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Chapter 23: Best shot

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Numerous people who were paying attention to this fight had a feeling of countless eyeglasses breaking from falling down on the ground and now they could see the truth very clearly. Ma Ying was powerful enough to be placed in the top five figures of the inner sect disciples. Since the competition had started, he had constantly used his extremely tyrannical strength to rush rampaging through his fights all the way to the present.

However, no one had expected that Ye Xiwen had actually hidden his true strength and it was unexpectedly sufficient enough to be compared favourably with inner sect's top five disciples.

Ye Xiwen finally shot his Rushing thunder hand fiercely causing a thunderstorm-like rumbling sound which echoed above the venue.





Ye Xiwen directly shot a total six echoes. This attack was extremely fast, enough to leave afterimages.

"Ha ha, you dare to use your hands against my sledgehammer! You really are seeking death! Look how I smash your hands into smithereens!" Ma Ying laughed hideously. He used his two hammers like mountains and directly pressed down with overwhelming power to block all the space around Ye Xiwen.


With a loud sound of explosion, Ye Xiwen's hands directly slammed into the pair of sledgehammers, causing a huge shock wave.

Suddenly all of the people watching this battle were stunned, as they had imagined that both his hands would break apart and disappear completely from the scene. On the contrary, his pair of hands, like a formidable force, had directly destroyed the sledgehammers.

Ye Xiwen's one hit had blown those sledgehammers into smithereens.

Iron back silver monkeys possessed stronger body than ordinary as if reinforced with a steel frame. It was difficult for the swords and spears to pierce their bodies all thanks to that special liquor that they had regularly consumed. And this month he had also consumed a huge amount of the same liquor which he had stolen from their cave, and that resulted in reinforcing his mortal body to a great extent.

His power had already reached the strength of 19 Tigers, while Ma Ying had only the strength of 9 Tigers. Ma Ying wanted to overwhelm him using his power but he didn't know that his strength was 10 levels short of Ye Xiwen whose strength was far beyond his own.

"Pass like thunder and move like the wind!" Ye Xiwen, after destroying the pair of sledgehammers, slammed his palm right into Ma Ying's robust body.

"Bang!" Ma Ying simply had no time to resist and with a bang, he flew out into the sky.

"Stop!" Suddenly a loud burst of sound rang in the sky.

Ye Xiwen paid no attention to it and suddenly the air exploded beneath his feet. Using the celestial step, he instantly pursued behind his flying body with both his hands like a pair of shadows that filled the entire sky with a barrage of attacks and severely slapped Ma Ying's still-flying body multiple times.

"Lightning and Thunder!"

"Ghostly Thunder Axe!"

"Levelling Storm Four Strokes!"

"Boom!" Ma Ying's tall figure fell fiercely on the ground.All the bones in his body had been broken and his body looked in a very bad state. The most important thing was the sea of qi surrounding his body that was directly shattered in the barrage of attacks. This sea of qi was the essence of a warrior's cultivation, and was also the true storage place for the spiritual power. He had exposed this sea of qi, although he didn't die but his cultivation had completely been destroyed and in the future, it would be impossible for him to continue practicing.

Ye Xiwen knew that this villain would retaliate endlessly until he got his revenge, but in presence of such a large crowd of people, it was impossible to kill him. So, once he exposed his sea of qi, Ye Xiwen used this opportunity to completely cut off any future troubles.

"Ye Xiwen, how dare you, you did not hear me when I told you to stop?" At this time a figure dropping from the sky on the site. He actually saw a Yi Yuan School's elder clad in black clothes and was glaring angrily at him.

Ye Xiwen knew that this black clad elder was called Wang Jian. He was the lord of Yi Yuan School's penalty palace and hence was in charge of punishing disciples, which was reason why ordinary disciples were very afraid of him. And most importantly, Wang Jian and Ye Kongming had never been on good terms and this had led to a huge accumulation of resentment.

"Under the watchful eyes of the public, you have injured a disciple of the same school. If only our Yi Yuan School's ancestor had not set that law which allows bringing in people like you to grow up in the school. It's definitely a disaster for our Yi Yuan School!" Wang Jian said while buckling up the big hat on his head.

"Injuring the disciple of the same school?With a big hat like that, you can't even see, but do you think all the people here are blind? It was Ma Ying who attacked me first and wanted to kill me as well. I was just defending myself!" Ye Xiwen said bluntly. Wang Jian and Ye Kongming had been hostile towards each other for a long time, not to mention now that he had got a chance, he was simply looking for trouble.

"You really have a sharp mouth kid!" Wang Jian stared coldly at Ye Xiwen and said, "You say it was for self-defence but you have unexpectedly damaged his cultivation! Moreover, Ma Ying is considered a genius in our Yi Yuan School and by damaging his cultivation, you have committed a serious crime!"

"Then doesn't that mean one can't fight back in self-defence when he is being bullied, just what kind of law is this!" Ye Xiwen retorted then said, "Besides if he is really a genius then why couldn't he stop even one of my moves. He is nothing but a loser, and even if the school uses more resources in his development, it will be nothing but a waste of resources!"

"I was only defending myself and let the people do the justice because you can't hide anything from them!" Ye Xiwen said.

"Well I am the lord of the penalty palace and I have full authority over giving punishments. You have injured a disciple from the same school and the evidence is solid so don't even think about denying your crime!" Wang Jian suddenly used a tyrannical power of Xiantian level which caused his spiritual qi to explode and spread out like a big hand trying to grab Ye Xiwen. Then the qi turned into a claw trying to grab him by his shoulders. If he had been seized firmly by that claw then his shoulder would have dislocated then and there.

Quite vicious!

Ye Xiwen suddenly took a step and trotted very fast using his celestial step to retreat, but Wang Jian also caught up with him and tried to grab him with his claw. However, it almost missed him resulting into a terrible air explosion.

"Aaaaah!" Ye Xiwen gave a loud shout. He was forced into a dead end and Wang Jian used his tyrannical qi to firmly lock him down.

"Clang!" Ye Xiwen suddenly withdrew a long blade from his back causing a loud metal clanging sound and instantly used the first move of 'Cold moon beheader' technique called 'new moon beheader'.

Nine blade shadows suddenly appeared in the sky and fiercely rushed towards Wang Jian. These shadows were extremely fast and even contained some power from the rushing thunder hand.

Nine blade shadows contained a very monstrous power and spread all over the sky, unexpectedly blocking all the space around Wang Jian with unimaginable power.

No one had expected that his blade attack would actually be so powerful. This was his real strength. Since all this time he had been defeating his opponents with one move, he did not need to use his real strength but when he was cornered, he had to resort to his most powerful attack.

Swift and fierce knife-like wind was blowing in the venue causing a stinging sensation which was quite painful for the crowd.

"How is this possible!" Wang Jian's eyes flashed with horror as he had not expected Ye Xiwen to actually use this kind of powerful blade attack in such a desperate situation.

Wang Jian suddenly took several steps and his figure turned into a lightning flash and withdrew from the scope of this blade shadow attack which had instantaneously covered a large area. He barely escaped from this blow.

As he was going to attack again, suddenly a loud shout exploded in the sky: "Old fool, stop hurting my son!"

A big hand covered all of the sky and descended towards Wang Jian forming a few metres large palm made of qi.

Wang Jian's hands also stretched out to go up to welcome the incoming attack.

"Boom!" A terrible explosion spread in the range of tens of meters causing even the air to explode.


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