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10.48% Mama's Princess is Daddy's Beloved / Chapter 28: Satan for the whole world, but Handsome Angel for her.

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Chapter 28: Satan for the whole world, but Handsome Angel for her.

Li Wei looked at her angel and tilted her head in confusion. She was waiting for him to make her wounds disappear. "Handsome Angel, make it disappear soon or else Mama will see it".


Smiling at her way of addressing him, Feng Shufen asked her, "Why do you have to hide it from your Mama? Are you fearful that she won't let you play out in the garden again?"


The little girl looked at him and without giving any specific thought to his words shook her head, making her soft brown strands of hair go all clumsy over her face, "You got it wrong, Handsome Angel. My Mama won't ever stop me from playing because playing outdoor games always make your body get stronger. And she wants me to get more and more strong everyday"


Subconsciously nodding to her words, he was about to ask her again but the girl herself continued, "But even if Mama wants to see me grow stronger, she will still worry in her heart looking at my small wounds. She is always like that because she has only me with her to care for"


For some moment, the little girl's words led him to the world of thoughts where he could empathize with her. He could even feel her and her mother's emotions. And such thoughts in his brains startled him. Empathy and Sympathy were the skills that have never been in his system.


Feng Shufen looked at the little piece in front of his eyes who has brought so many changes in him, just in a day. There was something in her that was compelling him to change in front of her, to give her everything she was asking for.


Moving his long fingers slowly in her hair, he removed the strands that have covered her face back behind her ears and said, "Okay let's go. Let me see what I can do about those bruises. I am not any magician that can make them disappear but I will try to reduce the pain and the redness" Saying his words he swiftly lifted her up in his embrace and walked towards the house.


Li Wei giggled as she got up in his arms. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she put her head on his shoulders to look down behind his back. "Handsome Angel you are so tall. Your embrace is making me feel tall too. Will you always lift me up like this? I really like it up in this height", she said, pulling her head back a little so that she could look at his face.


The driver at the back looked in horror. The young master of the Feng family has lifted a little girl into his arms with such tenderness. When did he train himself to be this tender? If he remembers in the right way, he never has shown this side of him to anyone not even to his own nephew.


When his eyes got the glimpse of the little adorable girl in his arms, it got more wider. It wasn't the shock but amazement that filled his eyes. 'That girl … that girl … she looks so much like our young master. No, no she looks exactly the same like him', he mumbled in his head trying to grasp the facts his eyes were taking in.


"Handsome Angel, I can't go home like this. I can't let my Mama look at my wounded legs", Little Li Wei said with panic in her voice, when she saw him carrying her towards her house. She really can't let her mother look at her with these wounds.


"Shh … don't shout or else your Mama will see you like this", he said and then carried her past her house.


The little girl looked at her passing house and again asked with curiosity filled eyes, but this time her voice was nothing more than a soft murmur. "So you are not taking me to my house. Then where are you taking me? I have to get back soon before my Mama finish preparing the dinner"


Feng Shufen didn't reply to her, rather took her to the house which was constructed before House number 38.  Bringing her in, he called out "Sister Margaret, bring me the first aid box".


Li Wei Looked around the house. This house was much bigger than the one she was living in. She looked at her angel and asked in a surprised tone, "Handsome Angel, is this your house? Did God bought you this? Are you going to live here near us? Can I come often to visit you?"


The man did not know how to answer this little piece's question. She was continuously calling him angel when the whole world has named him as Satan's human form. Not getting the exact words for explanation, he simply nodded his head, approving her words. To some extent, he was liking the words this little girl was using to address him.


Placing her down on the couch, he got onto his knees in front of her. At this moment, Sister Margaret came out with a first aid box in her hand. Her steps were very hurried thinking something must have happened to their young master.


But when she got out, the scene that greeted her eyes filled her with astonishment. The cute, adorable, little girl from before was sitting on the couch comfortably while the man was on his knees in front of her, examining something on her legs.


Sensing the expected waiting presence in the room, Feng Shufen added his words "Bring the first box here and also get me some warm water and a fresh towel"


Without any delay, the woman handed the first aid box to him and went in to bring the other things required. The little girl looked at the lady and recognized her from before. She smiled at her but the woman was in such a rush that she wasn't able to return the smile back to her.


When she came back with warm water and towel, Feng Shufen wiped off her little bruises while blowing gentle breaths over it. Sister Margaret also got dumbstruck with the gentleness he was showing towards the little girl. Though the girl was really adorable and could easily pull the strings of anyone's heart but it was not anyone here. It was Feng Shufen, who was known for his strictness and cold and aloof behavior.


"Is it okay now or is it still hurting?" he asked after putting the band aid over her bruises. All this time Li Wei didn't make any noise as if there wasn't any pain she was suffering. Calling her a strong child will never be an understatement. Ashe really knows how to curb her pains without letting anyone know about it.


Those bruises were clearly nothing for adults but when talked about little kids like her, they were bound to be painful for them.


Li Wei shook her head and said, "How could that hurt? It was just small bruises and when you were applying the medicines, you were also blowing over it. So it didn't hurt even a little".  Saying her last two words she held her hands up to bring her bring her thumb and forefinger horizontally parallel to each other, showing about what 'little' she was talking about


She jumped off the couch, stumbling a little but then stabilizing herself. "Thank You, Handsome Angel!", she said as she wrapped her arms around his neck and placed a soothing kiss on his cheek. This time her kiss didn't shock him, rather brought a rare smile over his lips.


Seeing him smiling for the first time, Sister Margaret who was witnessing everything was taken aback. Her eyes got struck at the little face and then moved to look at the man. 'I was right before, when I said this little girl looked familiar. I was right. She looked exactly like the young master, the same grey eyes and even their face matches so much. She is just a splitting image of him'. She mumbled inside her head as she looked at the pair holding each other's hands and moving out again.


But was that really possible? How can that little girl look like him? Was she his ...

Scarlet_Shine Scarlet_Shine

Hope you liked the chapter!Do leave your comments to let me know. It's always feels good to hear views of my readers out. Believe me every comment of my dear readers bring a smile to my lips.Shower your love, votes and affection on the story to bring it in the eyes of more and more readers.And also if you have some time, then do leave some reviews to give some good ratings to the book.Love you all♥️

P.S.:reviews with few words will be appreciated instead of emojis.

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