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0.06% Mama's Princess is Daddy's Beloved / Chapter 1: The sweet little daughter.
Mama's Princess is Daddy's Beloved Mama's Princess is Daddy's Beloved original

Mama's Princess is Daddy's Beloved

Author: Scarlet_Shine

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Chapter 1: The sweet little daughter.

The sweet smell of chocolate flavors was mixed with the morning air of freshness. A lady in a beautiful perfect figure was standing in her kitchen while flipping chocolate pancakes on the pan.

Her hair was put up in a simple braid with several strands of hair coming out beautifully from both sides. She was too young to look so maturely gorgeous. With the way her apron was tugged in front of her, she looked more and more perfect to be a loving housewife at some sweet home.

Her smile clearly showed how beautiful her life has been ... as if she doesn't have any regrets in her life.

Gazing at the pancakes she felt satisfied as she quickly plated it on two plates, drizzling a good amount of chocolate sauce over it.

She undid her apron and took one last look at her pancakes, which were made due to someone's special demand today. But suddenly a scream was heard from one of the rooms inside the house.

The woman's expression drastically changed in horror. Her face showed intense worry as she rushed inside to the room, where the scream had come from.

When she reached the room, she wanted to laugh out loud. In front of her was a white ghost wandering on top of the bed as if it was lost. "Ahhhh! I am in a world of darkness. Someone, please save … save me please", the ghost screamed out loud.

The woman walked towards her little angel who had planned to become a small ghostess today. She had draped the duvet over herself and was screaming into the darkness she had enclosed herself with. 

"Yes! I caught a white ghost today", the woman said as she hugged the little body that was still draped in the duvet.

"No, No, you got it wrong, Mama! I am not a ghost but an angel that has been trapped in darkness. Help this baby angel get back to the light", the cute little voice said from within the cover.

"Oh, is that so? But why should I believe in a little devil ghost?" the woman asked, still hugging the little body tight in her embrace. The little girl was a huggable teddy bear who is better than any soft toy in the world.

"But I am not a little devil ghost. I am an angel ghost. No, no I am just an angel, not a ghost", the little voice sounded soothing to the ears, just like a gentle melody making the day more beautiful.

"If you are an angel, why do you need others to bring you back to the light? When you already have it inside you", the mother said as she lifted the cover, revealing the most adorable face in the world.

The little angel's hair wasn't very long, only reaching her shoulders. And a beautiful headband braid was done making her look like an angelic princess. The little girl's hair looked similar to her mother's - soft, wavy, and chocolate brown in color. 

"I know I have to depend on myself, Mama. But you also said that I can always depend on you as you are my family, so I thought it would be fine to ask for your help. Were your words from before false? I shouldn't depend on my Mama?" the little girl asked as she pinched her mother's cheeks like she wasn't the child but her mother instead.

The woman narrowed her eyes on her daughter, "You little devilic angel. You will always have a reason to prove yourself correct. Where did you learn such words to reason out? Huh?"

"Ummm … I don't have a clear idea but my Mama says that I am very intelligent for my age just like her. I can only blame her since I am her daughter", the little girl said while wrapping her arms around her mother's neck, hugging her tightly.

The woman could only shake her head at her daughter's words. She had to admit that her daughter was really intelligent, to begin with. But was it really her genes that made daughter so intelligent? She herself doesn't know the answer. 

The woman picked her daughter up and carried her towards the dining room.

"Okay fine, I am to blame since I was the one who gave birth to such a devilish little angel. Now let's go, breakfast is ready as per your wishes, it's your favorite chocolate pancakes. But remember Li Wei, you have to be good at your school. Don't test your teacher's patience with your unanswerable questions. Be good alright?", she said as she knew how troublesome her daughter could get when she gets in her mood.

The little girl nodded her head profusely like she understood each and every word of her mother and would genuinely obey it.

The woman, Li Xue could only nudge her daughter's nose seeing her obedience. "Okay now let's have the delicious pancakes first," she said as she placed her daughter on the highchair and sat on the other side of the table.

"Mama, should we try going somewhere?" the little girl asked as she looked at her mother with her twinkling eyes.

"Why, do you not like it here?", Li Xue asked, looking at her daughter's expectant eyes. She knew kids often get bored living in the same place for a long time. But her job as a dessert chef only allowed her limited holidays, which was not enough to plan a vacation with her daughter.

"Ummm it's not like that, but I heard Uncle Jin saying that Jingling city is a beautiful place to live in", the little girl said, taking in a big piece of pancake in her mouth.

Jingling City! 

Just by hearing the name, memories of her dreaded past flashed in her mind bringing the tidal waves, reminding her of the pain that she got from that city. The place that gave her the wounds that was still unhealed even after five long years.

Several memories were brought back to her mind by just mentioning a single name. That was the place that made her fear the crowd. The place that gave her the wound that was still unhealed even after five long years.

Scarlet_Shine Scarlet_Shine

Hope you like the beginning of this story!!

If you find any grammatical errors the , please ignore it as this chapter is yet to be edited.

This story is something I have thought months ago, and luckily this time the contest offered a topic with similar thing. So I gave it a try.

Please leave your views on the comment and also vote for this story if you liked it!!

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