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Chapter 12: Cold Moon Beheader

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How could Ye Xiwen give the opposite party a chance to counterattack? Instantaneously, his palm stretched out and grabbed the wrist of that black-clothed youth, stopping his Zhen Qi blade almost immediately in its path.

However that youth's strength was still way bigger than Ye Xiwen's, hence he only stagnated for a split second before once again proceeding with the attack that was aimed to chop Ye Xiwen down.

But this short instant was more than enough for Ye Xiwen, as he had already made complete preparations for his next course of action, which was - Rushing Thunder Hand, eighth echo.

"Pass Like Thunder and Move Like The Wind!" Ye Xiwen shouted loudly, simultaneously his right hand was covered in a thunder-shaped Zhen Qi and only a moment later, he pounded his hand on the chest of that youth.

"Bang!" After getting shot by his palm directly, that youth flew upside down as his body soared high in the sky like a kite with broken string, before finally falling to the ground quite severely. His ribs got shattered into several pieces, as he was left in a miserable state without being able to breathe properly.

He stared at Ye Xiwen with his eyes wide open, and said in a somewhat surprised tone: " actually dared to overcast me!"

He had never thought that Ye Xiwen was actually such a madman that in order to land a successful attack on the enemy, he would deliberately withstand the enemy's attack first. Indeed, this could be rated as height of craziness.

"He He!" Ye Xiwen stopped his own bleeding; his complexion was somewhat pale. That intense hit that he took a moment ago caused his bone to actually peep out of the deep wound. The blood was incessantly oozing out of the wound. However right now, he had enough time to spare to focus on stopping his own bleeding.

He did not waste any time and immediately advanced towards that youth, who was on the ground completely powerless.

" cannot kill me!" At this moment, the youth finally got somewhat frightened and said. "I am a young master from the Zhang family; if you kill me, you will definitely suffer huge troubles in the future!"

"Once the battle began a while ago, it was decided that either you will die or I will!" Ye Xiwen understood that he couldn't release this guy otherwise the future troubles would definitely go out of hand. The recent experience had taught him that he could not have the so-called womanly compassion toward his enemies, this world was driven by the law of the jungle: the strong always prey on the weak.

Ye Xiwen gradually moved towards that youth.

"You...die!" That youth's face exposed a ferocious expression as he abruptly wielded his blade. A crescent moon shaped Blade Qi burst out and rapidly advanced towards Ye Xiwen.

Upon seeing that, Ye Xiwen stamped his feet and swiftly dodged to one side, thereby evading this dangerous attack on time. He had been keeping his guard up at all times, so how could he not guard against this one?

Rushing Thunder Hand, eighth echo!

A rumbling sound reverberated in the woods, making the face of that frightened youth grow even more intense.


After a bloodcurdling screech, that youth finally passed away with deep feelings of unwillingness and regret in his heart.

When Ye Xiwen saw that the youth was dead, he immediately felt relieved. Afterward, he sat down on the ground and started gasping for air, gulp by gulp.

However he didn't take rest for too long; he stood up and began plundering those three people's corpses. Killing people and then seizing treasures from their corpses, these two often went hand-in-hand.

Altogether he found twenty low-grade spirit stones from Houtian fifth stage expert's body, apart from 120 silver notes. Then he started searching the body of that black-clothed youth and soon came across a pleasant surprise. This black-clothed youth's body surprisingly had a storage ring. Moreover, its size was not small; actually it was more than nearly one-hundred cubic meters in size.

One must know that the storage ring and other similar spatial type goods were considered as most expensive treasures in this world. Even if it was only ten cubic meters in size, it would still cost one hundred spirit stones at the very least. And the one he plundered was one hundred cubic meters in size, then that meant it would certainly cost more than one thousand low-grade spirit stones. In Yi Yuan School, only the elders of Xiantian realm had enough financial resources to buy one. Ye Xiwen had only seen his foster father wearing one on his finger.

He had not expected that this black-clothed youth would actually have a storage ring with the storage space of one hundred cubic meters. He indeed deserved to be called the young master of Zhang family.

Having obtained the storage ring, Ye Xiwen explored it thoroughly and was enthralled seeing its appearance. As expected, in comparison with this black-clothed youth, those two Houtian fifth stage experts seemed quite insignificant.

Inside the storage ring, there were more than five hundred low-grade spirit stones. This scene instantly stole away all his worries as there shouldn't be a lack of spirit stones for some time. Apart from spirit stones, there were also twelve thousand silver taels stored within it. Obviously, that was the most pleasant surprise for Ye Xiwen. More surprising was the fact that the storage ring also had a secret martial art book and it was exactly the same technique which was used by that black-clothed youth a while ago; the same technique in which he condensed his own Zhen Qi to form a weapon. Even when this black-clothed youth was at Houtian sixth stage, his strength could rival that of an expert of Xiantian realm. This explained that this power technique was certainly very extraordinary.

This power technique was called "Cold Moon Beheader" and it was surprisingly a Xiantian level power technique. Cold Moon Beheader altogether had three layers: the first layer was called 'New Moon Beheader', the second layer was called 'Missing Moon Beheader', and the third layer was called 'Full Moon Beheader'. After having mastered the New Moon Beheader, its might could be compared to that of mid-level power techniques. Similarly, the might obtained from the Missing Moon Beheader was equivalent to that of high-level power techniques. In case of the Full Moon Beheader, it could display the might of Xiantian level power techniques once mastered.

Its might could be considered boundless!

Originally, Ye Xiwen had also considered learning a weapon-type martial art in the future so as to complement his battle deficiency. Now that he had obtained this "Cold Moon Beheader", it would fully solve his problem. This technique could be used to release a long blade, condensed out of one's own Zhen Qi. In fact, there was a unique set of sturdy weapons which could be congealed out of Zhen Qi in order to display the true might of 'Cold Moon Beheader'.

Ye Xiwen hurriedly collected all the items into the storage ring then quickly left the scene. Out of all the groups which were chasing him, almost each one of them was very difficult to get rid of. It could be estimated that before long, a group would certainly come over hearing the sound of any activity. And as per the current condition of Ye Xiwen, he really had no way to deal with the following groups. Hence, he must find a place to heal up as soon as possible.

Shortly after he left, a small group of five men reached there, led by a middle-aged man who had a long scar on his face. However, when he saw the corpses of three of his own men lying on the ground, his complexion immediately turned pale; especially after seeing the corpse of the young master. This made his eyelids jump up while his scarred face exposed an intense malevolent expression.

"Pursue, make sure that you catch the murderer and hand him over to me; I will kill him with my own hands! He has killed two young masters of our Zhang family; if we fail to catch him then might as well just die!" The scar-faced man fiercely said. The imposing aura rushed completely out of his whole body. He was actually at the peak of Houtian seventh stage. "Inform our people, and tell them that I want them all to pursue the murderer. Be sure to kill this murderer, tear him into pieces. Catch any suspicious people you find and kill them. You may kill the innocent rather than letting off the guilty, understood?!"

"Yes!" Several warriors saluted one after another.

A shrilling and piercing sound resounded in the whole forest; it was actually the signal of Zhang family to assemble.

Ye Xiwen had already moved away from there a long time ago, yet he heard this piercing sound and was suddenly taken aback. This was Zhang family's signal, and it seemed like they truly wanted him annihilated at all costs. So, he must think of a way to get rid of these pursuers, or else he, as the murdered of the two young masters of the Zhang family, would definitely be chased down to the ends of the earth.

After giving it a thought, Ye Xiwen's silhouette submerged into the woods.

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