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Chapter 14: Houtian sixth stage

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However it was also normal, several of humankind's martial arts themselves imitated these wild demon beasts. Some of them were Tiger Fist, Monkey Fist, Snake Fist, Mantis Fist as so on. Just by looking at their names, one could clearly understand.

This Iron-back Silver Ape King was really ferocious!

Both sides were already flying into rage. Also before, they might have been unable to deal with these silver apes because their brute strength was unequalled. However now, the warriors of Zhang family also had respectively practiced various kinds of martial arts, so they also loathed giving up.

The scar-faced middle-aged man was already dealing with the Silver Ape King. However now, his monstrous killing intent had been completely pushed down by the Ape King. He was just a Houtian seventh stage warrior while the Ape King was already at Houtian eighth stage, hence it didn't seem like they were going to give up.

Ye Xiwen knew that in a matter of time, these warriors would retreat after suffering a terrible defeat. Therefore, he quietly circle past the battlefield and hurried towards the den of these Silver Apes.

Currently the whole group of silver apes had come out in full strength to deal with the intruders. So at this auspicious time, their den was complete empty. These silver apes had accumulated a lot of stuff after having killed several human warriors for all those years. Ordinary demon beasts were not at all interested in the things dropped by the humans, but ape-type demon beasts were different. Their wisdom was much higher than any ordinary demon beast, so they liked to gather stuff.

Ye Xiwen had read about it in various records.

Soon after, Ye Xiwen found their den. Actually the den was in the midst of a precipice. However, since time was running out, perhaps they would be back before long. So it was impossible for Ye Xiwen to plunder all sections of the den one by one. Therefore now he could only choose the largest cavern. Naturally, he would go for the cavern of the Silver Ape King as it ranked the highest among all of the Iron-back Silver Apes.

But as soon as he entered the Silver Ape King's cavern, the fragrance of wine immediately greeted his nostrils, which was well-known for making humans intoxicated.

Monkey Wine!

Ye Xiwen's mind suddenly emitted this name. He had already gone through some records and had found out that some species of monkeys used to gather fruits and so on. Once these fruits got fully fermented, they used them for making wine. It was the so-called Monkey Wine!

Ye Xiwen's eyes swept around and suddenly a huge pond inside the cavern came into his sight. That pond was filled was jasper-colored wine. The fragrance of wine once again strongly assaulted his nostrils. Just sucking in a puff of wine fragrance gave the feeling of pores opening up because its fragrance contained within itself the concentrated Ling qi (Spiritual qi).

This was absolutely not an ordinary Monkey Wine perhaps it wasn't made with the ordinary fermented fruits. Maybe this contained several spirit fruits as well as some 'Heavenly material treasures' and so on.

Without a shred of hesitation, Ye Xiwen completely stored the monkey wine in its entirety into his storage ring.

Afterwards, he again glanced around the entire cavern. Although the cavern was very dark, since Ye Xiwen's eyes were equipped with martial power, thus it appeared as bright as it would during daytime. In the corner, a large number of low-grade spirit stones was piled up and was constantly emitting spiritual qi, making the cavern appear just like a heavenly dwelling place.

At a glance, it seemed that there were at least several thousand low-grade spirit stones. Ye Xiwen quickly plundered them and collected them inside his storage ring.

Remaining were some weapons, armors and so on. A lot of them were already broken, while many of them looked quite rusted and rotten as if had already passed through several years, so they were completely worthless.

Since these things could not be carried off by him at any cost, therefore he only chose a long blade. A thick layer of dust was attached to this blade's surface, besides it was also unknown how old it really was. However, it did not look rotten like the other weapons. It had a breathtakingly cold tip while its whole body was made of pure gold and was incomparably sharp.

The reason he picked up this blade was very simple, it was because he had obtained a blade technique 'Cold Moon Beheader' just a while ago. Now he happened to bump into this long blade and that too at a perfect timing.

Having tied up this long blade to his waist, he immediately turned around to depart as he didn't dare to stay here for a long time.

After cleaning up the entire cavern of the Silver Ape King, he swept a punch in excitement as he cherished the fact of getting rich overnight. Originally, even the matter of obtaining ten low-grade spirit stones was quite worrisome for him, however now he had gotten his hands on several thousands of them in a short.

At this moment, his face was brimming with an ecstatic expression. This was truly amazing!

From inside his storage ring, Ye Xiwen took out a bottle gourd and filled it with Monkey Wine. Originally, it was used for holding water, but he used it for holding Monkey Wine this time.

After that, he drank a mouthful of wine and as soon as he swallowed it, he immediately felt a surge of warm current from his lower abdomen. He was surprised to find out that his strength had suddenly increased. Although his strength increased only by about half a Jin, the Monkey Wine undoubtedly had a strange effect. Probably it contained an unknown amount of Heavenly material treasures. No wonder why the bodies of these silver apes were so strong and robust that not even a sword or spear could pierce through them.

Ye Xiwen looked for the place where the battle was still going on between Zhang family's warriors and Iron-back Silver Apes. The place of the fight was not too distant. He could even see that the battle had already entered the stage of climax. The murderous aura was soaring up terrifically, making other demon beasts stay away from this region for the time being.

He then climbed a big tree and scooped out a hole for himself, in order to start closed-door training.

At this moment, a massive amount of spirit stones started burning and producing large quantities of Ling qi that rapidly surged inside Ye Xiwen's body. He simply closed his eyes and again entered the mysterious space while continuously drinking the Monkey Wine. Consequently, his strength suddenly started surging up unceasingly.

Large quantities of Ling qi formed a river of qi surging inside his body. However, in a flash, it was completely absorbed by him.

Inside that mysterious space, not only his cultivation speed grew faster, even his cultivation made a lot of breakthroughs in succession!

Houtian initial fifth stage!

Houtian mid fifth stage!

Houtian late fifth stage!

Houtian peak fifth stage!

Along with the continuous promotion through the stages, Ye Xiwen's strength also kept on increasing simultaneously!

The strength of six tigers!

The strength of seven tigers!

The strength of eight tigers!

The strength of nine tigers!

The strength of ten tigers!

The rate of promotion of Ye Xiwen's strength could make anyone feel completely dumbfounded. Besides, the potency of the Monkey Wine was also completely refined by him.

An unknown amount of time had passed so far.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen broke through to Houtian initial sixth stage!

His strength also broke through to the strength of fifteen tigers!

Even his ''Rushing Thunder Hand" had finally achieved the ninth echo. Interestingly, after reaching the ninth echo, its might also increased a level again. Finally, its might had reached its climax.

Ye Xiwen also started practicing "New Moon Beheader" inside that mysterious space. It was the first layer of "Cold Moon Beheader". He waved his blade and noticed that currently he was only able to produce six blade shadows. If he succeeded in producing nine blade shadows, then "New Moon Beheader" would be considered finished to its culmination.

In this process, altogether five hundred low-grade spirit stones were cleanly combusted by him; they simply turned into a pile of fine white powder. Even the Monkey Wine, which was in that bottle gourd, was also completely cleaned up.

Ye Xiwen finally opened his eyes. His whole body was covered in impurities but compared with the previous times, it was undoubtedly much less.

This indicated that the impurities were gradually getting lesser and lesser in his body. At this moment, he used his Zhen Qi to shake off all the impurities from his body.

Then afterward, he brandished his long blade and Blade Qi rushed out as it hit a huge tree, making it crash down instantaneously!

He then breathed out and thought that the young master of Zhang family from before, although had used this move, but it was far inferior to his own tyrannical display. Now, even if he was forced to fight with an expert of Houtian seventh stage in a direct hand to hand combat, he would be completely fearless!

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