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Chapter 8: Houtian fifth stage

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At this instant, the tail of that huge multicolored python was horizontally flung over, which produced an illustrious wind. Consequently, it was thrown directly in front of Ye Xiwen. Its tail was as hard as metal. Though it was ruthlessly thrashed, its strength shouldn't be lesser than the strength of two tigers.

Although for a snake type demon beast, strength wasn't considered its forte, but this multicolored python was surprisingly thrown off by its tail even though it was already at the Houtian fifth stage and had the absolute strength of more than 1000 Jin. Even its bones were badly smashed by this sturdy whipping.

"Bang!" Both palms of Ye Xiwen forged ahead and ferociously crashed into it, producing a metal clanging sound which echoed everywhere once again.

He then immediately shouted out loud and firmly grabbed its tail that had already been badly smashed a moment ago. Immediately, the blue veins stuck out on his arm. And then in an instant, he transported the strength of his whole body and flung that python again in midair.

"Swish!" The python weighed more than 100 Jin but was suddenly lifted up and flung in midair quite ruthlessly, making it exude whistling sounds.

"Bang!" With a loud sound, it was knocked directly against a cliff.

This time when the python was forcefully whipped, its body directly sank into the cliff. Soon the wisps of blood seeped out of its thick and long body. Obviously, the intensity of this whipping was quite big. It struggled to escape but how could Ye Xiwen just let it slip away like this? He moved into action right away.




Quite soon, the python was delivered to its death.

Even though the python was wiped out, Ye Xiwen still could not think of resting even for a while. Immediately after digging the demon core out of this python's body, he promptly dug out the Earth's Core Fruit as well.

Afterward, he quickly departed from this place as he thought that this place was now reeking of blood which might attract the attention of other demon beasts that lived on the mountain. And if that happened, it would surely bring an inevitable trouble to him. Although it was said that this place was the outside region of the mountain range and probably did not have many formidable demon beasts, it could still become a troublesome matter. In case defying all common sense, a formidable demon beast rushed out of nowhere then he would not get time to complain or cry about the unfairness of the situation.

There were plenty of demon beasts on this mountain, so he also had no choice but to protect himself. The reason why Yi Yuan School was situated on top of this kind of mountain was to intimidate the demon beasts and prevent them from descending the mountain to harass people.

Ye Xiwen soon returned to Yi Yuan School. Though he had left several days ago, almost nothing had changed here. Afterward, he went straight to Yi Yuan School's Gongde Palace. Actually, Yi Yuan school was specifically responsible for exchanging valuable items for school credits which were contributed by the inner disciples.

Ye Xiwen walked in and arrived directly in front of the school credit exchange steward. These stewards were really some very powerful characters in the school. They were not like the elders, but still commanded some real respect and influence in the school. Although the strength they possessed couldn't be regarded as too significant, ordinary disciples still could not afford to offend them.

This young steward was called Wang Shi who used to be one of the disciples of Yi Yuan School earlier. His behavior was relatively unkind and he liked to suck up to powerful and influential people. This was the reason why common disciples did not like him. At this time, Wang Shi somewhat superciliously said: "Do you also want to exchange credits?"

"No." Ye Xiwen shook his head as he took out the demon cores of that Arrow Hog beast and the multicolored python. "I wish to exchange these two demon cores for crystal stones."

Wang Shi received the two demon cores very indifferently, and said: "A Houtian fifth stage demon core can be exchanged for twenty low-grade spirit-stones, so these two can be exchanged for altogether forty low-grade spirit-stones."

"En." Ye Xiwen expressed his agreement even though there was a huge relative difference between the two demon cores when it came to quality. In case they were sold privately, it might earn one or two more spirit stones. However it was relatively convenient to directly go to Gongde Palace to exchange them than choosing the private selling option.

After receiving the spirit stones, Ye Xiwen turned around and left. Having forty low-grade spirit stones and the Earth's Core Fruit, now he could definitely practice Rushing Thunder Hand to the degree of ninth echo. At that moment, this martial art technique would be considered complete and at its best.

After departing from Gongde Palace, he directly returned to his small courtyard. Time was getting more and more pressing, he must enhance his strength as quickly as possible.

He sat down cross-legged on the bed, then took out Earth's Core Fruit and swallowed it. As soon as the Earth's Core Fruit was swallowed, in an instant it turned into a warm current and started flowing within his body.

The flowing warmth actually arose from his Dantian; his whole body's Zhen Qi suddenly started revolving really frantically. Ye Xiwen's face simultaneously began to turn red.

With the crazy revolution of Zhen Qi within his body, the originally stable state also started to loosen up continuously.

Ye Xiwen induced the circulation of Zhen Qi within his body by exerting his full strength and refined these newfound energies. In every refinement, Zhen Qi got strengthened. Furthermore, more and more energy began to quench his body under his guidance.

The energies ripped apart and reconstructed the cells in his entire body. In this reconstruction and then ripping apart process, his face revealed a trace of pain along with enjoyment intertwined together. When countless cells were torn apart, it seemed to him as if the entire world was crumbling. Even his body had also started to produce a crackling sound just like the loud sounds of intermittent firecrackers. This was due to the experience his mortal body was going through during this transformation process.

He then immediately got out of his bed and went into the small courtyard. There he gave out a loud shout and started practicing the repertoire of Rushing Thunder Hand. In his mind, there was an image of a person training the essence of Rushing Thunder Hand quite rapidly. Spiritual Qi of those exchanged forty spirit-stones flowed in abundance and surged within his whole body quite crazily.

"Bang!" That small courtyard of Ye Xiwen brimmed with the sound of intermittent rumbling thunders; even his body was also producing a crackling and rattling sound. The strength inside his body also went on increasing with a flying speed.

The strength of two tigers!

The two and a half times the strength of a tiger!

The strength of three tigers!

The strength of four tigers!

The strength of five tigers!

"Bang!" All of a sudden, he broke through the peak of Houtian fourth stage with an explosion of powerful currents of energy!

Houtian fifth stage!

However, this promotion hadn't ended yet, instead was still rocketing rapidly. Right before reaching the middle of Houtian fifth stage, his Zhen Qi stared clambering up at an astonishing speed before reaching straight to the mid level of Houtian fifth stage. The feeling of this rapid breakthrough was making Ye Xiwen wallow. Just when the late phase of Houtian fifth stage was going to be attacked, he suddenly felt that inexhaustible flux of energy surprisingly vanishing all of a sudden.

The power of five tigers!

With a tremendous fulminating sound, he noticed that huge amount of energy had transformed into his body strength. His former strength of three tigers appeared like history now. He had once again leveled up to reach the power of five tigers. So now his strength was be comparable to the experts of Houtian sixth stage.

"Bang!" An immense thunderstorm sound resounded. Ye Xiwen once again blasted Rushing Thunder Hand outwards, thereby producing the seventh echo in one vigorous effort. Inside the mysterious space, a silhouette could be seen unceasingly drilling the essence of Rushing Thunder Hand.

"Bang!" The eighth echo of thunderstorm was finally produced; this symbolized that Ye Xiwen had eventually deduced the major part of the essence of Rushing Thunder Hand.

The formidable power of the eighth echo of Rushing Thunder Hand instantaneously got promoted by a level. Now it could actually be placed on par with some mid-level power techniques.


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