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Sacred Building - Magic and Martial War God - Chapter 17 by Sabin_Subedi_Fei full book limited free

Chapter 17: Sacred Building

"Oh, sorry I misspoke. I saw you guys playing well, and got lost in some thought. Actually, I want to ask the way to somewhere." Johnny asked awkwardly, he was fascinated by their play. So he actually asked to play when they were having a match.

"To where?" A guy, who spiked down, asked with a straight face. He guessed Fei to be new in this town. His tone wasn't arrogant, or humble.

"Well, I don't know how to say. My dad gives me this card but didn't tell me where can I find martial and magic arts, weapons, and cultivation medicines." Johnny took out his card and asked them honestly.

"Fenton card! Are you from the Fenton family?" The same guy had a shock in his eyes, so he asked to verify.

"Yeah, my name is Johnny Fenton but I and my family was living out. We just arrived today." Johnny answered in without hiding anything.

"My name is Michal. Please to meet you. Since you are new here, I can show you around." Michal put off the smile on his face and takes out his hand for a handshake.

"I already introduced myself. I am also pleased to meet you." Johnny humbly shakes his hand, putting the smile on his face.

"Well, let's go" Michal nodded then looked back saying "Today, practice on your own"

Then both of them began to move away.

"Can I ask your parent's name?" While walking away, Michal opened his mouth to ask.

"My father's name is Jack Fenton and my mother's name is Jane Fenton," Johnny replied, he felt this Michal was very sensitive towards Fenton's family issues.

"Oh, God! You're the first son of Dark King and War Queen." Michal's jaw dropped on the floor, the same for himself. He looked at Johnny in horror. Then, he immediately kneeled and asked for forgiveness "Please pardon my ignorance, your highness. I hope his highness will forgive me." He was really hoping that Johnny would forgive him.

"Stand up, what are you saying all about? Didn't I tell you, I just moved in today, even if I am from the Fenton family, you don't have to be like this?" Johnny felt much unexpected when he saw Michal kneel, begging for forgiveness.

"Your highness, please forgive me first" Michal didn't get and insist on kneeling until Johnny forgives him.

"Okay, okay I forgive you. Now get up and lead me to our destination." Johnny bends a little and patted his shoulder, saying so he starts moving ahead.

"Yes, your highness" Michal shouted while getting up from the ground. Fortunately, there was no one on this road.

Then, they start walking towards the south. While walking, he asked many questions about the Fenton family. He also got some answers about the Main and Branch Fenton family. The Main Fenton family is the lineage leads by the head of the Fenton family whereas the Branch Fenton family consists of different families from different castes.

His father and mother are from the Main family but fifteen years ago they left Antarctica and never returned until now. He didn't expect his parents to be role models in the eyes of teenagers like Michal and his friends.

He also asked Michal cultivation which was Junior Martial Artist Grade Seven which was four grades higher than him. After walking for whole fifteen minutes, they finally reached their destination. They stood in front of seven floors tall buildings. This high-tech building covered with Magic Formations. It wasn't a fancy building like most but definitely the safest building.

"Your highness, this is the place where you can borrow Battle Art and Cultivation Art. You can also ask for cultivation medicines and weapons. But please don't make any trouble inside Sacred Building." Michal looked at Johnny's eyes and explained.

"Well, let's go" Saying so, they went in. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Surprisingly there were no guards, they entered the building and Johnny was shocked at the view. It looked nothing like a modern building in fact interior was the place and designed in a very ancient way. On the ground floor, there were five bookshelves.

On each bookshelf, there were at least hundreds of books. These books were of different sizes and shapes. Most of them were think and short because they were Battle Arts. Battle Arts are comprised of five or six moves on the most, so they don't occupy much space.

Whereas cultivation arts give detailed explanations of vary of ideas about one's cultivation. Take Dark Energy Absorption art which is at least a hundred to two pages long. There are many details explained in it such as nine great meridians, their position, importance, and description. It also gives a detailed method of controlling energy inside the body.

Not only that, but it also includes some small meridians' detail and functions. Johnny and Michal walk in straight to the reception desk. There was an old man in shorts and a T-shirt. He had a white beard and white hair though he was still a bit fashionable according to his clothes.

While walking, Michal said something in Johnny's ears "Your highness, this old man may seem normal but he is one of the elders directly on the head of Fenton's family. Please be polite to him."

Though he has seen Johnny being completely polite most of the time, he was still cautious so he reminded Johnny. Johnny nodded and they reached near the old man.

Johnny didn't ask anything instead showed his card. He knows this card is a little different from the most of the card or even card that Michal possess. The old man looked at the card, they again looked at Johnny and said "You can enter the first floor, choose three Battle Arts and a cultivation art. Then return to the ground floor enter the northwest room and show your card. He'll provide you all the things according to your card level."

Hearing this Johnny nodded his head, while Michal was stunned for a second then thought about Johnny's origin. He shakes his head and said, "Your highness, I'll wait for you outside."

Johnny nodded at him and walk towards the stairs. There were many peoples on the ground floor but the number decreases on the first floor. According to Michal, the first-floor records Profound Rank Top-level battle art and cultivation art.

There were still many peoples but the space on the first floor was also large to accommodate such numbers of people. No one was bothering another; there was complete silence on the first floor. Fei first walks straight to the cultivation art bookshelf. Normally, the numbers of cultivation arts were less so, there is only one bookshelf.

He has energy art which is enough for cultivating till the peak of Junior Magic and Martial Way. For now, his focus was on the body, he knows something about this topic. Normally, he researched about thunder elements and found this information. Since thunder is the best body tempering element, the thunder emperor develops a cultivation technique that uses the thunder element to temper the body.

But body tempering is the Martial Way, so later thunder emperor announced this cultivation art to be used for those who enter dual Way. But original art was very sacred, so the thunder emperor separates it into different parts. Later, when he asked Michal about it, he got his answer. According to Michal, this cultivation art is present on the first floor though many people do not use it.

Since only those who walk on Magic and Martial Way can practice it, this art can be easily found on the first floor. Johnny remembers the detailed place, so he walked to the left corner of this bookshelf. Finally, he saw an old book covered in dust. He took it out and read the cover 'Real Thunder Body Art'. He smiled and walked towards the battle art bookshelf.

He first walks towards the Martial Art bookshelf, then takes a glance at every martial art. Finally, his decision was set on two martial arts 'Red Sun Spear Art' and 'Cloud Covering Palm'. After choosing them, he walked towards the Magic bookshelf which gathered much attention. They were not ignorant; they could clearly see this person is not an idiot because the martial art he chooses isn't the hardest type but the most powerful type.

So, the only reason to go to the magic art bookshelf, if he is a Martial and Magic Way cultivator. Though they wanted to talk with him they also knew the rules of Sacred building so they kept their mouth shut. On Magic bookshelf, he found the correct magic art for himself which is 'Thunder Spear'.

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