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Chapter 24: Enters Into The Top Three

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Wang Jian was pushed back several steps and each step made a few inches deep footprint in the ground. This was all just to stop the enormous force present in Ye Kongming’s previous attack. His face looked a little flushed and it seemed like this time he had suffered a small defeat.

A person’s shadow fell into the crowd having an extraordinary aura around it. It was Ye Kongming.

All of the disciples present there were watching intently because this was going to be a fight between two prominent school elders who were also Xiantian level masters and this fight was definitely not something one could witness any time.

“Ye Kongming, are you going to cover for your son?” Wang Jian shouted.

“Wang Jian, you think I don’t know? Your plan is to use your official power for revenge. My son was only defending himself but you dare to distort the facts and accuse my son falsely!” Ye Kongming said in a cold voice.

“I am the lord of penalty palace and for committing such an act, your son should be punished in accordance with the law. He should be abolished from practicing martial arts and should also be expelled from the school!” Wang Jian said in a stern voice.

“Well, since when did Yi Yuan school start punishing for self-defence? My son only did this in self-defence and that too under the watchful eyes of so many people who can testify for my son’s innocence so don’t you dare teach me what’s right or wrong. Don’t make me report this to the ancestor because then you will definitely lose your position as the lord of penalty palace!” Ye Kongming said without the slightest amount of doubt in his voice.

Various thoughts started flowing into Wang Jian’s mind. Including the people present there, he himself knew very well whether Ye Xiwen was innocent or guilty. In fact, it was all because of the feud between him and Ye Kongming and he wanted to vent his hatred on his son’s body. He had planned to capture and hurt Ye Xiwen using a surprise attack but unexpectedly Ye Xiwen was actually able to dodge it quite easily. If the ancestor got to know about this incident, he would naturally be very fond of such a young talent, although Ye Xiwen had used his powers brutally but it was after all in self-defence.

“Well, today you are defending your son but sooner or later you will regret it!” Wang Jian soon turned to leave without even looking once towards Ma Ying as if he didn’t care whether he lived or died.

“That Ye Xiwen is so fierce. I would never have imagined that there was such a monster hiding among the disciples and no one knew about his existence until now. Not even a Xiantian master’s fierce attacks could hurt him at all!”

“Gee, that blade is simply invincible, I am afraid even the masters of the seventh stage can’t escape its range!”

“What sort of evildoer is he, even his Rushing thunder hand technique is extremely profound and that blade is absolutely terrible!”

“Ye child, I had not expected that in such a short period of time, you would obtain such a powerful fighting strength, and that blade technique must be an intermediate level skill right!” Ye Kongming asked.

“Yes, this child practices the 《Cold moon beheader》 technique” Since it was already exposed, there was nothing to hide anyway, of course, he would not take the initiative to say that it was actually not an intermediate level blade technique but a Xiantian level technique and that it also had two more moves. (TL: Cold moon beheader has three moves named ‘new moon beheader’, ‘missing moon beheader’ and ‘full moon beheader’)

“Good, good!” Seeing his son’s sudden burst of fighting strength, he was feeling very happy because now he could proudly proclaim that all his kids were geniuses.

“Haha, being your father even I had underestimated your strength in the past but to think that you had this kind of powerful fighting strength, now you can easily compete for the first rank!” Ye Kongming said while laughing. “Well done!”

Ye Kongming didn’t stay with his son and returned back to his seat among the elders. Thanks to the series of tragedies, a lot of time had passed and the fourth round of the competition had already begun. A twenty years old youth was standing on the stage and was also the opponent that Ye Xiwen was supposed to fight in the fourth round. His name was Tang Nian.

Ye Xiwen jumped into the arena then cupped his hands across his chest and said: “Ye Xiwen! I made Brother Tang to wait for a long time!”

Tang Nian had a somewhat complex expression on his face. Ye Xiwen had used just a move to defeat Ma Ying and he had also seen his battle with Wang Jian. He knew very well that he would never be an opponent for Ye Xiwen as originally, with his strength at the peak of sixth stage, he could have broken into the top ten and the next time, he might have entered the ranks of the core disciples, however he had not expected to actually encounter Ye Xiwen and thanks to this, now it was impossible for him to enter into the fifth round.

Struggling for a while, Tang cupped his hands across his chest and said: “Brother Ye, I do not consider myself as your opponent so I admit defeat!”

Tang Nian’s admitting defeat was although an accident in the eyes of disciples, but it was also expected because Tang Nian was strong enough to be counted among the top ten ranks. However, Ye Xiwen had completely and easily crushed Ma Ying and hence established his own status thoroughly.

Ma Ying was one of the top five inner sect disciples, but while fighting Ye Xiwen, he still couldn’t stop a single move. So it was quite obvious that Ye Xiwen had naturally replaced Ma Ying and positioned himself into the hearts of countless disciples as the new member of the ‘five great disciples’.

So Tang Nian’s admitting defeat was an anticipated accident.

After Tang Nian admitted his defeat, Ye Xiwen’s next opponent who had also reached the peak of sixth stage was unwilling to give up, but was slapped out of the arena in one move.

Including the back to back victories in these two rounds, Ye Xiwen had easily broken into the top six ranks. In addition to him, four of the original inner sect’s top five masters had impressively also entered the top six ranks. In addition to these five people, one person was also nominated into the top six ranks. He was an intimidating man of strong build and his cultivation was already at the peak of sixth stage.

Ye Xiwen had finally met a true master as his next opponent, who was ranked third in the top five masters, named Zhang Xiang. After defeating him, he could enter the top three.

“Please advise me!” Ye Xiwen said.

“Brother Ye is quite strong, even that Ma Ying was easily defeated by you!” Zhang Xiang said. “But Ma Ying was the weakest of us five disciples, so it won’t be easy for you to beat me!”

Ye Xiwen also knew that Zhang Xiang had been a part of the top five inner sect disciples for a long time.

Zhang Xiang released all his power without any restraint and surprisingly he was at the middle of seventh stage, no wonder he said that Ma Ying was the weakest among them.

Many of the disciples were amazed, because an inner sect disciple had actually reached the seventh stage, and even after reaching the seventh stage, why had he not become a core disciple?

“Stonefall fist!” Zhang Xiang shouted loudly, his eyes suddenly gave a sharp look and his figure exploded forward with a pair of fists above wrapped in a layer of pale yellow and intimidating Qi. He had obtained this boxing technique called ‘truncated fist’ during an adventure years ago. This boxing technique had been labelled as one of the most powerful techniques in the school.

Zhang Xiang in an instant appeared in front of Ye Xiwen and his fists like two hills smashed down on him.

“Rushing thunder hand!” Ye Xiwen shouted softly as his hands wrapped in a layer of thunder like Qi which moved up to welcome the incoming attack.

Ye Xiwen hands struck out six echoes.




Both sides exchanged blows while their shadows interlocked. Ye Xiwen had reached the peak of his strength but Zhang Xiang was actually in a situation as if his strength was breaking ten thousand laws. Finally, their fists pounded fiercely.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen’s Rushing thunder hand once again made a loud explosion-like sound and the power suddenly increased dramatically. His palms directly collided with Zhang Xiang’s double-fist which cracked instantly upon impact, and then his palm directly printed on his chest.

“Bang!” Zhang Xiang was slapped by a palm and he flew directly out of the arena while upside down.

“This fight’s victor is, Ye Xiwen!”

Ye Xiwen smoothly entered into the top three.

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