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Chapter 40: Benefits Of Being The Third Party At A Dispute

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“Bang!” An Yunpeng did not wait for Zhao Qiyan to recover. He immediately hit Zhao Qiyan’s chest using his palm which went right through his chest creating a big hole. The blood was directly sucked out of his body and his lifeless body fell on the ground. It looked as if the life had directly been sucked out of his body along with the blood. (NT: imagine a mummy without bandages)

Bloody hand technique was quite vicious.

An Yunpeng took out the storage ring from Zhao Qiyan’s finger. His face was filled with ecstasy after he confirmed that the Xiantian pellet was inside the ring. For people like him, the biggest desire had always been to enter into the Xiantian realm. However, if he tried to break through to the Xiantian realm without using a Xiantian pellet and failed, then the penalty would be quite painful. Because once someone failed to break into the Xiantian realm, then that would lead to a total loss of cultivation and they might die as the worst-case scenario.

Using a pellet was quite beneficial, because even if the person failed to break through to the Xiantian realm and didn’t die of the rebound then he would not lose anything!

There were a lot of benefits of becoming a Xiantian master.

“Now!” Ye Xiwen jumped and while using the ‘Celestial Step’, he swiftly and suddenly rushed towards An Yunpeng.

“Young master, watch out!” The disciples of the Bloody Hand School suddenly saw Ye Xiwen and exclaimed.

“Too late!” Ye Xiwen shouted. A long blade flashed brightly in his hand and obscured the eyes of An Yunpeng.

“Puchi!” An Yunpeng was still enjoying this long-awaited ecstatic moment of his life and he simply didn’t get a chance to dodge Ye Xiwen’s blade attack, which was as fast as the lightning. An Yunpeng couldn’t react and was directly cut in half.

“Young master!”

“You actually killed our young master, die you bastard!”

Although these disciples of the Bloody Hand School had killed the guards of Zhao Qiyan, but this was all thanks to the taboo technique they had practiced. The most powerful disciple among them was only a warrior of the Houtian eight stage. So how could they possibly be Ye Xiwen’s opponents?

Ye Xiwen’s long blade beheaded all of them.

The praying mantis had caught the cicada! (NT: an idiom)

After killing all the disciples of the Bloody Hand School, Ye Xiwen did not dare to stay for long. There was a risk that the three Xiantian masters might leave the other side of the battlefield and come here.

He needed to escape before they arrived.

Ye Xiwen seized the two storage rings which belong to the two young masters. He did not stay there for too long and immediately left. Ten minutes later, the Great Qingcheng City Lord arrived and saw the dead body of his only son. He saw that blood had been sucked out of his son’s body and suddenly, he started to roar in grief.

“Bloody Hand School! You dared to kill my son, today, I vow to obliterate each and every one of you!”

After taking a detour, Ye Xiwen finally came back to the Tianyuan City. By this time, only half of the warriors had still remained in the City and rest of them had already left. They had come for the Xiantian pellets, but now, both the pellets had already been bought so there was no reason for them to stay in the city.

Ye Xiwen quietly went inside the inn. After entering his room, he took a look inside the two storage rings and immediately felt a burst of ecstasy.

These two young masters were quite rich. They indeed were the successors of two major powers. There were hundreds of thousands of low-grade spirit stones inside those two storage rings. For Ye Xiwen, this amount was definitely an astronomical figure. Even for the core disciples, having ten thousand low-grade spirit stones was already enough to call them rich. Possessing an amount of one hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones was already a dream, even for the richest core disciples, however, for heirs like Zhao Qiyan and An Yunpeng, possessing such an amount was understandable.

His stock of low-grade spirit stones had soared overnight. One could say that for a long period of time, he won’t need to find spirit stones for cultivating inside the ‘Special Space’.

In addition to these spirit stones, there were also some martial arts techniques present inside the rings, but Ye Xiwen felt that these techniques were not suitable for him.

In addition to that, there were a lot of medicinal pills and other stuffs present inside the rings. All of a sudden, he had become quite rich. Of course, that white armor was also present inside the storage ring which Zhao Qiyan had bought at the auction house earlier. Unfortunately, he did not get a chance to wear it and it had finally fallen into the hands of Ye Xiwen.

Of course, the most important harvest was the Xiantian pellet. Reaching the Xiantian realm was the biggest threshold for an expert. Many warriors would get stuck at the Houtian ninth stage and would never be able to break past this threshold. But now, with the help of Xiantian pellet, Ye Xiwen was confident that he could easily enter the Xiantian realm. Although now was not the time for him to enter into the Xiantian realm.

After he had finished checking the inventory, he did not return to Yi Yuan School. He directly began closed-door training. Although other masters needed to find a proper remote place to start the closed-door training, but he possessed the ‘Special Space’ so he didn’t need to care about finding a place for closed-door training.

The core disciples’ competition was only a month away. Initially, this competition was going to start after three months. However, this time, the Zhang family was also participating in the core disciples’ competition, which was going to take place in the Blood Yuan Territory. Since Blood Yuan Territory was going to open after a month, so the core disciples’ competition had also been preponed by two months.

Ye Xiwen wanted to outshine others in this core disciples’ competition. So, right now, he just wanted to concentrate on cultivating and practicing the newly obtained power techniques.

With the amount of 100,000 low-grade spirit stones in his possession, now he could practice freely without worrying about the consumption of spirit stones. He entered the ‘Special Space’ and the combustion of spirit stones began, the generated Lingqi quickly entered inside his body.

His cultivation started to increase rapidly and various insights about the power techniques started to enter his mind very rapidly. The amount of information was so large that it would be impossible even for a genius to comprehend all of it.

In a blink of an eye, a month had passed.

Ye Xiwen was moving swiftly inside the ‘Special Space’. His figure was like that of an immortal himself. His movements were so fast that sometimes, it seemed as if he had disappeared.

Ye Xiwen stopped with a look of surprise on his face.

“My hunches were right. This 《Celestial Step》 really has subsequent moves!”

This month, his cultivation was nothing like it was a month ago. With rapid advances, his cultivation had directly reached the peak of Houtian eighth stage. There was only a thin layer after which, he could break through to the Houtian ninth stage.

Similarly, his 《Missing moon beheader》 had also improved greatly. Now, he could continuously strike seven blades and the total power of his blade attack had also increased by five times.

His 《Tyrant body technique》 had reached the ’Xiaocheng’ realm and his strength had directly reached the strength of ninety-nine Tigers. This was the peak of strength that a master of the Houtian realm could achieve.


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