubbing his entirely cock over her pussy until even his balls had a little of Jeanne's juices.

Then he moved back, still very slowly, making the head of his cock tease every part of Jeanne's pussy until it reached the warm entrance to her pink cave.

Lucien smiled lovingly at Jeanne, who returned a wide and lovely smile.

'Together.' Both of them thought at the same time, and their words echoed in each other's minds as Lucien slowly penetrated Jeanne.

The tightness, the shape, the temperature, even the smell, which Lucien could smell even meters away thanks to his powerful senses, from Jeanne's pussy, as well as from his other girls, is always different making this occasion very special for Lucien.

He continued to move slowly forward, making his cock gently open the inner pink walls of Jeanne's pussy.

Jeanne held Lucien's hands tightly while she felt all the pleasure of the most incredible union that two bodies could have.

The great pleasure that Lucien's cock was giving to her pussy added to the marvelous and infinite love with which he filled her heart, made Jeanne's whole body become warmer and more excited.

"Mmmmmmmmm..." She moaned as her pussy squeezed Lucien's cock, willingly trying to take Its form as if it already understood who she belongs to.

Then Jeanne felt the tip of Lucien's cock touch her hymen, and she immediately concluded that it had been there all her life just waiting for Lucien to break it, completing their union.

And so he did, gently, of course.

Still, Jeanne felt a small part of the pain that Lucien did not force his mana to take completely because even that was something important, which most of his wives wanted to feel to remember that moment.

"AaaaahhhhhH!" But promptly, the pleasure of having Lucien's cock even deeper in her pussy made Jeanne moan loudly with pleasure.

Lucien ignored the little blood that dripped from Jeanne's pussy and continued to move inside her slowly.

Soon more than half of his cock was inside her pink cave, so he pulled out a little and pushed forward again.

Lucien's slow and gentle movements caused waves of pleasure to run through Jeanne's body. Her tattoo, which had previously been a little opaque, now glowed with a shade of intense purple.

The incredible pleasure, their feeling of being connected, and the fact that Lucien had given Jeanne's body a lot of pleasure even before the penetration made her quickly reach another orgasm.

Her pussy started to soak Lucien's cock with her love juices again, while Its inner walls twitched, squeezing his cock even tighter.

"Ohhhh!!! So tight... so warm... This is so fucking good, my love." Lucien couldn't help but exclaim.

For him, one of the best parts of sex is to penetrate his girl's pussy while they have orgasms because it gives his cock so much pleasure.

"Mmm… Hubby!! Fuck me just like that!! It's so gooood!! AhhhhhH!!!" Jeanne felt like she was flying while Lucien made her feel better than ever.

Lucien increased the speed of his thrusts and went deeper and deeper inside Jeanne. Her pussy, even completely filled with his dick, started to squirt love juices on the bed.

Jeanne felt her body go limp because of the consecutive orgasms Lucien made her have.

But in that position, holding his hands, she felt as if infinite power was running through her body along with the pleasure…

She felt that as long as Lucien held her hands, she could stay in that position for hours and days, feeling his cock kiss her most private parts.

Jeanne instinctively started to use the support that Lucien's hands gave her to pull her body towards him in sync with his movements so that his cock could reach the deeper parts of her pussy and leave no part unmarked.





The lewd sounds of Lucien's groin, hitting Jeanne's thighs echoed through the bedroom, making the other girls' pussies even wetter.

Moans of pleasure, a happy and satisfied expression on both faces... the gentle but also firm movements that took her to heaven, and so she returns to his arms to again rise even higher…

Jeanne had often wondered what her first time with Lucien would be like after starting to develop loving feelings for him.

But in the end, just as a part of her knew it was going to happen, he made everything so much better than she could have imagined... perfect was a mediocre word to describe how Jeanne was feeling about that moment.

She wanted to scream to the world how Lucien was making her feel so good, and make it clear how much she loves him for it... and the rest that came before... and also would come after.

Oh, yes... To complete Jeanne's first real sex experience, which would make billions of women in the universe envy her, Lucien filled her with his special milk, or rather, his infinite love.

"I'm coming, my dear." Lucien smiled at her.

Jeanne's smile became even broader. "Yes, hubby. Fill me with your hot cum!! Let me come again, feeling your essence inside me."

"OooohhhH!" Lucien didn't hold himself and let his feelings inundate inside Jeanne, painting her insides white with a lot of his special milk.

"Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…" Jeanne had another orgasm, much more incredible than the previous ones when she felt Lucien's essence filling her pussy.

Lucien lay on top of Jeanne while she hugged him, and he rolled their bodies, making her rest on his chest.

They stayed in that position for a few minutes. Lucien did not take his cock out of Jeanne, who continued to enjoy her incredible orgasm while her pussy twitched and squeezed Lucien's cock, begging for more cock milk even though a lot had already leaked out of it.

Jeanne started making invisible circles with her finger on Lucien's chest. "That was so good... I can't help wanting more. But my second turn ended, right?"

Lucien couldn't help but laugh at Jeanne's cute reaction. He could already see her joining the group of girls like Rose, who are always willing to make cute and pleading expressions to receive more attention.

"You will soon have a third turn, then a fourth, fifth... and so on. But yes, now I have to take care of Anne, or her tail may be hurt if she keeps shaking it that much."

"Yes, hubby." Jeanne kissed Lucien's lips before kissing his chest and getting off of him, making room for the other girl.

Anne quickly jumped on his chest. "I can't contain my tails. I get really excited when we're together like this."

"Hahaha... You are so cute, my sweetheart." Lucien wrapped his tail around one of Anne's tails, giving them both so much pleasure.

Anne wasted no time and positioned Lucien's cock at the entrance to her pink cave.

"Ahhh!!" She moaned as she mounted his cock, and his tail caressed hers.

Lucien called Marie, who sat on his face, so he sucked her, giving pleasure to the two cute girls, before fucking Marie's pussy, and next, the other girls'.

They had sex in a variety of ways and positions until the bed was a mess with their love juices.

Then they had a short break for a quick snack before taking a bath to start the third round.

So, they continued to mark the other parts of the house with their hot sessions of love.

From the training room to the halls, even to some of girl's bedrooms, then the main hall, the kitchen, and the garden. Of course, the girls always took a bath between the sessions so that their bodies were clean, only for Lucien to mark them with his hot cum again.

At the end of the next day, all the girls slept in Lucien's big bed with him after the cute Kara cleaned his bedroom.

They all had a happy smile on their faces and the same satisfied expression.

And the same thought…

'We need to do that more often!'


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